The Best Pregnancy Tips For An Easier Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Survival Guide and Things To Do - Super Helpful Pregnancy Tips For An Easier Pregnancy - Pregnancy Tips and Tricks for New Moms

Second trimester for me was the best part of pregnancy and when I look back on my pregnancy as a whole that’s the part I really remember. However, there were a few things during my pregnancy that were really uncomfortable. Here are some of my best pregnancy tips for an easier pregnancy that will help you when pregnancy isn’t all glow and wonderful.

A lot of things happen to your body during your pregnancy. I have found some amazing pregnancy tips to the 5 most common pregnancy problems so you can have an easy pregnancy. Pregnancy changes your body and can make your everyday life extremely uncomfortable. Add the extra hormones and suddenly your normally calm collected self is feeling out of control.

Pregnancy is not easy. Growing a baby in a space where all your organs live can be taxing on the body. While you grow your baby you should be as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable you are the happier you are. If mama is happy, everyone is happy.

Always check with your doctor before trying anything new. What worked well for me may not be the best for you, only you and your doctor know your specific body and pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips For An Easy Pregnancy

Nausea During Pregnancy

Out of all the pregnancy tips women look for the one to cure nausea during pregnancy is the most common. They call it morning sickness but if we are being honest it usually lasts all day. The only good news about morning sickness is you usually only deal with it through the first trimester.

There are quite a few helpful pregnancy tips to stopping nausea in your pregnancy. The most helpful for me was keeping saltines nearby at all times. Anytime a wave of nausea struck I would slowly nibble on some saltines. I don’t think it’s the saltines that actually help but the production and swallowing of saliva that does.

As soon as you wake up eat a couple of saltines to get something in your tummy quickly. Getting something in your stomach immediately upon waking helps to keep nausea at bay from the start of the day.

Keeping 7-up around will help with nausea during pregnancy too. It’s caffeine free and safe to drink during pregnancy, if you are at risk for gestational diabetes make sure it’s diet 7-up. If 7-Up isn’t your thing any clear caffeine free soda will work to help settle your stomach.

Finally, make it a point to drink this Morning Wellness Tea from Earth Mama Organics daily. This will help with your nausea throughout your day. Tea is one thing that really helped throughout my pregnancy so you will see me recommend different kinds throughout this post.

Sleeping While Pregnant

From the moment that you start showing sleeping while pregnant will get harder. You will probably hoard every single pillow in the house around you in order to get comfortable. Of course this will force your husband to sleeping on the sofa or lazy boy. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

I highly recommend getting a great body pillow that wraps around you. The body pillow will help you support your belly, spine, and neck so that you can sleep more comfortably. The body pillow is a pregnancy comfort life saver. Plus, your husband will be able to keep his pillows too.

The best sleeping position in pregnancy is usually on your side. If you are a belly sleeper like me this change may lead to less sleep, however, the body pillow really helped me get a great nights sleep throughout my pregnancy. I kinda wish I were pregnant again because my husband won’t allow it now that I’m not, he’s likes to cuddle.

I also recommend drinking this Stress Less Tea. It will help to calm nerves so you can sleep easier through the night.

Pregnancy Heartburn Control

I had the worst heartburn during pregnancy. The old wives tale says that when you have heartburn during pregnancy it’s because your baby has a full head of hair. I cannot say that’s not true because my son came out with a full head of hair.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can take to control heartburn while pregnant. The medicine you can take doesn’t really help either. There are a few pregnancy tips that drastically reduced the frequency of heartburn I experienced though.

First eat smaller amounts throughout the day. And eat water rich foods like watermelon and fruits. Stay away from citrus and make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. I recommend getting a big water cup with a straw to make sure you are drinking plenty of water every day, this will also come in handy after you give birth.

Posture can go a long way to helping with heartburn. Do not slouch or lean back. Sitting up straight on a yoga/pregnancy ball can help a lot. Additionally the pregnancy ball helps make childbirth easier by opening up your pelvic muscles and strengthening them.

This heartburn tea will also help, drink it daily in order to ward off pregnancy heartburn throughout the day. These little things go a long way to reducing the frequency of heartburn especially during the second trimester.

Foot Swelling

A little bit of swelling is normal, a lot of swelling is not. Make sure you tell your doctor about any swelling at your regular appointments. Swelling can be a sign of a more serious condition so it’s important that your doctor knows what’s going on.

For normal swelling there are a few things you can do. Try using this foot pillow in order to elevate your feet and reduce swelling. You can also try these compression socks in order to keep swelling down too.

Try to lower your sodium intake as well in order to keep swelling down. Stay off your feet when they are swelling.

Finally, try to stay in cool environments. Hot weather can bring on more swelling so it’s important to try to stay cool, I know it can be difficult during those unbearably hot summers while pregnant. Just so you know, the summer that you are pregnant will be the hottest summer on record no matter what the history books say.

Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is a pain in the ass and there are a few things that can be attributed to the onset of diabetes during your pregnancy. If you are overweight, have a later in life pregnancy, have a history of diabetes in your family, or have had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy you are at risk.

Some people can keep diabetes under control with diet and light exercise. Sometimes it’s more severe and this means controlling diabetes with insulin in pill or shot form.

For me, none of this was scary because my mother has juvenile diabetes. I was around it most of my life, went to doctor appointments, nutritionist appointments, and learned everything I could. I was never obligated to but I had a natural desire to understand it.

If you are looking to keep your pregnancy as healthy as possible make sure you are eating right. This means eating plenty of vegetables, watching your bread and pasta intake, and making sure you do plenty of light exercises. Walk around the block daily in order to help keep your blood sugars normal.

If diagnosed check your sugars regularly, walk regularly, and eat according to the nutritionist guidelines. Chances are high that if you follow the nutritionists and your doctors advice you will not need to take any medicine.

How I Had An Easier Birth

At 37 weeks pregnant my doctor gave me the you don’t have to worry speech. The speech of you can go into labor at any time so don’t worry if you do before the 40 week mark. At 38 weeks I was so uncomfortable with braxton hicks, my hips hurting, and lower back pain.

Lucky for me I didn’t suffer for long, my son was born just a couple days later. I slept through labor after getting an epidural and woke up because I felt pressure. That pressure was because I was crowning. I pushed for half an hour and only had a total of 12 hours of labor at the hospital.

I had a relatively easy labor and delivery and I give a lot of credit to drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea throughout that last week. It is said that it helps to make the vaginal walls more elastic, meaning less tearing and easier pushing.

This tea is also rumored to help bring on labor so while I can’t say for sure if it does you will not want to drink it till after you get the ok for labor from your doctor. This way if it does actually help with bringing on labor you aren’t going into preterm labor on accident.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is uncomfortable and the hormones run wild during this time. Take things slow and easy, understand your limitations, but keep rocking it girl. You are now in a whole group of proud and capable women who rock life while also growing a human.

Which of the pregnancy tips help you the most? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your pregnancy boards.

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Healthy Pregnancy Survival Guide and Things To Do - Super Helpful Pregnancy Tips For An Easier Pregnancy - Pregnancy Tips and Tricks for New Moms


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