11 Spicy Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations

Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations - Book Recs for Spicy Romance - Spicy Contemporary Romance Book Recs

Today I’m sharing my favorite Billionaire Romance book recommendations with you. Sometimes it’s nice to escape into a book where financial concerns, likely brought on by our love of books, are no longer an issue.

As usual, all of these books contain sexually explicit scenes, so if that is not your cup of tea than this post is not for you. That’s totally okay too. You might want to check out Kate Prada for some amazing Diet Spice books that leave the door closed.

Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations

All of these books are available through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Unfinished by Jayne Katway

A second chance mafia romance, Liam is the son and nephew of a rich and powerful New York family. Hannah is the daughter of a single dad who works in construction. When the two fall in love it’s perfect, until Hannah finds out that his family isn’t always participating in legal activities and she breaks off all communication. Six years later she comes face to face with the first love she never got over and he won’t let her get away again.


Fighting Mr. Knight by Rosa Lucas

Bonnie finds out her company is now doing a project for billionaire Mr. Knight, and he’s the last person she wants to work for. She really needs this promotion though, so can she suck it up and work for the man who ruined her father?

Fighting Mr. Knight

Highest Bidder by Sara Cate

Daisy has a million dollars in the bank after her mother died but she won’t touch a dime of it until she figures out why it’s there. All she knows is Ronan Kade is the name associated with the money. When he puts a hundred grand on one date with her, how can she turn him down? This might be her chance to find out who Ronan Kade really is.

Highest Bidder

Twisted Lies by Ana Huang

Stella lives her life online, so when a stalker starts making threats she turns to her billionaire neighbor with the security company to help her. Little does she know that Christian has secrets and he’s far more than she bargained for.

Twisted Lies

Takeover by Evelyn Sola

Tarai’s future has fallen apart. Her father sold the company she was supposed to take over to Ethan Bradford, privileged billionaire jerk face. When the deal is done, she gets an offer of employment that is insulting, she decides to let Ethan know exactly what she thinks of him. Except he’s ready to battle her out and now it’s a challenge that turns into something more.


Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Alana and Callahan were best friends, until it all fell apart. Now, his dead grandfather’s will has forced him back in her presence and the two have to figure out what to do with the mansion that’s in both of their names. Can Callahan fix his demons and win back the woman he never got over?

Final Offer

Praise by Sara Cate

Emerson Grant is Charlie’s ex boyfriend’s dad, except he had no idea who she was when she appeared in his office looking for her half of the deposit on an apartment. Finally realizing his mistake he offers her a job as his assistant. She should stay away from the man but they can’t seem to stop the chemistry that burns between them.


Reverie by Shain Rose

Jett Stonewood is a billionaire grump. Vick Blakely embodies sunshine. After one hot weekend together, he’s now acquired her company and she works right outside of his office. He doesn’t understand her bubbly outlook on life but can’t seem to stay away from her. She believes him to be unattainable. Who will win this battle of wills in the end?


The Do-Over by T.L. Swan

Christopher Miles is looking to escape the billionaire bachelor life by doing a bit of back-packing. So when he meets Hayden, the cute American girl that’s also backpacking, an unlikely friendship forms. Eventually, he’s going to have to tell her the truth about who he is, and he doesn’t know if she’ll actually like him anymore.

The Do-Over

Between Commitment and Betrayal by Shain Rose

Trying to escape her past, Everly went to work for her father. Too bad Declan Hardy, her dad’s business partner is there to make her life hell. To make matters worse, her father dies and demands the two get married in his will. For one year she needs to be married to the rich ex NFL star, her boss, and deal with the media that follows him around when all she wants is a bit of peace and quiet.

Between Commitment and Betrayal

A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn

Breaker Cane is filthy rich and his best friend Lia is about to get married to a guy he’s never liked. They’ve been best friends for so long he’s not understanding the feelings he has for her now. She’s always been there for him but now she’ll be there for someone else. She begs for his help in dealing with her soon to be overbearing mother in law, but he’s going to take this time to prove to her that she should pick him instead.

A Long Time Coming

Spicy Billionaire Romance Books

Am I fan of billionaires? No. I stand firmly in the eat the rich section of society. However, do I love reading about a dirty mouthed billionaire with gold retriever energy? Yes, yes I do. These billionaires are a complete fantasy but … oh how we wish they were real.

If you like your books a little darker check out my 10 Enemies to Lovers Book Recommendations.

Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations - Book Recs for Spicy Romance - Spicy Contemporary Romance Book Recs
Book Recs for Spicy Romance - Spicy Contemporary Romance Book Recs - Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations
Spicy Contemporary Romance Book Recs - Billionaire Romance Book Recommendations - Book Recs for Spicy Romance

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