Monsters and Muses Series Review

Monsters and Muses Series Review - Monsters and Muses Series by Sav R. Miller - Dark Romance Book Recommendations

In this post I am going to do a Monsters and Muses series review. This series is written by Sav. R. Miller and are standalone books in an interconnected story. This is one of the few series where I fully believe you can read the books in whatever order. 

As usual though I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum but there may still be a few small spoilers in this review. Proceed with caution.

Monsters and Muses is a dark romance series with mafia and rockstar ties. The one thing they have in common is they are loosely based around mythology.  These books all have explicit sex scenes as well as content that may not be suitable for all people. Please check individual trigger warnings for all the books before reading.

I am not going to do a full trigger warning list on this series because these books are actually standalone and not needed for each. I will instead make sure to list a few of the triggers when I review each of the books in this post.

Monsters and Muses Reading Order

Like I’ve stated before this is not a series in which you need to read all of the books in a row. You actually don’t need to read all of the books in this series. However, I am a completionist so I will list the published order as the reading order for this series.

  1. Promises and Pomegranates
  2. Vipers and Virtuosos
  3. Oaths and Omissions 
  4. Arrows and Apologies

There is also a novella that takes place before Promises and Pomegranates called Sweet Sin. I have not read this novella yet.

Promises and Pomegranates book cover
Vipers and Virtuosos book cover
Oaths and Omissions book cover
Arrows and Apologies book cover

Promises and Pomegranates Book Review

In Promises and Pomegranates we follow Kal as he makes a deal with Elena’s father to marry her. Kal wants her and will stop at nothing to have her, to steal her away, and to keep her. She however, isn’t interested, at least not at first. Now taken from her family home she must get used to her new home with her new husband.

“You cannot love a person fully without knowing the darkness etched into their soul.” 

Sav R. Miller, Promises and Pomegranates

This story is inspired by Hades and Persephone. Kal is an interesting character that really keeps you interested in finding out more about him. Elena is a strong character that seems like she won’t put up with anyone’s bull crap. The tension between these two is amazing.

This book is 382 pages so it took me about five hours to read. It’s a good book for a weekend reading session. This book has plenty of darker themes along with a bit of gore and violence. There are also a few revelations that might be perceived as disturbing. This story got 4 stars and 3 peppers.

Promises and Pomegranates book cover

Vipers and Virtuosos Book Review

In Vipers and Virtuosos we follow Riley after her friends take her to an auction she ends up on the arm of her favorite rockstar where they have an amazing evening in New York. Aiden wanted her from the moment he saw her at that auction so he would stop at nothing to get her. 

When news breaks the next day about their night in the city, including an awful accusation against Aiden, Riley needs to go in hiding or risk being found by her greatest enemy, and she doesn’t even have a chance to explain. Aiden however, won’t be letting this go anytime soon and he’ll find a way to get his hands on Riley again.

“You have scars, but they don’t have you.” I’m not sure if either of us is breathing anymore. “And you, Riley fucking Kelly, are beautiful in a way that’d make the constellations weep.”

Sav R. Miller, Vipers and Virtuosos

This story is inspired by Orpheus and Eurydice. I freaking loved this book, the characters were fantastic, the story was interesting, and the twists were great. This was my first rockstar romance read and it absolutely will not be the last for me. There was fantastic tension building in this book and the spice was really good.

This book is 392 pages so again it was a 5 hour read for me. Again I recommend it for a weekend binge. There is stalking in this book along with darker themes and violence. I gave this book 5 stars and 4 peppers. 

Vipers and Virtuosos book cover

Oaths and Omissions Book Review

In Oaths and Omissions Lenny is the daughter of Jonas’ biggest enemy so of course when Lenny figures it out she agrees to a fake relationship, except, maybe there is more to it. However, neither one of these characters can trust freely after their pasts have damaged them. 

“I don’t know how to tell her that she feels like fucking heaven, sending waves of euphoria spiraling through my chest. At the same time, she’s hell, too; wicked, delicious sin crafted especially for my taste buds and served on a silver fucking platter.”

Sav R. Miller, Oaths and Omissions

This story is inspired by Helen of Troy. Lenny is a badass female character who will do whatever it takes to keep control over her own life. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, protect herself, and find a way to stop the plans her own family has for her life. Jonas is smart, vicious, and yummy. We love his possessiveness and darkness just as much as we love to see the secretly sweet side of him.

This book is 375 pages so again it’s about a 5 hour read. You could probably do a weekend binge of the first three books and maybe the fourth if you start on a Friday night. There are darker themes, violence, and sexual assault/rape not committed by main male character. I gave this book 4 starts and 4 peppers.

Oaths and Omissions book cover

Arrows and Apologies

In Arrows and Apologies Cora is searching for her brother who has been missing for the last year. His last known location is Aplana Island so that’s where she’s headed but first she needs money. Alistair is in Boston hoping to meet up with someone when a girl with blue hair catches his eye and now he has to have her. Little do either of them know this won’t be the last time they see each other.

“I’ve loved you since the second you walked into my life, and I’ll love you every second after, until I have no more to love you with.”

Sav R. Miller, Arrows and Apologies

This story is inspired by Apollo and Daphne. Cora is a strong and independent and on a mission throughout the entire book. Alistair is a filthy mouthed powerful man who quickly becomes obsessed with Cora. The chemistry between these two is freaking hot as hell. Also both of these main characters are bisexual and I love how natural the two of them are in that sexuality.

The book is 392 pages and took me about 5 hours to read. With all four books you could probably take an entire weekend and get through the series or spread it out over four nights if you wanted. This is a dark romance with a lot of darker themes, please check the trigger warnings before reading. I gave this book 5 stars and 4 peppers.

Arrows and Apologies book cover

Monsters and Muses Series Review

Overall I am loving this series and the covers are so beautiful that I will likely purchase all of these books regardless of if they get 5 stars from me or not. As of right now there is no limit to the amount of books we will be getting in the series which has me excited.

Obviously as we get announcements for more books I will update this post with release dates, covers, and eventually reviews. I am looking forward to having more and more of these books to read.

If you like this series you may want to check out my Brutal Birthright series review.

Have you read the Monsters and Muses series? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on TikTok and Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

Monsters and Muses Series Review - Monsters and Muses Series by Sav R. Miller - Dark Romance Book Recommendations

Monsters and Muses Series by Sav R. Miller - Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Monsters and Muses Series Review

Dark Romance Book Recommendations - Monsters and Muses Series Review - Monsters and Muses Series by Sav R. Miller


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