12 Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations

Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations - Second Chance Romance Trope - Second Chance Spicy Romance Books

Today I’m giving my favorite Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations. As per usual all of these books are spicy. However, some are dark and some are rom coms. I’ll make sure to identify which ones are which. 

I also recommend checking trigger warnings to make sure that a book is a good fit for you. 

Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations

Below are 12 of my favorite second chance romance books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Mr. Garcia by TL Swan

They started off hot and heavy, but the secrets they both kept came back to bite them. Now April is thrust back into Sebastian’s presence and while they both moved forward after their whirlwind romance, their chemistry never faded. When his past comes back to haunt them again will history repeat itself?

Mr. Garcia

The Confession Duet by KD Robichaux

Dark Romance

For Vi, Corbin was everything. Her husband, her greatest love, and in need of her protection. For Corbin, Vi was the only woman he’d ever love, but her betrayal tore them apart. Now he’s got his eyes on her and she’s doing research for her upcoming spicy novel at the sex club she doesn’t know he owns. 

Confession Duet

Fractured Freedom by Shain Rose

Dante was Delilah’s brother’s best friend and the first man she slept with. College and her career tore them apart. Now he’s the one bailing her out of a crime she didn’t commit. She wants to get back to her life and her work, but he’s determined to stick close to her. 

Fractured Freedom

The Words by A. Jade

Phoenix was Lennon’s only friend in high school, but after he stole from her and broke her heart, she was done with him. Except after tragedy strikes she might be the only one who can help him get his life back on track. Revenge is sweet but Phoenix is irresistible.

The Words

Hungry For Love by Liz Zerkel

Ethan and Siobhan were childhood friends, torn apart by a family feud. Neither of them were expecting to be paired up on a reality cooking show. Now they have to pretend to fall in love in order to win. As their chemistry lights up the small screen, both struggle with the pain of their past.

Hungry for Love

Stuck With The Movie Star by Georgia Coffman

Ian needs help and fast. A not so mutual break up is making life on set difficult. What would it hurt if he pretended to date his old high school sweetheart, Madi? He was more than just a high school fling, and the hurt from the past is coming back with a vengeance for these two fake lovers. 

Stuck With The Movie Star

Wicked Heir by Mila Kane

Dark Romance

After being forced to run from the one person who meant the most to her, Molly is on the search for Kirill. Except after years of separation, he isn’t the same boy she knew. He’s dangerous, notorious, and he’s about to make her life hell for leaving him.

Wicked Heir

They Don’t End Up Together by Heather Zinda

Jette is thrilled for her bff’s engagement, but her ex Kade happens to be her best friend’s brother and he’s back in their lives. Can she forgive him for the pain he caused? Furthermore, can she resist the attraction she still has for him?

They Don't End Up Together

Unfinished by Jayne Katway

Dark Romance

Liam and Hannah had one perfect summer, but family obligations, schools in different cities, and secrets tore them apart. Now they’re living in the same city and she’s heading up a project for his company. She’s determined for this to be professional, but he’s determined to make her his again.


Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Cal and Lana were best friends and lovers, but he broke her heart six years ago. He promised to never return. That is until his grandfather’s will has him needing to resolve issues with a big mansion that’s in need of some TLC. Oh and Lana’s name is on the deed to the place she calls home. 

Final Offer

Butterflies and Vicious Lies by Kayleigh King

Dark Romance

Posey was the keeper of secrets, including Rafferty’s but when she broke his trust and shared his secrets it completely destroyed his life. She moved away but he had plans to bring her back. Now that she’s within his grasp he’s ready to destroy her as thoroughly as she ruined him. Except, not everything is as it seems and there were other secrets she kept.

Butterflies and Vicious Lies

Vengeful Rotten Casualties by Lucy Smoke

Dark Romance

Luc has only loved one woman, but she disappeared without a trace. Now she’s back and Micki is not who she used to be. Can he repair the damage done to her? Can he protect her from the horrors of his family? Can he win her back?

Vengeful Rotten Casualties

Second Chance Romance Books

Who can truly pick their favorite trope? There are so many good ones. But second chance romance is near the top for me. What are your favorite second chance romance books? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations - Second Chance Romance Trope - Second Chance Spicy Romance Books
Second Chance Romance Trope - Second Chance Spicy Romance Books - Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations
Second Chance Spicy Romance Books - Second Chance Romance Book Recommendations - Second Chance Romance Trope

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