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After finishing Crescent City, House of Sky and Breath, yesterday afternoon I spent most of last evening and all of this morning thinking about the different Crescent City theories and thoughts that I have and I need to share these thoughts with you.

Spoiler Free Reviews:

Understand this post will have LOADS OF SPOILERS ahead and if you have not read House of Sky and Breath yet you will not want to read further. DO NOT scroll any further if you do not want SPOILERS!

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Is The Sarah J Maas Universe Connected?

While I was pretty sure that the small connections the SJM fandom have made over the past few years were just easter eggs from the author, it wasn’t until I got into this book that I actually started giving merit to a full crossover between the Throne of Glass Series, A Court of Thorns and Roses Series, and Crescent City crossovers.

Then I reached the last chapter of House of Sky and Breath and from the moment she landed in the field I started crying. From the moment that Azriel’s hands were described I was screaming. I knew that the chapter would end with an ACOTAR reveal and I was having a hard time reading it through my tears and screams. I reread those last 4 or 5 pages at least 4 times to make sure it was real.

So we have a definitive answer that the worlds are connected through gates and I have a lot of theories on this.

The Gates

First, we had the wrydgates in the Throne of Glass series. Aelin closed off these gates but while she was doing that she got glimpses into different worlds that were within the gates. 

“She passed through a world where a great city had been built along the curve of a river, the buildings impossibly tall and glimmering with lights.” Sarah J Mass, Kingdom of Ash

I firmly believe that this city is Crescent City which is built around the Istros River which curves.

This is part of why I believe that Sarah J Maas had plans to connect worlds between her books all those years ago when she released Kingdom of Ash. 

Additionally, on the next page we have a description of what we all believe to be Rhysand and a pregnant Feyre. The descriptions of the two, plus the power used to slow down Aelin as she falls, is exactly in line with Rhysand and Feyre. 

This also lines up with the “rare red star” scene from A Court of Silver Flames. It was seen blasting across the sky around the same time period that Feyre would be heavily pregnant. The priestesses were calling it a bad omen, however, the theory is that it was Aelin falling through the multiverse.

So we know that there is a connection between TOG and ACOTAR as well as TOG and Crescent City. 

We also know that Crescent City has several gates throughout the city and in Eternal City where the Asteri live. In House of Sky and Breath we find out that the Asteri would bring people from other worlds to live on Midgard through these gates.

So where are the gates in ACOTAR?

We know from the ending of House and Sky and Breath, Bryce lands outside of Valeris after falling from the sky but there is no visible gate described in this location. It is also the most likely place that Aelin was seen falling as well.

Is there a gate buried there? Is it in a tunnel network that is unknown to the Inner Circle and those in Prythian?

The only other place I can currently think of where there would be a gate is Ramiel. We know from ACOSF that there is an archway where Nesta makes her last stand to protect Emerie and Gwyn as they climb to reach the Monolith. Or is it possible that the Monolith itself is a gate?

Additionally, the three great mountains in Prythian have buildings inside of them. The Prison is under a mountain. We have the sacred mountain where Amaranth had her court. However, the inside of Ramiel has never been explored as mentioned, I believe, in ACOSF. Could there be a gate inside of Ramiel?

Or is there a gate on the island where the Prison is located, where the harp was kept? In ACOSF, Nesta heard voices where people were trying to pass through the walls or were trapped in the walls. 

Where the Different Species in Crescent City Came From

It’s revealed during the final scenes with Rigelus that the Dusk Court is likely the Prison Island and that fae’s like Bryce and Ruhn actually hailed from Prythian while other fae’s hailed from elsewhere. So is the Autumn King actually a descendant of someone in the Autumn Court from Prythian? He has the same type of fire powers that the Autumn Court has.

Rigelus also describes that the Shifters hail from another kind of Fae that shifts into animals just like a certain fae from the Throne of Glass series. Is Fenrys Moonbeam related to the Fendyr Line? Was Moonwood in Crescent city a part of the someone from the Fenry’s line?

Additionally it’s revealed that angels and archangels are also fae. Could the angels be Seraphim (from Creta in ACOTAR) or Peregryn from Dawn court? Both these species of fae have white feathers; however, Peregryn are described as having six feathered wings.

The witches have been described by Ruhn as a group who hail from a three faced goddess which is the same thing that’s described in Throne of Glass. Could the witches in Crescent City be descendants of some of the missing Cochran witches? 

House of Earth and Blood contains shifters, humans, witches, and ordinary animals; these may have all hailed from the Throne of Glass series.

House of Sky and Breath have Malakim (angels), Fae, Elementals, and Sprites which likely all came from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

The House of Many Waters with the River-Spirits, Mer, Water Beasts, Nymphs, Kelpies, Nokks and others could have come from both the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses as many of these types of species have been mentioned in both.

The House of Flame and Shadow with the Daemonaki, Reapers, Wraiths, Vampyrs, draki, dragons, necromancers, and others has an unknown origin. 

However, I would like to point out that some of these species make appearances in the Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L Armentrout. JLA in her acknowledgements in those books has given thanks to Sarah J Maas. I would lose my entire mind if there was an ACOTAR, TOG, Crescent City, and FBAA crossover. 

However, I highly doubt that this is ever going to happen, but for now I can just imagine Casteel, Kieran, Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Rowan, Dorian, Aedion, Ruhn, and Hunt all hanging out drinking beers. 

Different Powers and Crossovers

Let’s talk about Ruhn for a bit. Not only does Ruhn have some of the Starborn powers but he also can mindspeak which is similar to the Daemati power. However, the shadows that he has are extremely similar to the shadow slinger powers that Azriel has. Could there have been a Shadow Slinger in his line somewhere? Since he looks like Rhysand is there a relation somewhere in Rhysands mother’s side between Ruhn and Rhys?

The Starborn power seems similar to the Light Generation ability from the Dawn court and the same ability that Feyre has. Does this mean that Feyre may be able to absorb power to make her power stronger like Bryce?

Cormac – Ruhn’s cousin from Avellan – has the same shadow powers that Ruhn has (so possibly a shadow slinger) as well as a fire power. He can also teleport or winnow. The shadows in both Ruhn and Cormac come from Ruhn’s mothers line which is how they are related. However, somewhere Cormac and The Autumn King (Bryce’s father) crossed and he had some of the same fire power. So now there could be a shadow slinger, Autumn court, Night court crossover in this family line.

Since we know that The Autumn King has fire power I think it’s likely that there is a relation somewhere with the Autumn Court and Lord Baron. Which could also explain why he is the way he is in personality.

Now for Hunt. Hunt could be descended from the two fae species that have angel wings. It would also make sense that he’s from Prythian due to his mate-related reactions when Bryce is in trouble. It’s very similar to the reactions you see from a newly mated fae in ACOTAR. 

However, we have not seen his power anywhere other than Rowan from Throne of Glass. So is it possible that his mother is from Throne of Glass and a Whitethorn descendant and his father is a Peregryn descendant from ACOTAR?

Now my Amren/Fury theory is a fun one. We don’t know much about Fury because she is an assassin and is very secretive. Is Fury a lot older than she appears? Is it possible that Fury is actually like Amren and she took on this form in order to escape the control of the Asteri? Were the Asteri the original makers of Amren and Fury as well?

Also, we know Amren was brought to Prythian by her “father” and then left there when the Rift she came through closed at will, where she then ended up in the Prison for a long time. In order to escape the Prison she had to take on the form she is in now. 

Did Amren take on this form because she remembers seeing Fury as this or is this just the form that most or her unknown species takes? Fury also has a black handgun with silver wings on it. After Amren went into the Cauldron she emerged again almost like an angel with wings on fire. Is Fury hinting at what she is with that gun?

I believe the Asteri ruled over Prythian at one point based on what Lanthys told Nesta in ACOSF. He talked about a Wild Hunt where he and others would hunt Fae and they would bow to them. He talked about Fae who cast off their chains and overthrew them. Was Lanthys an Asteri and are there more Asteri in the Prison?

Additionally in the vision he shared with Nesta there was a fourth object from the Trove. While it wasn’t extremely visible, it could be Luna’s Horn. It is claimed that Horn was made in the Fae home world, named after their new god, and used in the first war against the Prince of the Pit. What will happen now that Luna’s Horn is tattooed on Bryce’s back? If it was a cauldron made and the 4th object of the trove, we see Nesta reacting to Luna’s Horn.

It is also revealed that Pelias was just a general for Theia who had a different starborn light. Was that the queen that betrayed the King of Prythian? She ended up with Gwydion, otherwise known as the Starsword, so there is a good chance she is. There were rumors of there being a knife that matches the Starsword In Crescent City, and it turns out that knife is Truth-Teller, the same knife Azriel carries.

Predictions For Crescent City

I personally thought we would be getting an Azriel Gwyn book as the next ACOTAR book where we would see a bit more of the ending of House of Sky and Breath in that book.

However, recently Sarah J Maas made a statement along the lines of a new Crescent City book coming before the new ACOTAR book and it has a lot of fans reeling wondering what’s going to happen. We also have a possible release date for this book sometime in 2023.

I think Bryce is going to see the painting of Nesta holding the line, or the painting of Azriel, Cassian, and Rhysand at the monolith and they will figure out at that point that Ramiel has a gate. 

We have two more houses in Crescent City so I think we will get at least two more books in the Crescent City saga, however, I think we are actually going to get more than that. 

I think Rhysand and Feyre are likely to decide to join this fight against the Asteri because they know that they have to protect Nyx from the Asteri coming back to Prythian again.

I also believe we are going to learn how Azriel came to have the knife, Truth-Teller, as well as a LOT more about Amren and her history. 

I honestly believe we are going to have an SJM style Avengers crossover event. I wouldn’t be surprised if we somehow end up in Erilea (TOG) where Rhys and Bryce gather more Fae to fight against the Astari.

I actually believe they are going to avoid opening the Northern Rift to Hel all together, which I hope is the case because I still don’t trust any of the Princes of Hel.

While these are my theories I am completely ready for SJM to throw us for a complete loop with new twists. I often have a hard time predicting where her stories are going so I may be completely wrong in everything here. I still can’t wait to see what happens.

What are your theories on the SJM Crossover? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Crescent City Theories After House of Sky and Breath - Spoilers For House of Sky and Breath - Crescent City 2 Theories

Spoilers For House of Sky and Breath - Crescent City 2 Theories - Crescent City Theories After House of Sky and Breath

Crescent City 2 Theories - Crescent City Theories After House of Sky and Breath - Spoilers For House of Sky and Breath


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