10 Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations

Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Paranormal Romance Book Recs - Shifter, Vampire, Demon Romance Books

Today I’m posting my favorite Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations. When I first started reading regularly a couple years ago, I started off in the strictly fantasy or science fiction genre. Slowly I moved into more contemporary and dark romance with a sprinkling of fantasy or paranormal. 

Lately, I can’t seem to get enough of the paranormal romances so I’ve been reading through quite a few. Today I want to share a few that I’ve read and loved. 

Am I done with dark romance, or rom coms, absolutely not. But I seem to be in the mood for some paranormal romance and I’m just going with it.

11 Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations

Paranormal books are typically based in contemporary times and surround fantasy creatures like vampires, witches, shifters, and even demons. Below are some of my favorite recent paranormal reads.

Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

Mateo hasn’t been able to shift into his wolf for months and things are getting a bit difficult to deal with. Believing he’s cursed he goes to the hex breaker, a witch named Evie. The problem? Evie and her coven absolutely do not work with werewolves. What’s even worse? His wolf is greatly attracted to Evie and can’t stop focusing on making her his.

Wolf Gone Wild

Demons In My Bed by Britt Andrews

Palmer has trained most of her life to try to find her parents’ killers, but first she has to complete a mission to take out five powerful demons who call themselves The Exiled and control Port Black. Rhodes, Felix, Talon, Ashland and Misha spot her in their club and without reason they’ve decided to make her their new pet. Except not everything is as it seems with The Exiled and she might be falling for the demons.

Demons In My Bed

Raised by Venom by PS Nail

Sage is part of a V.E.N.O.M. a society that’s supposed to take out vampires. Luka is a part of S.A.V.E. a society that hates VENOM. But when the two cross paths they figure out that not everything is as it seems within their groups. Together they’ll need to find out the truth but the more they work together, the more they start to feel for each other.

Raised by Venom

Ghost by Kat Blackthorne

Blythe needed to escape her past when she found herself in the small town of Ash Grove. Completely unaware of the past and supernatural forces that are stuck in this town she meets a man in a mask who she can’t seem to stay away from and it seems he feels the same way. 


Charming Your Dad by Sarah Blue

When Blair’s boyfriend cheats on her she’s ready for payback. And that payback comes in the form of her now ex-boyfriends dad, Dax. But as supernatural forces beyond her control are seeking to harm her, her retribution may be the only one she can turn to. But is he willing to help her once he finds out the truth?

Charming Your Dad

Hell House by Dakota Wilde

Salem and Skye are freshman at Kildale Academy but things aren’t what they seem in this small town. The seven men of Hell House are possessed by the seven deadly sins and Salem is the key to ruining their plans. But what happens when the seven men start falling for the best friends?

Hell House

Queenie & The Krakens by Aleera Anaya Ceres

The last thing Naomi wants to get involved with is criminals, but after an incident at sea she’s now stuck with them. Except this biker gang of mermen are the only ones who can protect her. Now she’s struggling with her growing feelings for them while trying to stay away from the danger that’s coming for her.

Queenie and the Krakens

Bloody Kingdom by Kayleigh King

Quincey’s debt has come due and she has no idea how she’ll pay it back, so when Silas pays her debt for her, he plans on keeping her until the debt is paid back. What Quincey doesn’t realize is Silas is not just a mysterious man but something much darker lurks within him.

Bloody Kingdom

City of Thorns by CN Crawford

When Rowan is mistaken as Mortana, a powerful succubus, who Orion hates, he takes Rowan prisoner. Once he figures out she’s mortal he strikes a deal with Rowan. She can stay in the City of Thorns to track down her mother’s killer as long as she pretends to be Mortana so he can get his own revenge.

City of Thorns

Sinful Demands by PS Nail

Kavari’s father sells her instead of his own soul to a demon named Zell. Zell is ready to collect the debt that’s owed to him but he isn’t prepared how Kavari handles the jobs Zell gives her. He’s also not prepared for the intense attraction he feels toward her. Until the debt is paid Kavari works for Zell.

Sinful Demands

Run Riot by Colette Rhodes

Grace is not like her fellow Agathos. She’s unbonded while all her peers have their four bonds; she doesn’t even have one. That is until the night she meets Riot. Except, he’s supposed to be her enemy so why does keep having this need to be near him?

Run Riot

Paranormal Romance Books

I’ve been on a paranormal romance kick for the past few weeks and can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more as I read. What paranormal romance books do you suggest I read next? Let me know in the comments below.

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Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Paranormal Romance Book Recs - Shifter, Vampire, Demon Romance Books
Shifter, Vampire, Demon Romance Books - Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations - Spicy Paranormal Romance Book Recs
Spicy Paranormal Romance Book Recs - Shifter, Vampire, Demon Romance Books - Paranormal Romance Book Recommendations

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