Kings of Quarantine Series Review

Kings of Quarantine Series Review - Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti - Dark Romance Reverse Harem Book Recommendation

In this post I would like to do a Kings of Quarantine series review. The actual name of the series is Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep and it’s by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, the twisted sisters.

Once again I am doing what I don’t like to do but I can’t resist the pull of the Twisted Sisters. I do not like bully romance books. I do not typically like Prep School, College, or Highschool based books. Here I am reading a bully romance based at a prep school because the Twisted Sister put their names on it. 

I think these are the only authors I read who I literally will cuss out because they hurt me but then ask for more because I need it. They put crack in their books, I am positive of it. 

Right off the bat, this is a dark romance reverse harem so if that’s not your thing you probably don’t want to read this. Not everyone is like me and will read a genre they hate because they love to hate and love the authors. Again, I am asking myself what’s wrong with me, and that is a road I don’t need to go down.

Trigger Warnings

Since we don’t always get trigger warnings on books I like to give trigger warnings in my reviews. This can help people avoid certain triggers that could hurt their mental well being.

Possible Triggers in this book are:

  • Alcohol
  • Assault 
  • Attempted Murder
  • Blood
  • Bullying
  • Car Accident
  • Death
  • Depression
  • Fire
  • Gun Violence
  • Hospitalization
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Pandemic/Plague
  • Profanity
  • Sexually Explicit Scenes
  • Slut Shaming
  • Stalking
  • Torture
  • Violence

For a list of the triggers I look for you can check out this link here. This may or may not be a complete list of triggers for this book, I do my best to make sure I mark anything that could be a potential trigger but I may accidentally miss triggers.

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep Reading Order

This series needs to be read in order. If you do not have Kindle Unlimited I recommend having all four books before starting the series. The Twisted Sisters often leave you with cliffhangers.

The reading order for Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep is:

  1. Kings of Quarantine
  2. Kings of Lockdown
  3. Kings of Anarchy
  4. Queen of Quarantine
Kings of Quarantine book cover
Kings of Lockdown book cover
Kings of Anarchy book cover
Queen of Quarantine book cover

Kings of Quarantine Series Review

Tatum has just arrived at Everlake Prep where her father has left her for the year. With a growing pandemic in the year it’s one of the safest places she can be, or so she thinks. When word gets out that it was her father who released the Hades Virus on the world, Tatum becomes the most hated person at her school.

Three brutal boys are about to make her life hell. Somehow she needs to survive them, her classmates, and find a way to prove her father’s innocence. 

Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti give us a bully romance reverse harem series that is filled with action, laughter, steamy scenes, and will make you feel a wide range of emotions. The Twisted Sisters are some of the best at ripping out the hearts of their readers. 

I love the characters in this series and while I typically don’t like bully romances or highschool/prep school based books, this one was really good. 

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep Characters

The main characters in the Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep series as well as some of the supporting characters were amazing. Tatum is a strong and sarcastic woman who can not only take down others around her, but when she gets knocked down she keeps getting right back up again. 

Blake I had some serious issues with but I truly believe he redeems himself and really is a fun character. Monroe’s character growth in this series is fantastic. Kyan is beautifully brutal, fun, and has just the right amount of homicidal maniac. Now Saint, he had the biggest growth through the series and I’m fairly positive he’s just misunderstood. By the end of the series though you see just how beautiful, caring, and wonderful Saint really is.

Mia and Danny are fun. The unspeakables… I don’t want to spoil anything but that revelation was something I was not anticipating and where the views of everything that happened change. The enemies in this series are well done and you will clearly hate them.

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep Reading Experience

It took me about 5 days to get through all four books, which is pretty standard timing for any series by the Twisted Sisters. I have a tendency to binge on their books. I only have one more series set in this universe to read and I plan on reading it after a short break and a few fun reads.

  • Kings of Quarantine is 556 pages.
  • Kings of Lockdown is 694 pages.
  • Kings of Anarchy is 649 pages.
  • Queen of Quarantine is 692 pages.

These are thick books, which we know how I love my thick books, so I was fairly happy that they all took about 10 to 11 hours to read a piece. However, it did mean that I was pretty much doing nothing but reading and sleeping for the 5 days. For people who don’t have that you can expect that these books will probably take a week and a half to finish.

I laughed a lot with these books and I love books that can have me laughing like that. I cried some not as much as Zodiac Academy or Ruthless Boys, but there were still some tears. Finally, I really enjoyed the story with this series. There were good twists and unpredictable parts of the story.

Star Rating

Before I rate this book I want to give you a bit of background about what my rankings mean. I typically read books that I check out through the Libby app with my local library or through Kindle Unlimited. 

I rarely buy ebooks unless they are cheaply priced or on sale. I also very rarely buy physical copies of books. I’m a bit of a minimalist so I have to absolutely adore a book to buy a physical copy that will be proudly displayed in my home.

So my ranking system is as follows:

  • 5 Stars equals I am buying a physical copy of this book. I will read this book at least 10 more times, it is the best ever.
  • 4 stars equals a great book. I might buy an ebook version when it’s on sale so that I can re-read it at least one more time.
  • 3 stars equals a good book. I likely won’t read again but I appreciate the story.
  • 2 stars equals “Meh.” I will not read this book again, it had a lot of problems and I did not care for it.
  • 1 star equals a bad book. I barely finished this book and I will never recommend anyone waste valuable book reading time on this book.
  • 0 stars is a did not finish book. I will never finish that book and it is banished.

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep series gets 5 stars, 4 peppers, and 3 tissues. The story was great, the characters were fantastic, the world was spectacular. This series will absolutely appear on my shelves at some point.

Final Thoughts on the Kings of Quarantine Series

I’m not a big fan of the prep school / high school settings for books but I made an exception for these authors. I personally loved this series but it has more to do with the authors that wrote it than the setting. The characters are fantastic, the story is great, the plot had plenty of twists you never see coming, and the world that’s being written is fantastic.

If you are going to read books in this universe I highly recommend that you give this one a try because while each of the three series in this world can be read on their own they are connected.

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Have you read the Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep series? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on TikTok and Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Kings of Quarantine Series Review - Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti - Dark Romance Reverse Harem Book Recommendation

Dark Romance Reverse Harem Book Recommendation - Kings of Quarantine Series Review - Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti - Dark Romance Reverse Harem Book Recommendation - Kings of Quarantine Series Review


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