9 Entryway Table Ideas That Are Gorgeous

Beautiful Entryway Ideas For Every Style - Entryway Ideas For Your Home - How To Style A Beautiful Entryway Table

The entryway of your home is the most important part of your home. We may not spend a lot of time in the entryway, but it is the first thing we see when we or anyone else enters our home. You want your entryway to be a beautiful and welcoming place to you and your guests. You can do this with a well decorated entryway table.

The entryway is where we greet friends and family, it welcomes us home, it sends us off into the world. It only makes sense to decorate your entryway to be a welcoming and joyful area.

One way to make your entryway a welcoming place is by adding an entryway table. By adding touches of the outdoors to your front entryway table you create a welcoming environment.

If you have a solid front door add extra light and a mirror to reflect light in the room. Add a few smaller soft touches, like baskets, pillows, or trinkets to your table to finalize your entryway decor.

I have a few examples of welcoming and well decorated entryways I want to share with you today.

Decorating An Entryway: Questions to Ask

Entryways are usually small and sometimes awkward. You have to take your space into consideration when you decorate it. Can it fit a table? What size of table? How can you make the space look larger? Do you need to have functionality in your entryway?

These are all questions that I plan on addressing here. Before we get started though take your space into account. Take your entire entryway into consideration before you start making plans for decorating an entryway. Measure your entryway and record all measurements. If you table will fit on a wall but comes out too far you may impede the flow of walkway traffic.

Keep in mind how your space can function. Unfortunately for me, my entryway doesn’t have loads of room in it so I actually have to put my entryway shoe cabinet just inside my living room. Though one day I hope to have a beautiful functional entryway to utilize. Until then I have a bunch of different options to choose from.

Entryway Table And Entryway Decor

Since this is the main entrance to your home your entryway should be a reflection of what people will see as they enter your home. In other words, don’t do a modern entryway in your rustic decorated home. Keep your decor the same throughout your home.

Large Entryway Table To Make A Statement

Entryway Table - Make a Statement

In this first picture from @scoutandnimble you see see several large statement pieces. A lamp on one end of the table and a large bouquet of hydrangeas frame a large round mirror. This mirror reflects more light into the room while complimenting the rustic decor.

This entryway is a go big or come on in type of entryway. Everything in this entryway is on the larger side. If you have the room to go large fill that space in with just a few larger pieces. If you use lots of smaller pieces in such a large entryway the space will feel cluttered and claustrophobic instead of welcoming.

Note the small bowl on the table for keys and other things that usually get dropped in the entryway. Use a basket on the side to hold shoes and other items that come off in the entryway.

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A Chic Farmhouse Entryway Table Idea

Entryway Table - A Modern Farmhouse Entryway

The white shiplap wall with the smaller table and drawers is a beautiful way to decorate an entryway. Keeping it simple with a clean white shiplap wall makes the room feel larger and welcoming.

The simple arrangement of pink flowers brings the outdoors in plus adds a soft splash of color to a neutral space. Adding a lantern instead of a lamp balances the table without having a large shade possibly impede movement in the entryway.

You can easily store keys and other small items in the drawers hiding them from sight. Put shoes and or other items in the wicker basket with lid to hide them from site too.

Entryway Table With Baskets

Entryway Table - A Minimalist Approach

I adore the minimalist look of this entryway. The clean simple rustic wood table and the large print stand out and make the room feel larger. The baskets keep the eyes flowing from the top of the large picture all the way down to the floor in one fluid motion. The small touches of flowers soften the look making it an inviting entryway to your guests.

With the simplicity of the table you could easily do a large mirror framed in the same wood as your table. Additionally, if one large piece isn’t your style consider down 6 small pieces in two columns to create a large gallery wall that keeps the minimalist farmhouse feel.

Make the baskets functional by holding shoes and add a small dish to hold keys.

Small Rustic Entryway Table and A Touch of Lilac

Entryway Table - A Touch of Lilac

I adore this farmhouse entryway. The matching raw wood in the lamp and table make the bouquet of bright fresh lilacs stand out. The mirror makes this entryway feel larger while reflecting light to make it brighter.

Touches of softness are added with a basket holding a throw and pillow. To complete the farmhouse charm of this entryway @houseof5 added rain boots on a crate. This adds a touch of whimsy and personality, which is a great way to greet your guests.

Adding a small dish for keys on top of the table and making the two tier basket functional for shoes is a great way to keep the entryway clear and decluttered.

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Rustic Entryway Table To Separate Spaces

Entryway Table - Separate the Entryway from The Living Space

I like the creativity used to split the entryway from the living space here. The rustic window hanging above the entryway table acts as a divider between the two spaces. The lamps frame the mirror nicely to finish separating the entryway from the living space.

The small vases in the center on the table hold a few subtle flowers. The crate at the bottom can add functionality by holding shoes while the metal bucket can hold gloves and hats keeping your entryway clean.

No Entryway or Small Entryway Idea

Entryway Table - No Entryway

If you don’t have a traditional entryway try installing a shelf near your front door. Make sure the shelf will allow the door to open completely otherwise you’ll ding up both the door and the shelf. This is a fantastic option for small or non existent entryways. Add a small vase of flowers and a mirror to make the area seem larger.

Adding a basket under to hold shoes, slippers, or other items turns a small entryway into a usable space.

Entryway Gallery Wall


If you want a more minimalist approach to your entryway table keep it simple on the table top by adding a vase of flowers and a couple of lamps and a few smaller trinkets. Then draw the eye up by putting up a gallery wall. It’s a great way to maximize the space and make it look larger.

The extra space on the bottom shelf could hold a basket or two for storing winter gear, purses, or other objects you need for functionality. This neutral setup is perfect for a peaceful entryway into the home. Throw a personal touch on it by photos of your family for the gallery wall.

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Entryway Mirror Idea for Small Spaces

Entryway Table - Keep it Simple

A smaller entryway table with a large mirror and one large vase filled with flowers is a simple yet stunning way to make your entryway inviting. In this entryway they used the 3-1-3 technique in decorating. The three circles in the mirror, 1 large vase of flowers, and 3 smaller vases on the bottom shelf.

Odds are great for decorating purposes and this entryway is a great example of that. The mirror makes the entryway larger and the simple arrangements of flowers completes the odd number rule.

Like in the previous entryway this is a great option if you mainly use a garage or mudroom entrance in your house, but it lacks for functionality.

Black And White Front Entryway

A modern front entryway using black accents on a slim table. Black framed circular mirror hangs above the table.

This modern and minimalist front entryway features a black framed large circular mirror above a slim and simple table. The mesh like table lamp on the right side adds a bit of height but keeps it simple with the plain white shade. On the right side a couple of books are stacked with a black geometric vase, a beige vase and a candle. In the middle the white dish is a stylish way to store keys and other objects you need before you leave the house.

The simple black basket with a grey blanket is a great way to add extra style and complete the overall look of your front entryway. All together this minimalist look is a great introduction to your home if you have a more modern or sleek decor style.

Entryway Flowers

Consider using really great faux flowers or branches on your entryway table. With the flowers being the centerpiece of the room the last thing you want is wilted flowers or dingy water greeting your guests.

You can usually find great faux flowers at your local craft store. If you decide to shop Amazon be sure to check the reviews before buying.

Add Functionality

I like for every part of my home to serve a function. For instance, we mainly eat our dinner in the living room and rarely use a dining room table. Even when we had one it just became a spot for clutter that we never ate at. My dining room is actually used as my office space and it will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future.

If your entryway is used a lot in your home make it functional. Add designated spots for shoes, hats, gloves, coats, keys, and purses. This will help in making sure these items stay out of your kitchen and living room where they are more likely to end up lost or hard to find.

Give every item a spot in an area where it’s most likely to be used or looked for. This keeps your whole house clutter free and organized.

Final Thoughts

The entryway is an important part of the home. It’s the first and last impression that people have when they visit. Make your entryway welcoming by bringing the outdoors in, using an entryway table, and making sure the space is well lit.

Which entryway do you like the best? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite home decor board.

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Beautiful Entryway Ideas For Every Style - Entryway Ideas For Your Home - How To Style A Beautiful Entryway Table

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22 thoughts on “9 Entryway Table Ideas That Are Gorgeous”

    1. Depending on how big it is you could get a circle shaped ottoman and put that in the room with a tall plant. This would be the main focal point providing both comfort and height to the entryway. If you can I would create a gallery wall next to the plant and above the ottoman using plenty of small mirrors, small wall decor, and pictures. This will soften the entryway and make it feel inviting.

  1. I absolutely love the last entryway idea with the mirror too. Any idea where I may be able to purchase the mirror and table?

    1. I went searching to see if the original creator had any links and couldn’t find any. I did check Amazon and found two similar mirrors, a Kate and Laurel and a Paris Loft. As for the table I didn’t find anything exactly like that table on Amazon, Target, or Walmart but all three places had loads of options to choose from. Remember to check your dimensions on table and mirror before purchasing and block out the space in your entryway to make sure it’ll fit nicely.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for a small entryway that has a pony wall? The “formal dining” area is on the other side of the pony way. I’m also trying to figure out a way to incorporate my mom’s gossip bench in the area, too.

    1. For a pony wall I would probably just put a long thin table with a few accessories and then put the bench on the opposite wall past where the door opens. Then do a gallery wall or a big pretty mirror over it to make the whole space feel larger.

  3. You are talking about entryways. We are building a new house. My daughter and I disagree on how the front door should swing. I feel it should swing to the right, she thinks it should swing to the left. You are walking into an open kitchen, dinning, and living room to the right of the front door. The bedrooms are to the left. If the door swings to the right there is the laundry room door right behind the open front door. On the left side I would like to add a small table and welcome sign. She thinks the door should swing to the left because the open rooms are to the right. What is the best way for the door to swing?

    1. I actually agree with your daughter on this one. You want to open up to where you want your guests to go first. You want them to go towards the kitchen, dining, and living room where you will be hosting them.

  4. I absolutely love the first entry table with the black round mirror and hydrangeas and was wondering if you knew where I could purchase that table and/or if I could have one made?? Love it❤️

    1. I love that table too. I went searching through Scout and Nimble’s blog to see if I could find out any information on where that table came from and didn’t find anything. If you have a local woodworker I would absolutely have it made because most of anything I found on line had too clean of edges to really get the raw look of the wood in that table.

  5. I love these ideas and need some help decorating my entryway. Above my foyer table is a rectangle niche and right now it’s bare and I don’t know what to put there. Coastal farmhouse is our main design theme for the house with turquoise as main color throughout. Any help is appreciated

    1. I love coastal and beach themes, I find it really relaxing. In this post here I feature a bunch of different coastal rooms and you might get a few ideas for things you can add to your entryway. I would probably do a hanging plant in that niche in order to sort of separate the rooms and draw the eye up. You could also do a shelf or two installed inside the niche in order to place more items that can help decorate your entryway and the other side of that niche.

  6. The entry way with black table and black large mirror. Help. I want it and have been searching for that look. The flowers I can do myself. Any suggestions

    1. I know I had found that image somewhere on Wayfair. Unfortunately it looks like the products are discontinued. Hopefully you can still pull inspiration from it and find something similar to what you are looking for.

  7. Thank you so much for all the great design tips! What size entryway table do you recommend for an entry that is 9 feet 6 inches long and 7 feet wide?

    1. When figuring out the right size table for your entryway consider how your door swings and give enough space for that while leaving the same amount of space on the opposite end of the entryway so you can center your table on the wall. This way you avoid damaging the table or the door when it opens. Also consider space for hanging coats, placing shoes, plants, and other items you want to use in your entryway.

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