13 Super Fun Backyard Activities For Kids

Backyard Activities Your Kids Will Love - Backyard Summer Activities - Outdoor Activities for Kids

I know winter seems to be going on forever for most of the central and eastern United States, but it’s bound to end at some point. Soon the kids will be out of school for the summer and we will be racking our brains trying to find them something to do. These backyard activities for kids will make this summer break memorable.

I am such a summer person and actually plan on spending loads of time outside this summer. I have a beautiful deck and a perfect little side yard that I plan on setting up some outdoor activities with my toddler.

Remember to invest in lots of waterproof and sweatproof sunscreen for your kids to protect their fragile skin from the sun.

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Save Some Tin Cans

Backyard Activities For Kids - Save Some Tin Cans

I love these budget friendly and diy tin can ideas. Not only can you spend time with your kids creating the tin can activities but then they can have loads of fun with them.

DIY Backyard Game Ker-Plunk

Backyard Activities For Kids - Ker-Plunk

Your kids will have loads of fun with this game. Who will cause all the balls to ker-plunk? Have your kids paint the wood platform with designs and their own art for two days worth of backyard fun.

Pool Noodle Backyard Activities

Backyard Activities For Kids - Pool Noodle

Even if you don’t have a pool you can use these cheap pool noodles to create some pretty awesome backyard games. Your kids will love helping to set them up. Set up a complete obstacle course for them to run through several times and they are bound to sleep well that night.

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DIY Bean Bag Toss

Backyard Activities For Kids - Bean Bag Toss

If you are from Chicago you might remember Bozo the Clown who aired on WGN. The Bozo Show had a grand prize game where you would toss ping pong balls into buckets in order to win a prize. This DIY game is a lot like that.

Use Glow Sticks At Night

Backyard Activities For Kids - Glow In the Dark

Create a glow in the dark ring toss game or hopscotch. Get creative and use glow in the dark paint to create even more backyard games that your kid is sure to enjoy.

Squirt Gun Water Races

Backyard Activities For Kids - Squirt Gun Water Races

No summer is complete without a good old fashioned water gun fight. Make it productive by using those super soakers to push a plastic cup along a string. Your kids will play it over and over again.

Parachute Games

Backyard Activities For Kids - Parachute Games

Parachute games are always a child favorite. Your kids can create a fort with it, wave it around, and bounce balls with it. The parachute is a great activity that will keep your kids entertained for house.

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Create a Water Blob

Backyard Activities For Kids - Water Blob

This is one that I am looking forward to trying. The water blob is a fun way to use water without actually getting wet.

Create a Sand And Water Table

Backyard Activities For Kids - Sand and Water Table

A sand and water table is a fantastic activity for all kids. They can get dirty and play to their hearts content while you sip on some coffee and enjoy the warm weather with a book. This is a great activity when you want to be hands off for a little while.

Create a DIY Sprinkler

Backyard Activities For Kids - Sprinkler Fun

This is a handy little DIY to have knowledge on just in case your sprinkler breaks and you need a quick sprinkler fix. Any sturdy bottle will do. Drill holes all around it and hang the hose from a branch to create a shower sprinkler your kids will love running through.

Plastic Cup Games

Backyard Activities For Kids - Plastic Cup Games

It just so happens that we have an abundance of plastic cups. I am looking forward to using them up while creating some of these games this summer.

Cornhole Game

Backyard Activities For Kids - DIY Cornhole

Everyone loves cornhole your kids will love it too. This easy DIY cornhole set can be made out of pallets. Check with where you work or where friends or family work and you might even get your pallets for free.

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Backyard Activities For Kids - Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Grab the laundry baskets and a cardboard box and set up a skee ball station for your kids. This will provide entertainment for at least half a day. Though I see a huge potential for even competitive adults getting into easy DIY game.

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Final Thoughts

I love coming up with new activities to do outdoors. The best part is coming in at the end of the day and relaxing as your kids drift off into heavy sleep. Chances are you will too. So grab your glass of iced tea and start enjoying some much needed outdoor time.

Which activity looks like the most fun for you and your kids? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Parenting and Kids boards.

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Backyard Activities Your Kids Will Love - Backyard Summer Activities - Outdoor Activities for Kids


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