My Most Anticipated Upcoming Book Releases 2022 – 2nd half

Upcoming Book Releases 2022 - Book Recommendations for Second Half of 2022 - Most Anticipated Book Releases in Romance Genre

My list of upcoming book releases that I can’t wait to read is ever growing at this point but these 7 books are the ones I am most excited about. 

I’m sure within a couple of months this list will grow again as I’m always adding new and upcoming books to my TBR. I have a mixture of dark romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy romance in this selection.

As I go through each of the books I will give my ratings on the series so far and if books are stand-alone or if they should be read with the series.

Give Me More by Sara Cate – June 16th

Give Me More is the third book of the Salacious Players Club series. These books explore kinks and taboos with fun stories and characters you will fall in love with. The first two books both got five stars from me. Praise follows Emerson, Eyes On Me follows Garrett, Give Me More will follow Drake and I’m excited for it.

Sara Cate absolutely owns me at this point and I’m loving all of her books so far. I have a lot of them on my current TBR and I’m slowly catching up.

Give Me More Book Cover

Garden of Serpents by C.N. Crawford – June 17th

I loved the first book, the second book wasn’t as good, but I generally love this author so I’m excited for Garden of Serpents, the third book in The Demon Queen Trials. The Demon Queen Trials is a low fantasy book with a sexy incubus and a fight to become the Demon King or Queen. I love the characters in this book, CN Crawford is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

Garden of Serpents book cover

Glow by Raven Kennedy – June 18th

Raven Kennedy has been hinting lately at this book and if you were emotionally damaged from the third book, Gleam, then Glow, the fourth book in the Plated Prisoner series will probably do even more damage. I personally love this series, it took a little bit for me to get into it but the twists in this series are fantastic. Raven Kennedy does a fantastic job about keeping you on your toes.

Glow book cover

The Do-Over by T.L. Swan – August 30th

I have read every book in the Miles High Club series and I have loved all three miles brothers so far. I have every reason to believe that The Do-Over, the final book in the series, will be just as good. These are billionaire romance books and each story is unique while allowing us to see characters from the previous book again. I cannot wait to read about the final brother.

The Do-Over Book Cover

Their Vicious Darling by Nikki St. Crowe –  September 1st

I love some dark romance and this series is dark, kinky, and a reverse harem. When I read the first book I didn’t like it at first, but I sat with it awhile and it started to grow on me. The second book was fantastic and I just can’t wait for Their Vicious Darling. This is not some epic fantasy retelling of Peter Pan, these are fun short books that you can read the series over a weekend. It’s a fun series but make sure you check trigger warnings because there are a lot of graphic scenes in this series. This series is not for everyone, proceed with caution.

Their Vicious Darling Book Cover

A Light in the Flame by Jennifer L Armentrout – November 15th

We already know that Jennifer L. Armentrout owns me. A Light in the Flame comes out this fall and I am so excited. I absolutely love the Blood and Ash series and the Flesh and Fire series takes place before the Blood and Ash series. I love the characters, the story, everything about this series. I highly recommend reading the first book in this series as well as every book in the Blood and Ash series.

A Light in the Flame book cover

Zodiac Academy 8 by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti – December 11th

I evidently love receiving emotional damage from the twisted sisters Caroline and Susanne. They are going to absolutely destroy me once again with this series and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it. My only recommendation with this series is try to read it slowly instead of binging it all at once. I binged this series over 8 or 9 days and it caused a book burnout in me and so much emotional damage I’m still overly cautious going into their books. 

Of course, I am still really looking forward to the release of Zodiac Academy 8 and I know that they will once again ruin me somehow. I just hope that I can recover from it. 

Zodiac Academy 8 Book Cover

Upcoming Book Releases

I’m sure as I keep finding new series to get into I may possibly add more upcoming releases to this list. Right now these are my most anticipated and I can’t wait to dive into them and hopefully recover from whatever emotional trauma these authors are going to throw at me.

What upcoming releases are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Upcoming Book Releases 2022 - Book Recommendations for Second Half of 2022 - Most Anticipated Book Releases in Romance Genre

Most Anticipated Book Releases in Romance Genre - Upcoming Book Releases 2022 - Book Recommendations for Second Half of 2022

Book Recommendations for Second Half of 2022 - Most Anticipated Book Releases in Romance Genre - Upcoming Book Releases 2022


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