30 Books I Read In September

Books I Read In September - Book Recommendations and Reviews - Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Genre

In this post I am sharing the books I read in September. I went into September with low expectations on how much I would actually read this month and came out of it having read 30 books. It was an unexpected surprise for me and we have a lot of books to get to so let’s dive into the books I read in September 2022.

Their Vicious Darling by Nikki St. Crowe

There are potential spoilers below if you haven’t read the first two books in this series.

Now that Peter Pan has his shadow back all should be well in Neverland, except the Croc is coming and something is different about Winnie. There are moves being made to kill Peter Pan, someone is after Vane’s shadow, and the fae princes Bash and Kas are struggling with their duty to take their place on the Fae throne.

Their Vicious Darling was a bit more tame than the last two books in the Vicious Lost Boys Series with only a few smutty scenes. Most of the story is background with new characters being introduced and more on the other islands. There was a lot of action towards the end of the book and some action scenes in the middle. We also got new points of views in this book which increased the drama. I gave this book 3 stars and 4 peppers.

Their Vicious Darling book cover

Mindf*ck Series by S.T. Abby

Lana had plans and that revenge was something she wouldn’t give up, not for anything. Logan could end all of her plans though. So why can’t she stay away from the one man who could ruin everything she’s worked so hard to finish?

I have been wanting to read the Mindf*ck Series by S.T. Abby for a long time and I finally got around to it this month. I’m only recording this as one book for the month because the series is made up of 5 novellas. If you are looking for a dark themed series about a woman serial killer who wants revenge against those who wronged her, I highly recommend this one. I gave this book 5 stars, 2 peppers, and 2 tissues.

Mindfuck book 1
mindfuck book 2
mindfuck book 3
mindfuck book 4
mindfuck book 5

Confession Duet by K.D. Robichaux

Corbin was Vivian’s first love but she had to make a choice that would absolutely destroy him to save him from a worse fate. 10 years after their divorce he still watches her but when he finally finds out the truth it’s his chance to get her back. 

This is a heartbreaking story with a heavy focus on healing from trauma and has a happy ending. I really enjoyed Confession Duet but I highly recommend checking triggers because while the focus is on healing from trauma the trauma itself can be triggering to some readers. This book also has BDSM elements in explicit sex scenes. I gave this book 4 stars, 2 peppers, and 3 tissues.

The Confession Duet Book Cover

The Deadly Seven Series by Cassie Hargrove and Story Brooks

4 Books

Her mother tried to sell her to an evil man and now he wants to claim Haliee for himself. Now her and her father are in the witness protection program in a small town where 7 men rule. They are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins and all of them want to lay claim to Haliee too.

The Deadly Seven Series is a why choose dark romance that keeps you turning the pages for a few days as you just need to know what happens next. I absolutely loved reading this series and even loved all 7 of the men. These were incredibly fun to read for still having highly triggering subject matter. I gave the series 5 stars, 5 peppers, and 2 tissues.

Check out my full Deadly Seven Series Review here.

Deadly seven book 1
deadly seven book 2
deadly seven book 3
deadly seven book 4

Madison Kate Series

4 Books

Madison Kate was framed for Riot Night and when she was finally cleared of her charges her father sent her off to Cambodia. Now she’s back and the three men who framed her are living in her father’s house. Now she can get the revenge she’s dreamed of since all her life plans have been taken from her after the charges on her.

The Madison Kate series is an enemies to lovers, why choose romance with page turning action that keeps you rooting for Madison Kate and falling for the three men who framed her. The character growth and story development was well done in this series. I gave the series 4 stars and 3 peppers.

madison kate book 1
madison kate book 2
madison kate book 3
madison kate book 4

Delectable Lies by Shauna Mairead

Saoirse has lived her entire life on the run with her mother, now she’s completely on her own with only the hints of a past here mother lived. She’s returning to the home her mother left behind to find out answers to the biggest secrets in her life. What she finds are more secrets and two men who just want her to survive everything that is in motion to happen to her.

Delectable Lies is the first book in the Kings of Killybegs series and it’s filled with all sorts of twists and turns that will leave you begging for more. The book ends on a cliffhanger with book two Delectable Truths coming out in March of 2023. I gave this book 4 stars and 2 peppers. 

Delectable Lies Book Cover

Sabotage by Shantel Tessier

Colton is vindictive and Raylee is vengeful and the two of them have amazing hate sex. When Colton releases a sex tape of Raylee and him she burns down his 3 million dollar car. There is a fine line between love and hate though and these two might just be at that point where they are ready to cross that line.

Sabotage is a step brother, enemies to lovers, romance with loads of spice, banter, tension, and heart pounding action scenes. Our main FMC is a fighter who is a badass, I loved this character a lot. I really enjoyed reading this book and seeing a few of the characters from The Ritual. I gave this book 4 stars and 4 peppers.

Sabotage Book Cover

Glitch by Briana Michaels

Glitch is an introverted gamer who’s been obsessed with Ara from the first time he heard her voice. Too bad Ara has a boyfriend and there is no way the two of them would ever meet. At least until he agrees to help fix her computer and she shows up at his shop. Now that he’s met her in real life there is no way he can let her go.

Glitch is a friends to lovers romance about two gamers who only really know each other through the games they play together. It’s an instalove in the aspect of the moment they meet they immediately fall for each other and can’t get enough of each other. I typically don’t love this type of story but this one was really good. I gave this book 4 stars and 4 peppers.

Glitch Book Cover

Inevitable by Shain Rose

Aubrey is best friends with the boy next door, but it’s his brother Jax who’s really caught her eye. After a traumatic event where Jax saves her life they fall into a relationship for a summer. That is until Jax disappears from her life to become a musician and leaves her to deal with the fallout of their trauma alone. Years later he’s back and he’s determined to win her back too.

If Shain Rose writes it, I’m going to read it. I enjoy every book she writes. Inevitable is no different. This second chance, billionaire, rockstar romance is amazing and I love all of the characters in it. I gave this book 5 stars, 3 peppers, and 1 tissue.

Inevitable Book Cover

Untamed Vixen by Tessa James

June is an extremely independent woman but she’s struggling to make it in her life. She lives in an apartment share with sketchy and loud roommates and works three jobs. So when she finds herself suddenly the main interest of three mafia men things get interesting.

Untamed Vixen is a why choose mafia romance that I would typically love but this one just didn’t do it for me. I wanted to know more about what happened to Cohen, there was more tension between the bad guy and June than the three men, and the spice was ok but nothing great. I know that Tessa James writes some amazing things so I will likely give more of her books a try but this book only gets 2.5 stars and 2 peppers.

Twisted Game book cover

Villainous by Art Sapphire

Maisie is currently married to an abusive asshole and she’s ashamed that even though she doesn’t want it, her body responds to his roughness. When he steals from an MC though, Hero and Rebel show up and find her handcuffed to a bed. Hero decides he’s not leaving without her and takes her back to the MC. There she is finally able to start the process of healing and come to terms with her own desires.

Villainous was interesting, I skimmed a lot in certain parts of this book because there seemed to be a lot of repeating of the same insecurities that Maisie faces. As the book moves forward though it does get more interesting. The things that really bothered me about this story though were that I felt it was too much. It’s an MC that’s also a rockstar, with threesome elements, BDSM Kink, and everything coming at the characters from all sides. I gave the book 3 stars and 3 peppers.

Villainous book cover

Saint View Psychos by Elle Thorpe

3 books

Bliss was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Saint View but her brother got her out and she spent most of her childhood living in Providence with her wealthy father. When her brother is murdered though she returns to Saint View to find out exactly what happened. She sees her fiance for the abusive and manipulative jerk he is and finds herself in the middle of three men who can’t get enough of her. Vincent the sweet one with a secret, War the MC President, and Nash her brother’s best friend and bar manager. 

I don’t know why I waited so long to dive into Elle Thorpe’s books, I have a lot of catching up to do now. Saint View Psychos is a why choose dark romance with twists and turns that will have you grabbing for the next book quickly. I seriously want to read every single book in the Saint View series and will likely read everything that Elle Thorpe has written. I gave this series 5 stars and 4 peppers.

saint view psychos book 1
saint view psychos book 2
saint view psychos book 3

Hell House by Dakota Wilde

Salem and Skye are two freshman roommates who find themselves living in Hell House with 7 men after their dorm room catches on fire. These seven men hold the demons that represent the 7 deadly sins. There are darker forces on the island though and Salem has been having weird dreams.

I need book two immediately, Hell House is an interesting paranormal why choose romance that has a hold on me. I enjoyed the story and I can’t wait to see what happens next. All the characters are interesting, the story has amazing twists, and the spice is really good. I gave this book 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Hell House Book Cover

Royally Not Ready by Meghan Quinn

Lilly lost her parents at 17 to tragedy now ten years later she’s running her own bikini wagon and conducting wet t-shirt contests on the beaches of Miami enjoying her life. Keller has been charged to find the only remaining heir left to take over the throne for King Theo and Lilly is that only remaining heir. Now Keller has to turn this fun loving, bad word slinging American, into a Princess fit to take the throne but their feelings for each other grow and he doesn’t believe he’s worthy of his Princess.

After all the dark romance that I read this month I needed a good rom com to balance things out. Meghan Quinn books have been on my list for a while so I decided to give this one a try and I gotta say it did not disappoint at all. Royally Not Ready is a grumpy sunshine that had me laughing so hard at one point I was crying. I absolutely loved this book. It was the perfect cleanser to give me something light hearted to read. I gave this book 5 stars and 3 peppers.ver

Royally Not Ready Book Cover

Finding Home by Tonya Ink

Bellamy has recently found out who her father is and he’s the president of the mother chapter of the most feared motorcycle club. Now she and her team need to protect his other daughter from a ruthless mafia boss. Family drama, heat between her and the VP, and danger are about to turn her life upside down.

I’ve been waiting for Finding Home ever since I started reading Tonya Ink’s Lucifer’s Saints series and this one did not disappoint. I loved the uniqueness of the characters and I absolutely fell for Taz the main love interest in the book. There is a lot of drama and a lot of inner monologue in this book but I really enjoyed the story. I gave the book 4 stars and 2 peppers.

Finding Home Book Cover

Blood Ties Series by A.K. Rose

3 Books

Ryth’s life was ruined in one night, her father was arrested and her house was burned to the ground. Her mother takes her to a stranger’s house where they will live for the time being, at least that’s what she thinks. When her mother and the stranger announce their engagement, Ryth now has three step brothers in her life. While the three step brothers are ready to claim her and make her theirs she has to figure out what is actually happening with her father and what is going on with her mother.

I was not anticipating what I got from this series. The Blood Ties series is a step brother, why choose, mafia romance that is jammed packed with action. The third book came out on September 30th and I read it that day. The spice, the action, and the twists make this an absolutely fantastic series that I can’t wait to find out how it ends. So far the series gets 5 stars and 4 peppers from me and I’m positive I will likely be crying my eyes out at some point.

blood ties book 1
blood ties book 2
blood ties book 3

Reverie by Shain Rose

Vick is a happy go lucky woman who is bound and determined to show the oldest Stonewood brother, Jett, how awesome life can really be. After a vacation fling though Jett can’t get Vick off his mind. What’s a billionaire to do? Buy her boss’s company and turn her into an employee of course. She knows he’s no good for her, he can’t get enough of her, let the tension, steamy scenes, and secrets come out. 

Jett in is officially my favorite Stonewood brother but who knows for how long. Jay may win me back in the third book, we’ll see. Reverie is a grumpy sunshine, bosshole, billionaire romance. Vick is a strong FMC and I loved her personality through this. I felt the story was excellent and I gave the book 5 stars and 2 peppers.

Reverie Book Cover

Twisted Game by Eva Ashwood

Willow has no family outside of her adoptive mother who uses her for all she can. She’s just trying to make her way out of poverty by working and going to college. With a payment deadline fast approaching she resorts to selling the one thing of value she has, herself. However, three men burst into the room and kill the man she was supposed to sell herself to in front of her. They decide not to kill her but make sure they threaten her to keep their secret. Now these three dangerous men are watching every move she makes.

Twisted Game is a why choose dark romance and you should check the triggers before reading. This is the first book of the series with the second coming out in early 2023. I personally loved all the characters and the story sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. I gave this book 5 stars and 4 peppers.

Twisted Game book cover

Three Swedish Mountain Men by Lily Gold

After her ex boyfriend drags Daisy’s life through the mud she finds herself without friends, without a job, and a desperate need to escape her life. She escapes to northern Sweden to get some clarity when a moose derails her entire plan. With a snowstorm on the way Daisy has no choice but to go home with the three men who rescued her. 

As with all Lily Gold books Three Swedish Mountain men is a cute, rom com, why choose, romance filled with spice and characters that you love to love. I love most Lily Gold books but this one just didn’t do it for me like her others did. It was good but it wasn’t as good as the other three books I’ve read from her that often had me laughing hysterically. I gave this book 3 stars and 3 peppers.

Three Swedish Mountain Men Book Cover

Priest by Sierra Simone

Father Tyler Bell is trying to modernize the Catholic Church while also tackling the sins of it’s past and he’s doing it in a small town that was greatly affected by the past leadership in the church. When Poppy walks into her confessional though she makes him question everything that he wanted to do because if he continues to be a Priest, he can’t have her.

I know Priest is a favorite for many people but this book just did not do it for me. The spice was absolutely fantastic but the story was just blah for me. I couldn’t get into it and while I powered through hoping for the book to redeem itself it just never did for me. I’m giving this book 3 stars and 4 peppers because while the spice was good, the characters were good, the story was lacking for me.

Priest Book Cover

30 Books I Read In September

I did not set out with a goal to read 30 books this month. I was actually shocked to realize I was close to hitting thirty just a couple days before the end of the month. I have done a lot this month besides reading too so it was a bit of a shock overall. So far this year I have read 183 books and it looks like I’ll absolutely break 200 by the end of the year. 

There were a lot of excellent reads this month and while the month ended with a couple of not so great reads (for me) I’m overall extremely pleased with everything. For every author on this list, thank-you for the escape. Even if your book wasn’t for me I appreciate everything you do and the escapes you provide.

How many books did you read this month? Let me know in the comments below along with your favorites. Follow me on TikTok and Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Books I Read In September - Book Recommendations and Reviews - Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Genre

Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Genre - Books I Read In September - Book Recommendations and Reviews

Book Recommendations and Reviews - Dark Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Genre - Books I Read In September


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