Pajamas Are The New Mom Life Uniform

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For years now the mom uniform has been yoga pants or leggings and t-shirts. However, there is a change happening right now in front of our eyes. And if I’m being honest I couldn’t be more excited about our new uniform. 

Pajamas are the new, mom life uniform as we all settle in for the remainder of the quarantine long haul.

Spending less time outside, going out in public, and spending more time at homes means pajamas are getting used more often as every day wear. And it’s GLORIOUS.

Pajamas are the casual Friday clothes to our normal mom life uniform. In the age of quarantine every day is casual Friday. So say we all.

Thoughtful young woman lying in bed

Why Create Extra Laundry

We live inside now and no one just pops over for a visit. Getting dressed at this point is just a waste of time and creates extra laundry. Why would you make more work for yourself at this point?

On top of working from home, we are still:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Cooking dinner
  • Doing the shopping
  • Managing bills
  • And doing our self care

If you’ve added homeschooling to the mix this year you are a busy freaking mom. So why add more laundry to the mix when pajamas will suffice?

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Stay Comfortable

In recent years, moms everywhere decided that leggings would suffice as daily wear because they were just more comfortable than slacks or jeans. Then comes pajamas to change our minds again.

Pajamas are even more comfortable than leggings and since we are in our homes all the time now, it just makes sense for us to stay comfortable.

Being comfortable is a form of self care – I firmly believe this. 

Woman reading in bed while wearing pajamas

Pajamas Can Be Sexy Too

To our husbands or significant others, pajamas provide easy access to what’s underneath. No complicated buttons, no weird clasps, just slide that hand right under that shirt to grip the bare – um… lower back for a nice romantic kiss. Yea yea, a kiss. 

Pajamas leave room to the imagination and while you are comfortable in your baggy pants and tank top, your significant other gets to see you in a way no one else in the world does. Mainly because we still won’t go out in our PJ’s.

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We Are Less Aware Of The Quarantine 20

Quarantine has taken normally active women and stuck them on a sofa with snacks, their kids left over lunches, and chocolate as we drown out the stress of the world we live in. 

The quarantine 20 is real and our jeans are fitting more snug than normally. Pajamas make it so we can avoid the reality of the quarantine 20 for at least a little while longer.

However, if you are looking to drop that quarantine 20, pajamas make pretty excellent and comfortable workout clothes too. I’m just saying why buy extra workout clothes when your pajamas work the same way?

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Shower and Dress In Pajamas

Normally when we get out of the shower we immediately get dressed in real clothes. No more. We simply slide into a fresh clean pair of pajamas and live that comfort life. Here are three valid reasons to just always wear pajamas.

  • We are already ready to climb back into bed when dread sets in after scanning social media.
  • We are setting expectations for the day at a lower bar.
  • When the world feels like it’s just too much, PJ’s at least keep you feeling comfortable.
Woman drinking coffee in bed wearing pajamas

Because What Are Jeans and A Bra?

Jeans pinch and pull. Sure our butts look amazing in jeans but unbuttoning AND unzipping them is just two extra steps before we can squat on the toilet. Why deal with that?

Did you know bras are actually harmful to the tissue in your breast? They can actually cause more sagging while simultaneously making us look perky and young.

Boobs are much happier being free in our comfortable pajamas than being tied up tight by a bra unable to live freely.

Take it from a woman who’s basically been braless for a year now, my boobs are firmer and actually perking on their own because the muscle isn’t getting any help from the over the shoulder boulder holder. 


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Save Money On Clothes

Have you seen the price of clothes lately? It’s obnoxious. Have you seen the price of cute pajamas at Target? Totally affordable. 

Why spend money on clothes you have to replace due to wear and tear when you can spend less money on pajamas that will need to be replaced in the same amount of time. This is just frugal living at it’s finest.

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Embrace The Pajama Life

Pajamas have been waiting for their moment, they went sexy, they went non sexy, and finally settled on comfortable. Now it’s their time to shine! 

Pajama wearers of the world unite! This is a call to inaction! Don’t get dressed in clothes that remind you of your quarantine 20, stay in your pajamas and embrace the pajama life.

Are you enjoying the new mom life uniform? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your funny parenting boards.

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Clothes for Moms - Motherhood Humor To Get Through - Mom Life Uniform Humor


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