How To Clean Blinds Easily

Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Blinds - How To Get Dust Off Blinds - Cleaning Window Blinds Easily

Last year, during my normal Spring cleaning routine, I decided to skip cleaning my blinds. This of course was a big mistake. One unexpected rainstorm with the windows open and the blinds had dirt spots on them and looked horrible.

It’s not that I didn’t know how to clean blinds easily it was that I was being lazy. That laziness created quite a bit more work for me. Instead of just dusting my blinds I ended up needing to take them down and hand wash them.

If you stay up on cleaning your blinds and dusting them you rarely need to worry about actually hand washing them. Life gets in the way and when that happens sometimes we end up with big chores that need to get done. Blinds are usually one of these chores.

How To Clean Blinds

Regular cleaning of your blinds is super easy. Simply dust your blinds often with a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer hand duster.

Start at the top and work your way to the bottom making sure to dust each blind. If for whatever reason your blinds get wet this keeps them from getting those horrible dirt spots.

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To wash your blinds it fully depends on what type of blinds you have. You will not wash mini blinds the same way you wash thick wood blinds due to the material.

In this post I’m going through all the different types of blinds and how to clean blinds easily.

How To Clean Wood Blinds

Regular cleaning of wood blinds should be using a duster only. Excess moisture is woods worst nightmare. It causes the wood to deform and can mess up the stain on the wood.

If you do need to actually wash your blinds I recommend using a damp rag with Murphy’s Oil Soap. This will keep your wood blinds looking great. Just make sure you don’t soak the wood and you wipe them dry.

Because of the thickness of the blind itself wood blinds are the easiest to keep clean and they are some of my favorite types of blinds.

How To Clean Mini Blinds

I hate mini blinds. They are the hardest to clean and keep clean because they are dust and dirt magnets. A regular weekly dusting can help but sometimes that causes the blinds to look dirtier.

The best way to clean vinyl mini blinds is to put the whole thing into the bathtub for a cleaning. Wet them down and use an all purpose cleaner like this one to wash them.

Clean blinds with a bamboo plant

Be gentle with these blinds because they break easily. Don’t scrub too hard or press too hard or you’ll find yourself buying a new set of blinds.

Let these blinds air dry outside on a deck or on towels on your bathroom floor. You can wipe them with a dry towel just make sure you handle with care. Once the blinds are dry go ahead and reinstall the blinds.

How To Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the easiest blinds to clean. Dust them regularly as needed with a microfiber cloth like this or the Swiffer hand duster.

To wash them you have two options. You can remove each individual blind gently and then wash them in your bathtub with an all purpose cleaner. Or you can wipe them down individually while they still hang.

Be extremely careful though because the small hole at the top of the blind does break pretty easily. Due to dogs and a toddler I have temporarily fixed my fair share of vertical blinds using scotch tape.

If one does break recreate the bridge using a couple of pieces of scotch tape. It holds pretty well for a little while and isn’t super noticeable. Check with local hardware stores for replacement slats.

How To Clean Roman Blinds

I highly recommend taking roman blinds to be dry cleaned but there are a few things you can do to make them look clean longer. If you haven’t already done this consider having fabric blinds scotch guarded for longevity.

In between dry cleanings try using an upholstery attachment on your vacuum and gently vacuum your roman blinds. Be extremely careful to avoid pulling at strings or stitching.

If needed you can spot clean your blinds from small stains with club soda easily enough. Be extremely careful with cleaners on your blinds because they can fade the colors in the fabric.

To avoid damaging the fabric either try in an inconspicuous spot or check reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to see how the product worked on similar or the same fabrics.

How To Clean Dusty Blinds

Microfiber cloths are great for dusting blinds. Obviously you’ll start at the top and move your way down blind by blind. You can also easily use a swiffer hand duster or a feather duster.

You can use a damp microfiber cloth if needed to spot clean vinyl or wooden blinds of any stuck on dirty spots.

How To Clean Blinds Easily

If you are just looking to do a quick dusting you can close your blinds dust them then flip the direction and dust the other side. This isn’t optimal and won’t get them perfect but they will be tidy enough.

A vacuum can also work well on most blinds though I wouldn’t use it on vinyl mini blinds as they break pretty easily. Make sure you use the upholstery attachment to avoid damaging your blinds.

Finally if you need to wash them you can do them either as they hang or pull them down and put them in your bathtub. Either way you will want to be gentle in doing so to avoid breaking any of the blinds.

With regular dusting the need to wash your blinds should be minimal. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more like this. Also, pin this to your favorite cleaning boards.

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  1. Thanks for explaining that you can spot clean your fabric blinds with club soda! I’m thinking about getting some fabric rolling blinds for my living room. I’m renovating it this month so I think it would be helpful to look at blinds now.

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