Lego Storage Solutions That Save Your Feet

How To Store Legos - Ideas For Lego Storage and Organization - Ideas and Organization Hacks For Legos

Have you ever stepped on a Lego? At some point in your parenting adventure you will step on a Lego and it will hurt like hell. While I can’t promise that storage solutions for your kids legos will prevent stepping on them, I can promise that you will have a better chance of them getting put away.

Legos are a favorite toy in our house – at least when we aren’t accidentally stepping on them. They offer quiet play time which is always a plus in a world filled with overstimulation. They are also great to teach speech through play with our speech delayed son.

The only thing that annoys me about Legos is they are all over my house all the time. I have them on my desk, on the floor in the living room, in couch cushions, and even sometimes found in our bed. When you don’t have a solid organization system for Legos they just end up everywhere.

For now we have the Duplo blocks which are bigger and easier to spot, but soon the switch to the smaller Legos will happen. I know that we need to make sure we get a solid organization plan in place now before we introduce them.

This Christmas I plan on getting our kid organized with his Legos. Because when we bring in the huge 5 gallon container filled with all of my husbands old Legos it’s going to be a mess if we don’t.

Lego Storage Organizer

For portability reasons I’ve looked into this 4-piece tote and play mat. As we plan to take a couple of trips out to Chicago next year we know we will need to bring our Legos.

This also means we can more easily pick up the legos and carry them back to his room when needed. While the big 5 gallon tote is awesome, it’s heavy with all the Lego’s inside of it.

With this bag we can give him a smaller amount of Legos to play with until he’s into the habit of picking them up after play. This is a win for me in teaching my son how to pick up his toys regularly.

Lego Storage Under Bed

When we first moved into this house our bedroom closet had shelving instead of a spot to hang our clothes. We also had our office in our bedroom and no dresser due to lack of space. So to help us stay organized we bought two under the bed totes for all of our folded clothes.

The clothes got put away my room stayed organized and I was a happy camper for a while. We eventually got the third bedroom organized and turned into an office for my husband. Then we turned the dining room into an office for me we brought our dresser back into our bedroom and had no need for the under the bed totes.

Until now. These totes are perfect for Legos and for keeping things out from under my son’s bed. So instead of digging out toys and stuffed animals from under his bed, the Legos can be neatly stored there.

Lego Storage Bins

For awhile I had planned to purchase multiple colors and sizes of these Lego storage blocks. They are incredibly cute and would look even cuter stacked up in a corner of his room to create a little Lego play area.

While this isn’t out of the question for us I do want to make sure that he actually cleans up his legos daily after use before giving him this option.

If your kid cleans up their Legos after playing with them. I would highly suggest making a Lego play station in their room with these.

Lego Storage Cabinet

I storage cabinet like this one is a great way to get the Legos off the floor and put away. It also provides a space on top for anything your kid built with their Legos that they don’t want to take apart.

If your child insists on playing with their legos in the living room – much like mine does – switch out the fabric totes for ones that will match your living room. Then you can stash away the Legos quickly when you need to.

Lego Storage Table

I love this Lego storage table as an option because you can simply flip the boards and have a working desk for your kid. They can draw or color or play with other toys at the table or flip the boards around and build a whole city with Legos.

With the Legos stored under the board and a table top for them to build on your kid is less likely to have Legos on the floor. This saves your feet and their little feet from the pain of stepping on a Lego.

Lego Storage Solutions

Legos have been a popular toy for decades and the best part is they don’t really change. Legos from 35 years ago work with Legos you buy in the store today. Even the pain of stepping on a Lego is still the same.

Using any of these storage options or a combination of them, depending on how many Legos you have, you can finally get the Legos off the floor and put away.

Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your kids’ toys and activities boards.

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How To Store Legos - Ideas For Lego Storage and Organization - Ideas and Organization Hacks For Legos


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