9 Super Fun Outdoor Toys For Kids

9 Super Fun Outdoor Toys For Kids - Outdoor Toys For Kids - Backyard and Driveway Toys For Kids

With Spring and Summer fast approaching I decided to take a look at some options for outdoor play. I want to make sure that we get as much backyard play in as we can this year. It help to boost our vitamin D and help to tire out my kiddo for easier bed times.

It’s probably the fact that both my son and I have cabin fever after this winter but it’s also that for the first time in a long while we have an outdoor space. It’s not much of a side yard but it’s fenced in and our kid can get in a good amount of play time there.

The area is pretty well shaded in the afternoon so we will get a little bit of play time in while the sun is still shining on our side yard but it won’t be too much sun. This will allow for an extended play time and plenty of time for me to read while he plays away with his toys.

Outdoor Play Time

Outside of helping to boost our vitamin D getting play time outside allows for my husband to be able to get some quiet time inside. It also pulls L away from any screen time or creating a bigger mess in our living room.

Getting outside is good for health reasons too and as staying healthy is something we are all looking to do I highly recommend getting your kids outside to play in their own yards. It will also distract from recent events for the time being making it all not seem so bad.

For you I recommend getting an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. You can read a ton of amazing books while your kids play in the yard. It’s a great way to get in some self care while your kid gets their own version of self care.

Best Outdoor Play Toys

These are some of the toys that I’m interested in getting for my son for some outdoor time this Spring and Summer. Most of them work best in a small yard or with a private driveway.


This is a great trampoline for the kids that just don’t want to sit still. My kid loves to climb and jump and this is a safer way to do that without all the noise inside the house.

Folding Hockey Set

This is a great set for kids interested in hockey. It can be played with in an empty basement or on a flat driveway.

Green Machine Vortex

This is a fun little toy that allows kids to ride around their neighborhoods. While I absolutely recommend it for older kids it’s probably useful in a big backyard too. Just don’t let your husband try it out, because you know he wants to.

Power Wheels Jeep

I loved zipping around my grandparents big backyard in my power wheels Jeep. I’m sure your kid will love it too. While our yard isn’t quite big enough for this eventually I’ll be getting my kid one anyways.

Little Tikes Toddler Slide

Slides are always a fun activity for kids. My son got his first slide at about 2 years old and he loved playing with it for years. This is a nice upgrade from the slide he had and it holds up to 50 lbs.

Little Tikes Jumpy House

If all else fails an inflatable jumpy house will keep your kid active and they will be super tired come bed time too. I love toys that keep my kid safely in site while also allowing him to be as rambunctious and active as he wants.

Backyard Pirate Ship

Say goodbye to those boring old sandboxes and hello to your kids very own pirate ship sandbox. This quality and fun backyard toy is perfect for a kid who likes to make believe.

You can easily slide the front of the boat to reveal a sandbox for your kid to play in and slide it back again to free up space in your yard.

Outdoor Tent

This outdoor tent provides a great spot for reading, writing, drawing, or any type of imaginative play. While it’s not a great tent for camping it’s perfect for little kids to play.

Outdoor Play Toys

Consider the hobbies, sports, and activities your child is naturally attracted to when deciding what outdoor activity to take part in. Simple sidewalk chalk could give your child plenty of outdoor activity and fun or you may need something as big as a jungle gym to keep them active.

Play toys help them to build their imagination and move their bodies in exciting ways. So I highly recommend you get them outside and active, especially if you are seeing cancellations of team sports and activities.

What types of outdoor activities would your kid like to do? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite kids activities boards.

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9 Super Fun Outdoor Toys For Kids - Outdoor Toys For Kids - Backyard and Driveway Toys For Kids


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