Our Team

Crystal Lynn

Founder & CEO

Crystal is a fulltime mom, partner, and work-from-home business owner whose self-appointed goal is to provide content to help other moms thrive in their daily lives.

She’s passionate about cooking, cleaning, and organizing and turns her experiences into actionable systems to make mom-life simpler.

When she’s not busy being mom or creating new and helpful content, you can find her reading, painting, or even on occasion indulging herself shooting bandits in Borderlands on her PC.

Robert Partridge

Design & Tech Guru

Robert is a father, partner, blogger, life-long technology geek, and resident WordPress guru who brings his years of experience in the information technology world to the team – handling the website’s design and technology related matters.

You can visit Robert’s website at robertpartridge.com – where he offers education, advice, and technical services to bloggers & other content creators and will be launching an accompanying YouTube channel & podcast soon.

Watch for Robert’s upcoming contributions to the site – covering kid-friendly technology – soon!

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