Writing For Mommy Thrives

So, you want to write for MommyThrives … that’s awesome!

First let’s go through a quick Q&A so you can decide if writing for MommyThrives is right for you.

Do you pay for articles?

Please understand that at this time we are only accepting guest content.

Guest content is a way to reach our audience, build authority in your niche, and provide useful information.

However, in the future we are looking to bring on a team of paid writers for Mommy Thrives. First consideration for these positions will go to previous guest writers.

Can I pay you to post my article?

We do not take money to post any form of content on this website.

If you you are a brand and would like to sponsor content on this site, contact us at:

[email protected]

What’s in it for me?

Guest writing for Mommy Thrives lets you reach our audience and as well as get you a follow backlink to your website that helps you build authority in your niche and possibly driving interested readers to click through to your own site.

How long should the articles be?

We like articles to be between 1200 and 1500 words – however, longer posts are great too.

What types of articles do you accept?

We accept articles in all of the niches we cover, however, the article must be unique to our site. Duplicate content is bad for everyone – including you as the writer.

What about marketing?

You are welcome to share the article with your own audience but you are not required to do so.

What about images?

Typically, you don’t have to worry about that. The editing team at Mommy Thrives will handle all images and marketing.

However, if you have unique to your article images, we absolutely will accept those. Those images will be linked back and sourced to your blog. They must be images taken by you. We reserve the right to use those images in the marketing of the article.

Are there any topics that are not accepted?

Yes. We will not accept medical advice topics from anyone who is not a medical professional. Even then, any topics dealing with vaccines – either for or against – will not be accepted. Sorry, not sorry.

We also typically do not accept articles that deal with essential oils being used medicinally. However, we may accept it when mentioned in an article then mentions it as an aromatherapy.

Finally, while we support people who love their MLM’s but we do not do MLM on this blog. Posts that talk about your MLM and try to sell your product will not be accepted.

How do I submit?

To submit an article, compose a document using Google Docs and share a link via email to:

[email protected]

We will read over the post and let you know either way we decide. If we decide to use your article we will send you an accepted email with a date the article will be published. If we do not accept your article we will let you know and you are free to try again with a new article.

Once accepted we will ask for a short author biography and headshot or logo to insert into the author box at the bottom of the post along with a follow link back to your website.

Please understand that due to the amount of requests we get it may take up to two weeks to respond.

I was declined. Now what?

We encourage you to try again as there are many reasons that could have factored into the decline.

  • Topic
  • Writing Style
  • Duplicate Content
  • Not right for our audience

These are just some of the factors that could lead to a decline in submitted content. We recommend that you choose a different topic, read a few of the articles on our site, and try again.

I’ve already been accepted. Can I write for you again?

Absolutely! If the article is relevant to our audience, we will accept more guest content from you.

We will add one link to the front page of your website in your author biography. You may ,and are encouraged to, link at least once within your article to a relevant post you have on your own website.

For instance, if you are writing an article about meal planning tips for us you may want to link to a list post you have on your site of pantry essentials, fast meals, or products you recommend.

All affiliate links will be Mommy Thrives affiliate links.

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