10 New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations

New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Dark Romance Newbies - Romantic Suspense Book Recommendations

Today I want to give you my new to dark romance book recommendations. These are for the people who want to try out dark romance but don’t want anything that’s too dark. 

Dark romance is often a misunderstood genre within the book community. As a dark romance reader myself, I see all the arguments for and against dark romance books. So here’s what I’m going to tell you. Read what you want. This is a judgment free zone.

Now for things you should be aware of when reading dark romance, even the lighter stuff. You should always always always, check the triggers. Your mental health is important and if you can’t handle certain themes than I highly suggest you steer clear of certain books.

When it comes to dark romance I rank them newbie or darkish, medium, and dark dark. 

Newbie or darkish will have possessive men but those men would never purposely hurt the main female character. There is past trauma in these books that most likely will not be written out on page. 

Medium dark romance books have on page trauma to the main female character that wasn’t done by the main male character(s). These books have increased violence and maybe some spicier sexual content.

Dark Dark romance has on page trauma that may have been done by the main male characters but not always. There is increased violence and gore, extremely dark subjects, and the sexual content will be extremely high with possibly dangerous kinks included.

New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations

Below are my recommendations for those who are new to dark romance but want to try it out. I will follow up these posts with my additional recommendations for medium and dark dark romance. 

Bloodied Hands by Adelaide Forrest

A mafia second chance romance. Matteo broke Ivory’s heart back in high school, several years later she didn’t expect to hear his name at an armed robbery of a bank. Now she has questions and she wants answers. Showing up at her ex’s house she demands that he keeps her out of everything, he has other plans. He had to give her up once, he won’t do it again.

Bloodied Hands

The Psycho by Nikki J Summers

A stalker romance. The moment Adam layed eyes on Olivia he knew she was his. For the months that followed he would stalk her and Liv seemed to think it was a game. What she doesn’t know is that Adam will do anything he can to protect her and keep her.

The Psycho

Just Like Heaven by Trilina Pucci

A new adult duet romance. Sutton was the daughter of the anti organized crime congressman, Calder was raised in the Irish mob. They shouldn’t love each other, shouldn’t be together, and everyone is against them, but Calder has a plan. She’s the one, she belongs to him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.

Just Like Heaven

Unfinished by Jayne Katway

A mafia second chance romance. Liam and Hannah met in college at a party one summer. She was everything he wanted and their summer together was perfect, until it wasn’t. His family secrets tore them apart. It’s been six years and when he sees her on the arm of his enemy, he’ll do anything to protect her.


Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark

An enemies to lovers romance. Callum is the heir apparent to the Irish mafia, and Aida is the daughter of the Italian. When their fathers decide on an alliance it means an arranged marriage between these two enemies. Now if they could just keep from killing each other.

Brutal Prince

Kid by Jescie Hall

A friends to lovers romance. Kid and Johanna struggle with addictions that numb the pain of their past. But Johanna is Kid’s salvation, if he could just convince her to stick around instead of running from the past that haunts her.


Corrupted Chaos by Shain Rose

An enemies to lovers romance. Izzy struggles with her past and is in a constant place of trying to prove herself. Too bad Cade keeps getting in her way. She doesn’t know it’s for her own protection because for Cade, Izzy is the one thing he wants.

Corrupted Chaos

Truth by Trilina Pucci

A mafia romance. Dominic King is a powerful man who doesn’t give his heart away, until Drew. Too bad Drew isn’t looking for anything more. A past relationship caused her to lose herself and she won’t do it again, but Dominic isn’t going to just let her go.


Bricks Ruin by Tonya Ink

A motorcycle club/mafia romance. Vera ran from her past and left it all behind. Now working at a diner in a small town the last thing she needs is to get involved with Brick, the president of an MC. When her past comes back he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Bricks Ruin

Lords of Darkness by Amanda Richardson

A mafia why choose romance. When Harlow’s father died she had no idea what her inheritance would come in the form of four men who wanted to take her under their wings. They rule the underworld and she’s about to get a crash course in it. Being close to them it shouldn’t be a problem to kill them and get back to her normal life, right?

Lords of Darkness

Dark Romance For Newbies

Dark romance is filled with suspense, taboo topics, and traumatic events that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. These books are a great place to start with possessive and protective men who will do anything to keep the woman they love safe. These men aren’t heroes for anyone but her.

For more like this check out my enemies to lovers book recommendations here.

New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Dark Romance Newbies - Romantic Suspense Book Recommendations
Romantic Suspense Book Recommendations - New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Dark Romance Newbies
Dark Romance Newbies - Romantic Suspense Book Recommendations - New To Dark Romance Book Recommendations

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