14 Books I Read In June 2022

14 Books I Read In June 2022 - Books I've Read - Romance Book Reviews For June

I’m starting a new article series where I’ll share every book I’ve read in a month, even the ones I’ve DNF’d. This is the first post and it’ll contain my June 2022 reads. I’ll share my ratings and thoughts on each of the books. While some books will get their own individual reviews this will be a lot easier for my busy schedule. 

Typically I will read 15-20 books in a month, sometimes I read more than that. It depends on my schedule and how much writing I’m doing in my own books. This month I didn’t read as much due to other things I had needed to get done my reading time was limited to just before bed.

All of these books are Kindle Unlimited reads which means if you have a Kindle Unlimited Subscription you can read them under that subscription. I personally love this subscription service because I read a lot. But even when I was only reading a book a week this service was worth it.

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Let’s get into my June 2022 reads.

Terms and Conditions – Lauren Asher

Terms and Conditions is the second book in the Dreamland Billionaires series by Lauren Asher. The first book focused on Rowan, this book focuses on Declan. After the grandfather of three brothers passes away they find out he has some unusual requests for them to accomplish in order to receive their inheritance.

I loved the dynamic between our two main characters in Terms and Conditions. Iris is freaking amazing and I love her attitude and her strength. I gave this book 4 stars and 2 peppers. It’s a good, easy, and fun read with a happy ending and fantastic characters.

Terms and Conditions

The Death Club & Society of Psychos – Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Brooklyn was found living on the streets and sold into human trafficking and fighting rings. Niall is a son of the Irish Mob. Mateo is a former gang member that disappeared. Angry Jack is a former gang member who ended up in a mental institution. What happens when these four start working together to take down the real evil in their world?

The Dead Man Walking duet is a reverse harem by the Twisted Sisters and we know that they like to completely destroy their readers. The Death Club and Society of Psychos however and surprisingly did not completely destroy me. However, if you like psychotic and homicidal characters, this book will have you laughing. I highly recommend checking trigger warnings before reading. I give this series 5 stars an 5 peppers.

The Death Club
Society of Psychos

Golden Wings and Pretty Things – Kayleigh King

When Indie is dealing with some pretty big family trauma that puts her scholarship at risk she has no other choice but to ask Astor Banes – her boyfriend’s father – for help. Astor has other plans for Indie though and when she agrees to his plans she finds herself leaning new things about herself and falling for someone she shouldn’t.

Golden Wings and Pretty Things is a novella for a new series Kayleigh King is working on. It is an age gap forbidden romance where the main character gets involved with her ex’s dad. As always, check trigger warnings before reading. Back in May I read her The Crimson Crown duet and absolutely fell in love with her writing. This small Novella was a great read in one night and I gave it 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Golden Wings and Pretty Things

Tempting Fate – S.A. Clayton

Jade fell for her brother’s best friend, Gage. They spent several months together before Gage just disappeared. So when he shows back up after 6 years of being gone Jade has to figure out if Gage is worth falling for again. 

Tempting Fate is a short Novella where the main character falls for her brother’s best friend. It is a steamy read with a sex club and graphic scenes. While I loved this read in an hour or two, I wanted more from these characters. It would have been fantastic as a full book. I gave it 3 stars with 4 peppers.

Tempting Fate

Kiss of War – Clara Elroy

Eliana and Leonardo have been in each other’s lives since they were children. Leo had a crush on Eliana for years until tragedy struck and Leo’s twin sister was murdered. All evidence pointed to Eliana’s family and now he’s going to make her life hell, but he can’t shake those past feelings for her. Then new evidence comes to light that could change everything.

Kiss of War is a friends to enemies to lovers stand alone book in a series. Make sure you check trigger warnings, there are a few scenes that might be deemed offensive. I personally liked this book a lot and the characters in it. I gave this book 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Kiss of War

Just Like Heaven & Sinning Like Hell – Trilina Pucci

Sutton is the daughter of a Senator who is known for going after organized crime. Calder is the son of a man who is in organized crime. So when the two fall in love they have to keep their love a secret and survive what their families will throw at them to keep them apart.

Just Like Heaven and Sinning Like Hell is a great duet with a protective male main character and a female main character that comes right into her strength. The character growth in these books is fantastic.

I typically do not read books about prep school or highschool but I heard such amazing things about this duet that I had to give it a try. It is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet that is so good. I laughed, I cried, and I rooted for the young love. Still not my thing but my personal taste aside I loved the way this book was written and will likely read more from this author. This duet gets 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Just Like Heaven
Sinning Like Hell

Birthday Girl – Penelope Douglas

After a chance meeting Pike finds out the girl he met at a theater and enjoyed a movie with is actually his son’s girlfriend. When they get kicked out of their apartment Pike offers them a place to stay. He wasn’t anticipating falling for his son’s girlfriend. 

Birthday Girl is an age gap romance where the main character starts to have feelings for her boyfriend’s dad. If I’m being honest I didn’t really care for this book. It was ok, the writing was ok, but I wasn’t feeling it at all.

Penelope Douglas is widely loved but the more books I read from her the less and less I want to read any more. I just can’t get into her writing. I rated this book 3 stars with 2 peppers and I’m being generous with the 3 stars because the writing was decent, I just didn’t care for certain aspects of it.

Birthday Girl

Give Me More – Sara Cate

The third book in the Salacious Players Club series, Give Me More, follow Drake, Hunter, and Isabel as they travel the country visiting various sex clubs to get ideas to bring back to the other owners of their own club. They end up discovering whole new sides to themselves and learn to accept these new discoveries.

Give Me More once again brings us into a world of kinks that the series is based around. However, in this book we do deal a lot with sexuality and it’s very well done. I love Sara Cate books and have enjoyed everything I have read from her so far. I gave this book 5 stars and 4 peppers.

You can find my full Salacious Players Club series review here.

Give Me More

Twisted Games – Ana Huang

The second book in the Twisted series – Twisted Games – by Ana Huang follows Bridget and her new body guard Rhys. She’s completely off limits to him because she is a client, but he’s also never met anyone like her. He’s off limits because she is a Princess but she can’t stop thinking about him. 

Twisted Games is a bodyguard forbidden romance with dom/sub content. I love the characters and supporting characters in this book. Though I did put the book down in the middle to read Give Me More. This is a typical contemporary romance book with a good amount of spice so if you need something sweet and spicy this is a good choice. I gave this book 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Twisted Games

Faking With Benefits – Lily Gold

On June 24th Roe was overturned and I had started this book the night before. I did end up spending most of the morning of the 25th reading this book to escape the overwhelming way my brain was working. It worked wonderfully and the book did provide a bit of comfort for me.

Faking With Benefits is a rom-com reverse harem and it’s the first time I’ve read anything from Lily Gold and I’m grateful. Lily writes beautifully with humor, fun, and characters that grow through the story. This book was exactly what I needed to stop the spiraling of my brain during a horrifying moment in history.

Faking With Benefits follows Layla who is having a hard time meeting a boyfriend. She recruits her three best friends who live across the hall from her to help her be better at dating. She appears on their relationship advice podcast and in exchange she gets advertising time. As the three men help her, they learn more about themselves and their own relationship hangups. This book gets 5 stars and 3 peppers.

You can find my full Faking With Benefits book review here.

Faking with Benefits

Nanny For The Neighbors – Lily Gold

Beth is an unemployed nanny and her upstairs neighbors – three hot men – just had a baby dropped off at their apartment. They are completely helpless and they don’t know who the father is because while all three of them used protection that night it could be any one of them. They hire Beth to be their nanny but it isn’t long before all three men and Beth decide they want more. 

Nanny For The Neighbors is a rom-com reverse harem and the second book I’ve read by Lily Gold. Mom’s who like spicy books need to read this book. It’s absolutely hilarious, steamy, and even has a few tissue moments. 

Jack is a geek, Cyrus is sexy, and Sebastian is the boss. All three men have depth and great backstories. Yet another instance in a reverse harem that I will not choose my favorite. I gave this book 4 stars, 3 peppers, and 1 to 2 tissues. TW: this book talks about infertility and a few other heavy topics, please check the authors trigger warnings page before reading.

Nanny for the Neighbors

The Words – A. Jade

Lennon has always watched Phoenix, but it’s not just because he’s a bad boy, she knows there is so much more to him. Her teacher recruits her to tutor Phoenix so that he can graduate and she agrees but isn’t thrilled. A friendship and something more grows but then Phoenix does something completely unforgivable.

Years later Phoenix is a rock god with more than a few problems with the press since tragedy had struck. Now the only person who can keep him under control is the one person that hates him. He’s always been the sun and she’s so close to being burned again.

The Words is a rock star romance that days later I am still stuck on. There is drug use, alcohol, child abuse, and some pretty heavy topics in this book. It’s really good and I could not put it down.

Phoenix is tortured, Lennon is a thick queen, and the supporting characters are perfect. I absolutely love this book and I cannot wait to read the upcoming books in this soon to be series. I gave this book 5 stars, 4 peppers, and 2 tissues.

The Words

Books I Read In June

I didn’t read as much as I would have liked this month but between writing for this blog, writing my own books, doing my mommy stuff, and everything else that happened this month, I just didn’t have the extra time. I’m currently reading Binding Rose from Ivy Fox so that will make my July list of books.

To see my full To Be Read for July – at least I hope I can get through it all – check out this post here. Also if I do any additional reviews of the books I’ve read this month I will update this post with those links.

What books did you read in June? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Tik Tok and Pinterest for more like this. Pin this to your favorite book boards too.

14 Books I Read In June 2022 - Books I've Read - Romance Book Reviews For June

Books I've Read - Romance Book Reviews For June - 14 Books I Read In June 2022

Romance Book Reviews For June - 14 Books I Read In June 2022 - Books I've Read


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