12 Funny Romance Book Recommendations

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In today’s post I’m sharing my favorite funny romance book recommendations that have plenty of spice. Sometimes I just need a good book to make me laugh that’s filled with banter and funny situations. These books fit the bill perfectly so I had to share them.

Most of these books I would consider Rom-coms but there are a few that are spicier than others and some might have darker themes. I’ll make sure to make you aware of tropes or topics that may be triggering to some readers.

Funny Romance Books

Below are the funny books that had me laughing hysterically.

Seven by KD Robichaux

Twila picked up her life and her sister and moved far away from the man who made her sister’s life hell. After finding a job in a local sex toy shop she meets Seth. Her boss recommends that Seth teach Twila all about the range of  toys the shop carries since Seth owns the local sex club and the chemistry between these two explodes.


Weekend Wife by Erin McCarthy

Actress Leah works at a singing diner and once a week Grant comes in for his pancakes. After a mishap Grant finds out that his family is requiring him to get engaged in order to keep his place in the company. Grant made Leah an offer the out of work actress would be a fool to turn down.

Weekend Wife

Smoky Darling by SJ Tilly

Elouise fell in love with Beckett when she was seven but her brother’s best friends brother was a bit too old for her. At fifteen she was broken hearted and swore him off forever. So when her childhood crush shows up in her life unexpectedly he’s finally noticed her in the way she always hoped, but she’s not quick to get her hopes up.

Smoky Darling

Sincerely, Up Yours by Penelope Bloom

Darcy just landed her dream job, except Dominic isn’t an easy boss. Drunkenly she makes a bet that she can make an interview with Dominic sell. Now she is interviewing and finding out more about the arrogant boss and she just might like what she’s hearing.

Sincerely Up Yours

A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn

Breaker and Lia have been best friends since college and now she’s getting married. Breaker is the man of honor and as he begins helping her plan her wedding, and fighting off her future mother in law, he finds he has feelings for Lia that are more than just friendship. Now he needs to decide if he will ruin their friendship or step aside for the man she’s planning to marry.

A Long Time Coming

Stuck With The Billionaire by Georgia Coffman

Tessa can’t wait to see her family for her birthday but Carter, her brother’s best friend, is about to crash the trip. For days she’s stuck in her parents cabin with Carter as hold ups keep her family from the trip. She wasn’t expecting the chemistry between them to be off the charts.

Stuck With The Billionaire

Runaway Groomsman by Meghan Quinn

Sawyer is a screenwriter who’s had a run of bad situations culminating in his ex girlfriend marrying his best friend. After an unfortunately timed outburst he’s in need of a place to hide out. He comes across a quirky small town and Fallon, the resort owner where he’s staying. He decides to stick around for a while and help her to remodel the resort now sparks are ready to fly.

Runaway Groomsman

Fighting Mr. Knight by Rosa Lucas

Bonnie is gunning for a promotion, too bad winning it means she’ll need to deal with both her ex fiance, who cheated on her, and billionaire playboy Jack. What she didn’t expect was the undeniable chemistry between them and how that would affect her position in the company.

Fighting Mr. Knight

Cut To The Heart Of It by April Berry

CJ is a writer needing to get away for a little while. Johnny owns the cabin she’s renting. When a bad storm is about to hit Johnny goes to tell CJ she needs to evacuate, except he’s a little too late and now the two are stuck in the cabin together until help can get to them.

Cut To The Heart Of It

The Do-Over by TL Swan

Christopher has everything he could want. A billionaire playboy, good family, enjoys his job, but something has been missing. So all he needs is one year away from it all. One year of backpacking. Except he didn’t anticipate falling for Hayden, who seems to be immune to his advances.

The Do-Over

Nanny For The Neighbors by Lilly Gold

Beth is about to lose everything that is until one of the hot guys from upstairs comes pounding on her door. A baby was just dropped off on their doorstep and the three hunky men upstairs have no idea what they are doing. Thankfully Beth is a nanny and willing to help. She wasn’t expecting the three hunky men would be interested in more than her nanny services and she’d be interested in more with them too.

Nanny For The Neightbors

The Takeover by TL Swan

Claire Anderson’s company she started with her late husband is in trouble and Tristan Miles is ready to swoop in and buy it from her. She’s not willing to let it go. A chance meeting on a trip, followed up by a hot weekend in Paris, and Tristan is ready to sweep this single mom right off her feet. She’s not having it and neither are two of her three kids. 

The Takeover

Funny Romance Books

I enjoyed being pleasantly surprised by these hilarious romance books. They all had me cracking up so loud that my husband would come to check on me. Do you have any favorite funny romance books? Make sure to leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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Rom Com Book Recommendations - Funny Romance Book Recommendations - Contremorary Romance Book Recs
Funny Romance Book Recommendations - Contremorary Romance Book Recs - Rom Com Book Recommendations
Contremorary Romance Book Recs - Rom Com Book Recommendations - Funny Romance Book Recommendations

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