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This week’s Snag this Look is courtesy of all the amazing people on Pinterest. You inspired me to use the beach cottage table from my blog post 13 Irresistible Beach Cottage Rooms. The pin for this table has received over 2,000 repins alone. Which makes me think people really like this and probably want to try to duplicate it.

Well I did the hard work for you. I searched through Target, Amazon, and Etsy to find products that absolutely give you your very own Beach Cottage Table. Place it behind a white or beige sofa, add some sea glass and seashells and you have your very own beach cottage room.

Full product list with pictures located at the bottom of this post.

No worries if you don’t have a white or beige sofa, here’s an awesome slip cover that is durable and works great for most sofa’s. As always, check the dimensions of your own sofa before purchasing a slip cover to make sure it fits.

Well let’s dive right into this week’s Snag this Look: Beach Cottage Table Edition.

First let’s look at the table that started it all, the inspiration behind this week’s post.

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table

The owners found the original table while on vacation so finding an exact replica of the table is going to be close to impossible. If you are crafty I’m sure you can grab some reclaimed wood or even some old pallets and build one just like it.

I love how simple the table is. It’s not cluttered and has just enough splash of color to brighten up the dull wood. So I wanted to mimic this look as closely as possible. However, like all of my Snag This Look posts, I try to keep the price reasonable.

Table for the Beach Cottage Table

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Table

I found a table on Amazon which is similar to the original table. It has a fantastic rustic cottage look to it. While not unfinished and weathered like the original the coloring and style of this table is comparable.

Aqua Lantern for Beach Cottage Table

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Aqua Lantern

I searched for a similar lantern as the original for a long time. I finally found this wood lantern. It’s weathered aqua and is approximately 12 inches high. This gives you great height on the table top. In addition, there is no electricity required which means if you don’t have floor plugs you can place the sofa table anywhere you want. If handmade products interest you you may want to check out Handmade Beach Cottage Decor.

Flower Box for Beach Cottage Table

Another great find on Etsy this handmade flower box sits directly in the middle of your table. At about 12.5 inches long it’s big enough to put fresh flowers in small vases that can fit inside. Otherwise, you can find decent fake flowers at a local craft store to display beautiful blooms all year long on your table.

Basket under Beach Cottage Table

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Basket

I love this basket from Target. It’s long and thin meaning you can put throw pillows in it or even a throw blanket for storage. It should fit wonderfully under your table which helps to complete the look of your beach cottage table.

Rope ball for Beach Cottage Table

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Rope Ball

Get one or several of these little rope balls from Target. Place them on your sofa table next to the flower box or even in front of it. They make great small features in a beach cottage room. You can place a few extra in a bowl on your coffee table then a few others on a shelf to tie the room together.

Vase for Beach Cottage Table

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Aqua Seahorse Vase

Finally there is the vase for the table. I always like my vases to have a bit of a thicker bottom than top. Makes tipping the vase a little more difficult. I loved the little seahorse on this particular vase. It’s a delightful touch to our beach cottage room.

There it is, all the elements you need to create your very own beach cottage table. You can place it behind a sofa or even up against a wall. Include a beautiful beach landscape painting above it to complete the look. No matter where you put it, it will certainly be a stylish piece to have in your home.

Snag This Look Beach Cottage Table - Product List

Links: 1. Centerpiece 2. Baskets 3. Seahorse Vase 4. Table 5. Aqua Lantern 6. Ball of Rope

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