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There is a lot of discourse around why choose dark romance but I happen to be a big fan of the genre. Dark Romance is exactly what it says it is, dark. There are often situations that are triggering, violent, and covers topics of rape or taboo relationships. If this is not your cup of tea, by all means please skip this post. Your mental health matters and there are too many books on your TBR for you to waste your time on something you won’t like.

That being said, if you love dark romance like I do, then this post is based around Why Choose dark romances that you are sure to love. For any of the books listed in the post I encourage everyone to check the trigger warnings before reading. 

13 Why Choose Dark Romance Book Recommendations

At the time of posting all of these books are available for free with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

Royals of Forsyth U by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue

These books are extremely dark with non-con and dub-con situations and graphic violence.

The Royals of Forsyth U series is based around a fraternity system at Forsyth University. Each fraternity picks a woman to live in their house and follow the laws they set for her. If you are looking for a series that has strong FMC’s who go through traumatic events but find their strength and make the men into simpering fools for her. This is a great series for that.

Lords of Pain

Reaped Series by C.A. Rene and R.E. Bond

Again, these books are extremely dark. There are topics such as human trafficking and graphic violence along with graphic sexual scenes that include knife play and BDSM. 

Selene grew up extremely poor with a horrible mother. Her sister was stolen and sold into human trafficking and Selene will do anything to find her. She is a vigilante out to kill the men who rape and sell women. That is until four men come across her path and they’ll do anything to keep her.

The Reaper Incarnate

Stolen Trophy by K.A. Knight and Kendra Moreno

While not as dark as the last two there are graphic sex scenes and kidnapping with Stockholm syndrome type responses.

In Stolen Trophy, Genevieve lives a privileged life after climbing her way to the top. That is until she walks in on four men who are trying to rob her apartment. They take her with them and hold her captive in an old house. During this time she has to try to find their weaknesses and escape. A robin hood-esque tale of one woman who falls for her three captors. 

Stolen Trophy

Blood Ties Series by A.K. Rose

This series is not fully finished as the first three books follow one set of people and the next three will follow another. There is bullying and dub con in these books, along with graphic violence.

Elle just lost her father and her home, seeking refuge with her mother in another man’s house. The problem? His three sons are out to make her life hell. She just has to get through these few months. That is until their parents announce that they are getting married. The stories they are being told do not make sense and there is something nefarious happening around them. Now she’ll need to turn to the three men she hates in hopes they can protect her.


Filthy Wicked Psychos by Eva Ashwood

This series has sexually explicit scenes, violence, and betrayal that freaking hurts. 

Willow was in the wrong place at the wrong time hoping to land enough money to stay in school. She has been used, abused, and bullied for most of her life and is just trying to survive. So when three men burst in on her and kill the man she was with in front of her, she now is worried about staying alive herself. The Voronin brothers aren’t about to let a witness go.

Twisted Game

Hell House by Dakota Wilde

A paranormal new age romance with bullying, demons, witches, and graphic sexual scenes and violence.

Salem and Skye are freshmen and Kildale Academy where something strange is happening. First, a fire destroys their dorm room and the girls are forced to live in the elite fraternity house known as Hell House with seven men. Seven men who seem to be trying to make their lives a living hell. But something else is happening at this school and the men are at the center of it all. 

Hell House

Saint View Psychos by Elle Thorpe

MMFM, with graphic sexual scenes, violence and a corrupt town.

When her brother dies, Bliss finds out she’s now the own of a bar in the bad part of town known as Saint View. To make matters worse her cheating fiance won’t let her go, and her father’s money is running out. Bliss wants to find out who killed her brother and may need the help of a co-worker, her brother’s best friend, and the leader of the local motorcycle club’s help. 

Start a War

Deadly Seven Series by Cassie Hargrove

Non-con and Dub-con, sexually explicit scenes, and graphic violence are all potential triggers for this series. Additionally, there is a pregnancy trope.

Haliee is in the witness protection program, so when she moves to a small town with her father she’s hoping this is their final stop. She just enrolled in the local university and the local police department has put one of their officers on her. But he and his six roommates are becoming obsessed with the new girl and it’s not making her life any easier. With danger on the horizon she’ll need to trust that the seven men who actually run this small town can keep her safe from the past that haunts her.


Four Horseman Series by Sarah Bailey

Non-con, dub-con, graphic violence, and sexually explicit scenes with BDSM and blood play.

Scarlett doesn’t remember her childhood after an accident took her memory. So when her father pushes her to take a job with the four men who rule the city she must find a way to tear them down. She doesn’t remember the four men, but they remember her, and they’ll do just about anything to keep her.


The Harlequin Crew byThe Reape Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Graphic violence and graphic sex.

Rogue was forced out of town ten years ago, leaving behind her four best friends. But after digging herself out of a shallow grave she finds herself in the one place she was never supposed to return. She’s a dead girl anyways, so maybe she could get a little revenge on the men that broke her heart and forced her out. 

Sinners Playground

Dead Men Walking by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Graphic violence, graphic sex, and human trafficking all during a global pandemic.

Brooke is kidnapped and put into a hellish situation, but that’s not unusual for her life. She’s lived through countless hellish situations and always seems to find a way out. That is until she’s bought and kept captive in some crazy Irishman’s basement next to a man who’s trapped in a cage. Now she has to find a way to escape with her new BFF, the man in the cage. That is until she is given an offer she can’t refuse.

The Death Club

Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

Dub-con, Stockholm syndrome, graphic violence, graphic sex with knife play.

Roxy is living her life and running her bar, until four men come in and tell her she’s now their property. That’s right, her estranged father sold her to the Vipers and these men control the entire city. She needs to find a way to get away from them and get back to her life, too bad the men aren’t letting her go.

Den of Vipers

Forget Me Not Bombshell by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Sexually explicit scenes and violence.

Anya, the Russian Mafia princess, has been given to the Butchers of London as a bride. Without her brothers, her belongings, and in a country she doesn’t know, she refuses to become their plaything. She’ll do anything to escape. Too bad the men, Danny, Church, and Frank, refuse to let her go.

Forget Me Not Bombshell

Why Choose Dark Romance

All of these books are heavy in sexually explicit scenes and cover extremely dark topics at times. If you are new to the genre, I highly recommend starting with Forget-Me-Not Bombshell. It’s the lightest of them all and a good introduction to the types of things you might find in this genre.

As another reminder, make sure you check those trigger warnings before reading. Your mental health matters. If dark romance isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Read what you want and what you like.

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Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Why Choose Book Recommendations - Book Recs for Why Choose Romance
Book Recs for Why Choose Romance - Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Why Choose Book Recommendations
Why Choose Book Recommendations - Book Recs for Why Choose Romance - Dark Romance Book Recommendations

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