To Be Read List – July 2022

Books To Be Read List - What's On My TBR - What I Plan On Reading and Book Reviews in July

In this post I want to share my July To Be Read List. Now, let’s be a little realistic here. I always start off the month strong with the first couple of books… but then I scroll through TikTok and everything changes my TBR. 

I hope to break that a bit this month. There aren’t many books that are coming out in July that I feel I need to time what I’m reading so that I can dive in the moment a new release the moment it’s available. 

Additionally, I am in the mood for more darker, boss ass female main characters this month so we will see how this works out. 

To Be Read List – July 2022

Typically I read 15-20 books in a month. I’m hoping to do more than that this month but writing my own books and for this blog may prevent more of that. So we will see what we can do.

Fantasy TBR

There are a few fantasy romance books and series I would like to get into this month but I haven’t really been in the mood for fantasy. I am anticipating my reading mood may change in the near future though.

Garden of Serpents
Curse of Shadows and Thorns
A Betrayal of Storms
A Queen of Ruin

I started A Queen of Ruin and I’m at 14%. I stopped not because of the book or the writing but because I have not been in the mood for fantasy. I hope that changes a bit this month because I generally love reading fantasy, it really helps me to escape.

Twisted Sisters Catch Up

The next series I want to read are based in the same world as the Dead Man Walking Duet by Caroline Peckham and Susan Valenti.

Kings of Quarantine and The Harlequin Crew are both based in the United States of Anarchy world so I hope to read at least one of the series this month.

Kings of Quarantine
Sinners Playground

Stand Alones in Series

Everything else on my TBR are stand alone books in series that I’ve already started that I would like to read more of.

Twisted Hate
Resisting Mr Kane
Stolen Heir
Binding Rose
Savage Heart

At this point I have about 20 books I think that I will be reading. If I happen to get through them all or if my mood changes I do have some other series that I would like to read.

Series I Would Like To Read

Cruel Princes
Renegade Hearts

I think I have to stop here even though my actual TBR list is a lot larger than this but I feel like if I don’t create a must read list I will end up just picking up other reads. We will see how this goes.

Never Ending TBR

The biggest problem with being a reader is the ever growing TBR List that we all have to try to get through. I am trying to focus more on catching up with authors or previous releases that I want to read. 

The problem with being a mood reader is that we often want to switch up what we are reading. Our mood changes and we want something dark or more of a feel good read. It can go all over the place. 

Have you read anything on my TBR? Without spoiling, tell me your ratings of what you read. As I read these and possibly review them I’ll update this post with where I share my reviews. Follow me on Pinterest and Tik Tok for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Books To Be Read List - What's On My TBR - What I Plan On Reading and Book Reviews in July

What's On My TBR - What I Plan On Reading and Book Reviews in July - Books To Be Read List

What I Plan On Reading and Book Reviews in July - Books To Be Read List - What's On My TBR


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