10 Spicy Romance Novellas and Quick Reads

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Today I’m posting my favorite spicy romance novellas and quick reads. Every now and then I just need something quick to read, something that will take just a few hours, if that. These books will give you the spiciness you’re looking for and a story that will just take a few hours or less to finish.

10 Spicy Romance Novellas and Quick Reads

Below are 10 of my favorite spicy romance novellas and quick reads. Please be aware that some of these are considered dark romance and you should check trigger warnings before reading.

Sinful Demands by P.S. Nail

Kavari’s father sold his soul, but in exchange the soul of someone he loves could be put on the line instead. That’s what she finds out when a demon named Zell shows up at her work and demands she fulfill her obligations to him. But he finds he’s incredibly attracted to the human and is ready to make her meet all of his demands.

Sinful Demands

Twisted by Sheri L Williams

Raina is writing an article on storm chasers and goes for a ride along with Tim. As the storms light up the sky, so does their attraction to each other, even if they have nothing in common. 


In Dreams by Mila Crawford

Briar just wants her freedom but in order to get it she becomes theirs for two years. Ezra, Malachi, and Dariyus are depraved but she just might be into their specific brands of deviancy. 

In Dreams

Primal by Eva Marks

If there is one thing Axel knows, it’s that his father wants his step sister Kendall out of the way. So when Ken is sent off to the woods, Axel follows. He’s determined to have her even if she thinks he’s not interested at all. She can try to run from him, but he’ll catch her and make sure she survives.


Hotel Deviant by Kady Ash

Dean and Mar became step siblings as teens but there has always been a forbidden attraction between them. So when Mar finds out Dean works at a kink themed hotel, she books a room. She’s determined to find out if the attraction is mutual now and figure out the consequences later.

Hotel Deviant

Dad Bod Dom by Elyse Kelly

Logan is a popular social media influencer who struck it big installing cabinetry. Kelsey is a single mom just trying to survive life. The two crash into each other at their kids’ school and then find out their kids are close friends. The attraction is instant, but she’s a bit busy to be thinking about a relationship, until Logan shows her exactly how she needs to care for herself too.

Dad Bod Dom

Room Fifteen by Elyse Kelly

Lexi will do anything to escape her planned marriage to a notorious mob boss, including making a deal with a vigilante gang. Liam, Tristan, and Miles, are ready to make her theirs and they know exactly how to do it.

Room Fifteen

Take My Daddy I’ll Take Yours by Jenika Snow

When Mina’s father is set to marry a woman her age, she’s fine that her dad found love again. But did it have to be the girl that bullied her in high school? At their wedding Mina meets and older man, Carter, and the two hit off. To her horror she finds out Carter is the father of her dad’s new wife. This couldn’t possibly continue, except, Carter isn’t quite ready to let her go.

Take My Daddy

Mechanics of Love by Sheri L Williams

Nora and Olly are friends, but Olly wants to take their friendship to the next level. With work, ex’s, and everything else going on in their lives is Nora ready to take that step too?

Mechanics of Love

Cut To The Heart Of It by April D. Berry

CJ works way too much and with an upcoming book release, she needs to escape the bustle of everyday life. Logan lives a quiet life and rents out cabins, but when a huge storm is about to come through, he rushes off to inform his current tenant, CJ, that she should leave while she can. But he’s too late, now the two are stuck in the small cabin together and the tension between these two just keeps getting thicker.

Cut To The Heart Of It

Spicy Romance Quick Reads and Novellas

Sometimes you just want that quick happily ever after and these books give that. While some of these books are dark, and you should absolutely check those trigger warnings, some are sweet and perfect for a cozy read with some coffee. Check out my post with 12 Funny Romance Book Recs here.

Short Novella Spicy Romance Books - Quick Spicy Romance Reads - Short Romance Books
Quick Spicy Romance Reads - Short Romance Books - Short Novella Spicy Romance Books
Short Romance Books - Short Novella Spicy Romance Books - Quick Spicy Romance Reads

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