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Best Crafting Kits For Kids - Toys and Activities To Keep Kids Busy - Crafting Kits For Kids Of All Ages

My kid is a crafty kid, I am not a crafty mom. I am an Amazon Prime mom who prefers to order a finished product instead of DIYing it. So in a compromise I went looking for crafting options for kids – and I found loads of awesome crafting kits.

I’m positive supervision is needed with playing with these kits but at least it’s something that will keep your kids busy on breaks, during the summer, or weekends.

Why Crafting Is Good For Kids

Crafting is great for kids because it can be the start to a lifelong hobby that they enjoy. It helps them to boost their creativity which improves brain function and helps control stress.

Fine motor skills and problem solving skills improve greatly with regular creativity time and crafting is a great way to allow for that time. When I child is free to draw, build, and create they may come across problems and try again.

For instance, my son likes to draw and at 5 years old is extremely good about recreating logos, cartoons, and objects. Why? Because I have encouraged him to spend time being creative with a chalkboard, paper and crayons and a Magnadoodle.

Craft kits can help focus your child in on creativity time. During this time they will build their problem solving skills. When they need something to look a certain way they erase and try again in a different way. They also build on their fine motor skills by needing to use their hands to craft.

Arts and Crafts Activities For Kids

While screen time is rarely a problem for us as L is pretty good about self regulating his screen time, it can be a concern for other parents. Arts and crafts activities are fun and challenging for kids and it holds their attention.

It’s important to offer plenty of opportunities of arts and crafts time for your kids. Below are some of the best crafting kits for kids to make sure they get that valuable time.

Melissa and Doug Tie Quilt Kit

A tie quilt kit is a great quiet time activity that allows them to create a just for them blanket. It’s also great at helping kids who like to fidget while on long road trips.

Owl Pillow

Just like the tie quilt above this pillow is pre-cut and ready to assemble. It’s a shorter activity that keeps little hands busy and hopefully gives you a quiet break.

Jewelry Making Kit

As a kid I loved creating jewelry, now the kits are a lot better and don’t require hunting down supplies. This is a great craft to get them into a hobby that can be life long.

Stained Glass Activity Set

Another blast from the past in a stained glass activity, except this time there is no painting mess. This kit involves stickers that will keep the mess to a minimum and keep your kid occupied while you get some peace and quiet.

Light Up Tracing Pad

I used to trace comic books so I could learn how to draw, this tracing pad makes that a lot easier with kid friendly images. You kid can learn to draw fun characters by tracing with a light behind the paper.

Charm Bracelets Kit

Charm bracelets are fun to create, require concentration, and improves fine motor skills. It’s a great crafting kit for kids interested in making jewelry.

Friendship Bracelet Kit

I used to make these all the time. It’s basically just creating knots and I remember doing it with tape on a table. It was a super relaxing hobby of mine through most of later elementary and middle school.

Fairy Light Play set

The fairy light play set is a great crafting idea. It’s a magical play set where you can blow on the mushroom house to turn the light on for their fairy and unicorn to play in their garden. It’s a cute play set to ignite your kids imagination.

Crystal Beaded Clip Ons

I had a skunk bead pet at one point and it was a lot of fun to create. This is a pretty great activity for kids to spend an hour or so to put together.

Clay Charms Kit

This is a great all in one kit that could spark a love of pottery for your kids. I loved making clay figurines in school I made a dish in the shape of a dog that I believe my mother still has.

Spirograph Kit

Remember these? I loved drawing with mine and it came in super handy with the multi pen color click pens we used to have too.

Personalized Tumbler Kit

These are another fun kit and allows your kid to decorate and create their own personalized tumbler. It may even help with your kid using one cup for the day instead of two, or five.

Decorate Your Own Water Bottle Kit

If you’ve got a earth conscious kid in your house having them create their own reusable water bottle can help them to identify it easier when out with friends. Stop germ spreading and give them something unique to create.

Pressed Flower Jewelery Kit

When I was a kid we didn’t have kits like this, we had to use those big encyclopedia collections that no one ever used in order to press our flowers. At least with this, your project won’t get accidentally put away in the bookshelf.

Sewing Projects Kids Love

If your kid has an interest in sewing this is a great book to have. The can create projects they love while learning how to safely use the equipment necessary for sewing.

DIY Journaling Set

If you have a journaler this is a great starter kit for creating a life time of success in journaling and planning. I personally love my bullet journal and I would have loved to have this kit when I was younger.

Make Your Own Soap Kit

While I imagine adult supervision is necessary for this kit it still seems like a fun kit to try. This is a great activity for your kid who wants to give their friends something fun. Plus making your own soap is a great skill and can turn into a fantastic future hobby or business for them too.

Comic Book Kit

As a kid I dreamed about improving my drawing skills and creating comic books or working at Marvel. To help encourage this dream, this kit can help your kids to improve their skills and they’ll spend hours quietly drawing away.

Rock Painting Kit

Almost every town has a rock painting group where you hide rocks and find them. When you find them you hide the rocks again in a new place. People take pictures and share where they found the rocks and that they were hidden again. This is a fun craft for kids and families.

Crafting Kits For Kids

If you are like me and not big on crafting from scratch these kits are a great way to test out different crafts with your kids. If your kid finds something they really like to do you can simply purchase more supplies and let your kid keep crafting.

Crafting helps kids build problem solving skills and their fine motor skills. Kids who have hobbies can use those hobbies as ice breakers to find friends that like the same hobbies.

What hobbies does your kid show interest in? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite kids activities boards.

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Best Crafting Kits For Kids - Toys and Activities To Keep Kids Busy - Crafting Kits For Kids Of All Ages


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