5 Trendy Diaper Bags For Active Moms


Diaper bag shopping was the worst part of baby product shopping for me. Every bag I looked at was unfashionable and too large for just one kid. Reflecting on this experience I decided to put together a list of the most functional trendy diaper bags so you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle I went through.

Finding the right diaper bag for your specific lifestyle needs can be a bit of a pain. There are loads of different styles, options, and colors to choose from. I want to make that a little easier on you by giving you a few tips on picking out an affordable trendy diaper bag for your needs.

My husband and I don’t travel or go out for long periods of time. It’s because of this that we opted for a small tote that hold just enough diapers and wipes for a day, a change of clothes, and two drinks.

If you and your husband like going out for full days often you may need something bigger that holds necessities and maybe a few toys or a blanket. Picking the right diaper bag is crucial to making your life easier post baby.

Determine What You Need

If you are an introverted couple and don’t plan on doing a lot of activities you are not going to need a large diaper bag. A small bag that carries the bare essentials for a trip to the grocery store will be all the is necessary.

If you enjoy hiking and venturing outdoors for a full day you will want to opt for a backpack style diaper bag. They hold enough for everything you need but are easy to carry.

For the out and about mom’s that like catching a morning coffee at a local cafe with friends a messenger style bag may work best. You can store enough toys to entertain your child, plus diapers, changes of clothes, and enough bottles that your little one will be fuss free through coffee time.

Fashionable Diaper Bags

Years ago it didn’t matter if a diaper bag was stylish. They used to have little pink or blue characters on them and very fitting for babies.

I’m relieved that we got smarter and started making trendy diaper bags that could actually coordinate with our outfits. Most of them don’t even look like diaper bags anymore. They could double as totes that carry laptops or papers.

They even come in better colors choices. Trendy happy colors, plain black, and greys. Modern patterns are popular too. You will be sure to find a style that matches you and your normal everyday attire just fine.

Diaper Bag Essentials

There are a few things you should have extra of stocked in your diaper bag. Besides the obvious diapers and wipes there are items that come in handy in cases of emergency.

Pack an extra set of clothes. You never know when an explosive poop or projectile vomit case will take place. That extra set of clothing will really come in handy.

An extra blanket is always useful especially if it’s getting colder outside. An extra burping cloth is good to have too.

Finally, make sure you pack a book, a favorite toy, teething ring, and possibly a pacifier. As your kid gets older you can switch out the toys for a tablet to keep them entertained.

Trendy Diaper Bags

Here are some top favorites of trendy diaper bag choices. You will find one or two that match your style and lifestyle.

HaloVa Diaper Bag

This diaper bag comes in several different color options. It has a front pocket that holds three bottles in insulated holders. The side pocket holds tissues and is an extra bottle or cup holder. On the back you can open up to grab extra formula or diapers and it has a small pocket to hold keys or phone.

The inside opens wide and has several extra pockets to keep all your necessities organized. You can store a lot of different items in the main pocket. This is the best backpack diaper bag that is small enough for running errands but large enough you can stay out all day.

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

While extremely similar to the previous diaper bag this bag is larger. While it has a few of the same features like the insulated bottle holders and smaller pockets for easy key and phone storage. This bag is taller and fits a bit more.

This is a great size bag for the active parents with multiple kids to entertain. You can pack food, bottles, clothing, and all the necessities easily in this bag.

Diaper Bag for Baby by Zohzo

This messenger style bag is extremely useful. The style is great for the modern mommy with black stripes and leather handles. It comes with stroller and shoulder straps as well a matching diaper changing pad.

This bag has 11 pockets total. One of the pockets is my personal favorite and must have pocket. Slide your wipes package into this pocket and you can easily grab wipes and close the package without rummaging around inside the bag.

Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

This bag is smaller than the others making it perfect for errand running. Don’t let it’s small size scare you this bag is extremely organized. There are 11 pockets for everything from bottles to personal items.

It’s a great color so it will work well with mom or dad and it has a matching diaper changing pad. The stroller straps make this a fantastic bag for outdoor activities. It also comes with an insulated bottle pouch so you can be on the go more.

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

This bag is bigger than all the rest but fantastic for mom’s with more than one kid. With 7 pockets and a large interior compartment this bag holds everything you can possibly need. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and stroller straps.

It has a matching changing pad and is large enough to carry toys, extra clothing, bottles, and all the diapers you need for your excursions. It’s stylish enough to go with any outfit and the neutral colors won’t clash.

Final Thoughts

Remember when you are picking your trendy diaper bag think about the things you will be doing once your baby is born. If you are planning lots of time out or have more than one kid you will want a larger diaper bag to carry all the necessities.

Finally, try combining your purse with your diaper bag it usually works out better and you have less to carry on your shoulder. If you are going to do this make sure there are smaller extra pockets so you can easily find the most important objects.

Which diaper bag are you going with? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your parenting boards.

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    1. I hope your cousin enjoys their new diaper bag. I think it all depends on the mom. As far as the best gifts to give, stick the the long term usefulness. Children grow quickly so gifts that grow as the child grows or can be used for a long period of time are best.

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