10 Best Rustic Entryway Ideas

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The entryway to your home is the first and last impression that people get when they visit. A well decorated entryway sets the tone for your entire home. Rustic entryways are homey and welcoming to your guests, which is why it’s a popular choice among decor options.

I have gathered ten of the best rustic entryways. These entryways are inviting and leave a great first impression on your guests.

Creating a rustic entryway is fairly easy as the style has gained loads of popularity in the last few years. Stores everywhere carry loads of different products geared towards rustic style.

10 Beautiful Rustic Entryways

As we go through the rustic entryways below I will be pointing out small elements that really complete the look of the space and pulls it all together.

Gallery Wall

Rustic Entryway - Gallery Wall

A well arranged gallery wall can really tie together an entryway and leave a lasting first impression. You can use framed pictures or typography on wood like in the picture above.

Make sure you are mixing your sizes and add in some greenery to break up your gallery wall and add a rustic touch. Greenery can be in the form of succulents in tin pots or even dried lavender hanging from a hook.

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Add A Shelf


Adding a few rustic pieces to a shelf placed near the ceiling helps to draw the eye up making a small entryway appear larger. It also allows you to add some finishing touches to your entryway without taking up valuable space near the floor.

Plenty of Softer Touches

Rustic Entryway - Softer Touches

Part of the appeal to rustic decor is the soft touches in the look. Lots of neutral colored soft fabrics calm the roughness of weathered woods and aluminum used often in rustic decor.

By adding pillows, blankets, and a wreath of flowers to your entryway you soften the rustic details. This makes the entryway feel inviting to your guests.

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DIY Your Entryway

Rustic Entryway - Do Some DIY

If you have a small or weird shaped entryway you might need to do some DIY work. In the picture above the coat rack was a DIY project and it’s the perfect compliment to the space.

By leaving the coat rack mostly white they are able to create this illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Likewise making the shelf a charcoal color helps to add height to the room.

Use A Step Stool Instead Of A Bench

Rustic Entryway - Use a Step Stool

If you are short on space for your entryway just skip the seating and opt for a rustic looking step stool instead. This saves valuable floor space while providing a functional piece to place your purse so you can put on your shoes and coat.

I love the copper pan on the floor to hold shoes. This helps to keep your floors cleaner and keep water, dirt, and mud from ending up all over your home.

Use A Mirrored Window Frame


Window frames are used a lot in rustic decor entryways. Use a mirror in your window frame to make the room look bigger.

If you are using a lot of neutral coloring – like in the picture above – add a splash of color by painting the frame. The blue paired with the white washed lamps and the greenery makes for a perfect rustic entryway

Use A Paned Door

Rustic Entryway - Use a Paned Door

If you have a small entryway this is the perfect way to decorate it. Simply lean a glass paned door against the wall and add a small bench or step stool in front of it.

This is such a simple yet beautiful way to decorate a small entryway. This would work extremely well for an apartment entryway as well.

Find The Perfect Bench

Rustic Entryway - Find the Perfect Bench

When you find a bench match other pieces in your entryway to that bench. As in the picture above the pale blue was used in the coat rack and the pillow as well.

Using a uniform color on rustic style pieces makes for a complete look in your entryway. It also means you don’t need as much to decorate it.

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Decorate With Your Staircase


If your entryway has a staircase decorate with your staircase by moving up with the stairs. This makes for a visually appealing look in your entryway.

By keeping everything an off white it makes the room look bigger. The antique look is used throughout each piece and tying it all together nicely.

Use Unique Items


Make your rustic entryway unique by being on the lookout for possible antiques. You can find these anywhere from local shops, ebay, and garage sales. Finding unique pieces is one way to create a unique entryway.

More than just finding the unique items use those items in a way that is unexpected. Crates on walls as shelving is a great way to create a unique and inviting rustic entryway.

Rustic Entryway

Creating a welcoming rustic entryway that leaves a great first and lasting impression on your guests isn’t hard but it does take an eye for the decor. You need to have an eye to find the right unique items, use the right colors, and figure out the perfect way to place your items.

Don’t worry about getting too perfect with your rustic entryway though. It’s the imperfections that make a rustic entryway look completely perfect. It’s the perfect type of decor to show off blemishes with.

Which rustic entryway is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and make sure to pin this to your home decor boards.

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  1. Love this post, so inspirational and strangely interesting! I find Rustic decor so beautiful when it is done right, and this is no exception for with entryways! Really like the Rustic white bench and storage, they go so perfectly together with the surroundings (would love to see the rest of the house). Regards

  2. Love all your ideas. I have a very small entry, but I think I can use some of your ides. I need to find a small bench with room underneath for at least one basket.

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