12 Best Star Wars Toys For Jedi Masters

Best Star Wars Toys and Gifts - BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren, Rey, Spaceships, Chewbacca, and Lightsabers - Gifts for Jedi Masters - Best Star Wars Toys For Jedi Masters

We are geeks in this house, we did name our son Lucas. When it comes to geek toys we only go with the best of the best. This post gathers together the best Star Wars toys for your little Jedi master.

I have a Jedi master in training in my house and we are always looking for the best Star Wars toys. Of course to be fair we didn’t really give him a choice in the matter. We did name him Lucas afterall. Still he has accepted the force and is training to become a Jedi Master. That is until he gets his acceptance letter to Hogwarts and decides to be a wizard instead.

So as a Jedi master in training my son would love to have ALL the Star Wars related toys. This means that I have to do a bunch of research into finding the best of the best toys. Since I’m already doing the research I thought I would share my findings with all of you.

I’m sure you already know this but knockoffs do not suffice in a Star Wars home, so if it doesn’t have that logo it’s not worth the money.

Most of the same basic toy rules apply when looking at a specific fandom for toys. Is this playable? Will they play with it for more than 20 minutes? Will this toy last a long time?

These are the things that I look at when I look for toys for my little Jedi master in training. I want him to enjoy this toy, play well with it, and play with it for a long time. The more interesting the toy the better chance that I can use it to distract him while I clean up, work, or cook.

As a Star Wars fan myself it’s important to me that these toys be authentic and fun. I am not a collectors item person, my fandom doesn’t run that deep. However, any toy, with enough time, could become a collectors items.

If you are looking for collectors items, this is not that list. These toys are mass produced and will most likely never be worth anything of substantial value.

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Best Star Wars Toys

May the force be with you in deciding the best Star Wars toys to get your Jedi master in training.

Star Wars Lego Yoda’s Hut

Lego Star Wars is always a popular gift for pretty much any Star Wars fan. Get your kids Yoda’s hut to build to give them hours of Star Wars play time.

Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Light Saber

The bladebuilders sets are extremely popular. Manufacturer recommended age is 4 and up. I personally believe this is better for 6 and up. As with any toy though it does all depend on the maturity level and capabilities your child displays. This toy allows your child to design and play with their own unique lightsaber.

Stuffed Talking 9″ Chewbacca Character Plush Toy

Stuffed Talking Chewbacca Character

This is an adorable stuffed Chewbacca with real wookiee sounds. It’s great for ages 3 and up. My son loves all of his plush talking Star Wars Toys. He sets them up and plays the opening theme song all the time. It’s really adorable.

Star Wars Walkie Talkies

These walkie talkies are a great toy for kids. With push to talk they will have a great time running around the neighborhood or backyard with them. Manufacture age is 3 and up on these. As always keep your child’s maturity and play levels in mind with certain electronic toys.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8

Alright this is an absolute kids toys, there are some quirks with it. Recommended age is 5 and up but an advanced 3 year old probably wouldn’t have an issue with this. It works best on hard flooring, ok on low pile carpet, not good at all on high pile or shag carpets. It’s a great toy that kids love.

Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid

This is the big daddy of BB-8 droids. This droid has three play options; remote control, voice, and follow me mode. The video on the Amazon page explains how to use each of these modes. This toy is geared towards kids 6 and up. Let’s face it though, the adults will have a lot of fun with it too.

Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

Ok life sized means 8 ½ inches tall, this Porg is adorable. The wings flap and the mouth moves while it makes the adorable Porg sound. Did you know the Porgs were created because the island they were filming on was covered in Puffins? This toy is great for ages 3 and up.

Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask

We’ve all seen Chewbacca mom right? Well it’s time to get a mask of your own, I mean for your kids. The mask makes amazing sounds including one that sounds like “I love you” in wookiee. Just move the mouthpiece till the sound starts, it takes no more than 4 times for the “I love you.” This mask is great for ages 5 and up, though our three year old loves when we wear it.

Star Wars Nerf Han Solo Blaster

The Star Wars Nerf Han Solo Blaster is absolutely a toy for older kids, ages 8 and up. It is a fun one that kids will enjoy playing with outside. As with any nerf toy you will need extra darts and maybe a couple extra blasters so the whole family can get involved.

BB-8 Plush

My son loves his BB-8 plush. My parents got it for him just before he turned 3 and now at close to 5 he still plays with it. This plush is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Mask

This mask is pretty good. It changes your voice to sound like Kylo Ren. Recommended age is 5 and up but like the Chewbacca mask my kid loves when we play with this too.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Extendable Lightsaber

Finally, if you are going to do the Kylo Ren mask you should probably have his lightsaber too. Recommended age is 4 and up. With the addition of the Rey’s lightsaber (which was Luke’s lightsaber in A New Hope and lost in Empire Strikes back) you can now have realistic lightsaber battles.

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Best Star Wars Toys Care

Toys break it’s a fact of life. Most of these toys have stood the test of time with my kid. We have not fully tested the Hero Droid BB-8 yet. Maybe this Christmas, shhh. If you teach your kid how to play and use a toy they are more likely to care for it.

Most of these are pretty durable and will stand the test of time with your Jedi masters in training. Remember to think about how your child plays when deciding what toys to get for them. They may not be interested in the masks but would love the lightsaber options.

If all else fails pick a couple of options and say, “Which one of these three do you like best?” It never hurts to ask and give them a choice.

Which toy are you excited to try … I mean buy for your kids? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your kids toys boards for future reference.

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Best Star Wars Toys and Gifts - BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren, Rey, Spaceships, Chewbacca, and Lightsabers - Gifts for Jedi Masters - Best Star Wars Toys For Jedi Masters


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