If You Are Eating Out A Lot Lately and Want To Stop Try These Tips

These are the tips I used to stop us eating out so much and start saving more money.

Be Purposeful When You Eat Out

Set a specific reason for eating out every month and only eat out on that day.

Use A Meal Planning App

This could be a 2-3 day a week meal box kit or an app like eMeals that makes meal planning easy

Try Freezer Cooking

Even having just a few meals prepared and in the freezer every week can help you to eat at home when you don't really feel like cooking.

Keep Easy Meals Available

Frozen pizza, burgers, pasta and rice bags, hot dogs, or left overs make for easy meals you can grab and cook in just a few minutes.

Listen To Music While You Cook

Just like how music can motivate us to do our cleaning, music is a great way to get motivated to cook too.

Clean As You Cook

While your food is cooking, empty and load your dishwasher or wash all of your prep bowls, cutting boards and knives.

Split The Cooking

Let your spouse, roommates, or a teenager do the cooking a couple nights a week.  This takes the burden off of you.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to eat at home for the next 15 days then pick your favorite take out. After that challenge yourself to 30 days before you eat out again.  You can do this.

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