The Best Workbooks For Homeschooling Kindergartners

Best Workbooks For Kindergartners - Homeschooling Tips With Workbooks - Kindergarten Supplemental Workbooks For Homeschoolers

It’s a pretty big struggle right now in deciding to homeschool your Kindergartner. Not just because the current climate is forcing many families into this decision. 

How long has it been since you were in Kindergarten? Do you remember everything you were learning at 5 years old? The answers are a long time and probably not. 

It’s leaving many Kindergarten moms feeling overwhelmed. You know your kids would be in traditional school for 4-5 hours and you just don’t know how to fill in that time while also managing your house and work.

Take it from a former homeschooled kid, this isn’t going to be that bad and it might surprise you how much you love it. 

Though, I’m going to be fair here, not all kids are cut out for being homeschooled and not all parents are cut out to be homeschoolers. That’s ok. Homeschooling may or may not work for you in the long term. 

Here and now though you may have made the decision to homeschool for just this year in an effort to keep your kid safe. I’m here to help you get through the process of homeschooling. At least through Kindergarten.

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite Kindergarten workbooks that are helping us this year in homeschooling and give you tips on using them effectively.

Do Workbooks Help?

I find workbooks to be especially helpful but not all kids can sit and follow the instructions immediately. They may need some help and guidance to get started on each page you put in front of them. 

It’s helpful to create a real life example of what the worksheet is showing and practicing that first with your kid. For example, if your child is learning how to match objects, place flashcards face up on the ground and have them match the same images or words to images first.

Once they have the concept of matching down, you can have them practice with the matching worksheets. Using worksheets in this way helps to reinforce what your child is learning by switching the activity slightly while focusing on the same topic 

This will also help your child to learn how to follow instructions better. This is important for the remainder of their schooling and eventually later in life.

Why I Trust Highlights For Educational Material

Highlights has a long history of successfully helping kids practice the skills they need to succeed at school. When I was a kid I remember looking forward to the puzzles in every highlights magazine I would come across. I also enjoyed reading and learning from the articles that were featured in each issue.

Now as a parent I can trust that Highlights will provide my kid with the same type of memories and help him to learn and practice his skills too. 

It’s not just a long history of providing educational material as a tool to success for kids, Highlights has also won multiple awards. Parents everywhere love how Highlights reinforces and teaches our kids.

Kindergarten Workbooks From Highlights

The kindergarten workbooks are a great way to help reinforce and still challenge my son to learn new and exciting things. If my son gets bored with something he will likely walk away from it instead of completing it. Offering a mix of different things to learn keeps him interested and learning.

Big Fun Kindergarten Workbook

Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook - 1

My 5 year old knows his letters and numbers. He started spelling about a year ago, can read certain words, his penmanship is better than mine, and he can count to 30. 

However, he’s not so great with shapes, still needs work on his sight words, and needs some basic math help. 

This workbook helps with everything. He can practice his letters and numbers and we can switch it up to work on everything else he needs to learn this year in Kindergarten. This book is a great all in one book to help with every aspect of learning in Kindergarten.

Learning Fun Workbooks Set Of 4

This pack helps us with the more complex parts of Kindergarten. All the basics are out of the way with the alphabet, counting, and numbers. 

As we jump into learning sight words and phonetics the Reading book is going to help us to teach him how to read.

With Thinking and Reasoning he’s learning logic, patterns, sequencing, opposites, and other reasoning concepts he will need to learn to succeed in schooling.

While writing is absolutely my son’s strong point I feel that this book will give him something that comes a bit easier to him for those days where he might struggle with overwhelm. It reinforces the sight words they will be learning in the Reading workbook by giving your child the practice they need to write.

Finally, Kindergarten is where we start teaching basic math concepts that will prepare them for the harder stuff to come. Addition and subtraction of small numbers, identifying shapes, and counting up to 30 are some of the concepts this workbook will help your child to memorize and learn from.

Learn On The Go Set Of 4

I bought this set of 4 because as we start getting into our schooling schedule I don’t want to overwhelm my son with concepts he doesn’t quite have down yet. These are great for the younger Kindergarteners who need additional practice with the basics.

Having a good mix of easy to understand age appropriate workbooks helps to motivate your child to learn more. Starting off the school year with the basics gets them into the habit of doing school work everyday. It also prepares them for the new things they will be learning a little later in the year.

Additional Workbooks I Got

Now there are some areas where my son is ahead of other kids his age and some areas where he may be a bit behind. To help him stay focused and excited about learning I purchased based on his skill level instead of just his grade level.

Preschool Get Ready For Math

While my son is great with numbers themselves he struggles a bit with patterns, shapes, and comparisons. This workbook will help to reinforce what we are teaching and bring him up to speed quickly to be more at his grade level.

Writing Words Learning Pack First Grade

While he’s behind in his math I can see that towards the end of kindergarten he’s going to be ready to continue his work with writing and reading past the kindergarten level. Due to this I want to make sure that we are prepared to keep him motivated.

One of the bigger struggles that children with ADHD has is getting bored quickly with repeated work. ADHD children often like to obsess over one specific subject for a week or two, but once they feel they have it down they want to move on quickly to the next thing. 

It’s a balance to keep your kid interested in learning and keeping with the pace in which they learn. Having a couple of things that might be a bit more advanced for them is a great way to make sure you are ready for what they are ready for too.

ABC’s Of Kindness

Finally, I decided to purchase this book. My son loves books and learns a lot from them. Being that I’m trying to raise a kind and empathetic person I’m reinforcing our daily work with a book all about kindness.

I love that this book teaches things like not letting kids sit alone and school, being inclusive, caring for others and animals, and caring for our environment. It’s a great way to teach all the different ways kindness makes a difference.

Supplemental Workbooks

If you are concerned about homeschooling your kid this year providing them with supplemental education is a great route to go.

Workbooks from Highlights provides helpful practice, reinforces what they are learning, and acts as a guide to help keep your kids on track. Even if you plan on sending your kids to public school in the future, giving them plenty of help will prepare them for success when they do start to attend school in the future.

One or two of these books can help even if your kid is attending public school this year. The extra practice will help your child to better understand all the concepts they will be learning in school.

Does your kid like workbooks? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite education boards.

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Best Workbooks For Kindergartners - Homeschooling Tips With Workbooks - Kindergarten Supplemental Workbooks For Homeschoolers


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