10 Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations

Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Romance Book Recs - Fake Dating Trope Book Recs

The fake dating trope is a favorite amongst romance readers. Which is why I’m posting my top 10 Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations. The trope is guaranteed to have tension and the happy endings always make me smile.

10 Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations

Below are my fake dating romance book recommendations. These books are all contemporary with spicy scenes so be prepared, there is explicit content in these books. All of them are some of the cutest books so make sure you check them out.

Dirty Bad Boy by Mira Lyn Kelly

When Jack’s best friend’s little sister, Laurel, needs a quick favor from him, he steps up but not in the way she was hoping. His mission is to make her squirm a little. She just needed him to pretend to be her boyfriend for a few minutes so the guy from work would leave her alone but it’ll cost her, because Jack needs a favor too. Jack and Laurel are fake dating till the deal Jack is working on goes through. What she wasn’t expecting was how real it would feel.

Dirty Bad Boy

My Fake Forever by Isla Drake

When Luke’s client’s wife gets a little forward with her flirtations, Luke comes up with a plan. He tells his client he’s madly in love with a girlfriend. The problem? That girlfriend doesn’t exist. Now he has to find a woman he can fake being in love with. Enter Piper, the struggling coffee shop owner who could really use Luke’s marketing expertise to get people in her small town to try her coffee. She agrees to fake date Luke in exchange for his help. But a weekend at the beach could change their plans.

My Fake Forever

Hungry For Love by Liz Zerkel

Siobhan and Ethan decided to try a dating/cooking show to help their small businesses, what they weren’t expecting was to be paired with each other. Ethan and Siobhan used to be best friends, that is until Ethan ghosted her without a word years ago. Now these two have to find a way to win the hearts of viewers and make their relationship believable, even if a long time family feud tore them apart.

Hungry For Love

Hate Dating by April Berry

Becky avoided Ben like the plague since high school but with three weddings in three months she’ll be seeing him more than she’d like. With their friend group pushing for them to bring a date to each of the weddings, the two decide to fake dating each other till the weddings are over. Except, Ben has always held a flame for Becky, and this just might be his chance to win her over.

Hate Dating

Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley

Everly is bad at dating but great at her job as the assistant to the notoriously difficult to work for Shepherd. When Shepherd’s gold digging ex shows up at an event on his father’s arm, he calls his assistant and begs her to dress up and come rescue him, as his fake girlfriend. But when a twist requires that she become more than just a date for an event, she needs to be his live-in girlfriend while his father moves in and the scheming ex is coming around for visits.

Faking Ms. Right

Weekend Wife by Erin McCarthy

Leah is a waitress at a famed broadway style diner and Grant is the regular customer who comes in for pancakes that aren’t all that great. On this particular day, Grant leaves an exorbitant tip and Leah thinks it’s a mistake, but when she chases after him, she gets hit by a taxi, which makes it difficult for her to work. She also wasn’t expecting Grant to offer her a well paying job as his fake girlfriend. This should be easy for the out of work actress, but there when the fake relationship starts to feel real things get a little out of hand.

Weekend Wife

A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

Huxley Cane is ridiculously rich, but his image is a bit cold. So when he finds himself in need of showing a softer side to himself in order to land a deal, he’s on the search for a fake girlfriend. Lottie just got fired from her job and has a reunion coming up, feeling like a complete failure she takes a walk through a wealthy neighborhood and runs into Huxley. It’s the gig of a lifetime and the two agree to fake date, over chips and guacamole. The problem? Lottie might actually fall for the man.

A Not So Meet Cute

Twisted Lies by Ana Huang

Stella, a popular social media influencer, needs a boyfriend and fast. Enter Christian, the slightly obsessed man that lives above her. He agrees because he could also use a fake relationship. But when Stella’s stalker starts contacting her again Christian moves her into his apartment to keep her safe. Sparks are starting to fly, but this is just a fake relationship, right?

Twisted Lies

Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

When his grandfather’s will requires him to get married, Declan has his assistant, Iris, pick out his bride. But when that falls through, he begs Iris to help him. She agrees to marry him and have his heir, but the two come up with rules to prevent them from falling in love and breaking hearts. Well, they should have prevented them from falling in love. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Terms and Conditions

Stuck With The Movie Star by Georgia Coffman

Ian is a Hollywood star who just broke up with his Hollywood starlet girlfriend, now they have to film in New York City and she’s convinced she can win him back. He needs a fake girlfriend and fast, in walks Madison, his high school sweetheart and the girl he ghosted. It’s been ten years but she’s his only hope, can he win Madi’s forgiveness and keep the Hollywood starlet at bay?

Stuck With The Movie Star

Fake Dating Romance Books

The fake dating trope is one of my favorites. Is it one of your favorites too? Let me know your favorite recommendations for this trope in the comments below. Check out my 10 Grumpy Sunshine Romance Book Recommendations post here.

Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Romance Book Recs - Fake Dating Trope Book Recs
Fake Dating Trope Book Recs - Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Romance Book Recs
Spicy Romance Book Recs - Fake Dating Trope Book Recs - Fake Dating Romance Book Recommendations

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