Funny & Geeky Onesies for your Baby


In my house we are geeks. So when we found out we were having a baby we immediately started looking for funny and geeky onesies. We found plenty. Of course my two year old is out of onesies at this point but sometimes I can’t help but look for more.

Storm Pooper/Dark Side

This is exactly the type of geeky onesie we love.

Cutie Pi

For the nerdy parents looking to raise just as nerdy kids.

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Living Proof That Nerds Get Laid

I may be biased, but geeks and nerds make the best parents too.

Star Trek Uniform

Mini had a Star Trek uniform onesie similar to this one. I wonder if the red ones sell at all though.

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Wonder Woman Onesie

If we were to ever have a daughter, this would be a must have onesie in many sizes.

The Force that Awakens You

True story. Any strange noise, cry, or shriek awakens you.

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

Potterhead parents will really appreciate this onesie.

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If you wake me onsie

I actually said this once … ok, twice … FINE! It’s said often in my house.

Pooping My Pants I Am

As Star Wars fans and parents this would be a perfect onesie for any child of ours.

Hogwarts Onsie

I really wish I had this onesie for Lucas when he was a baby. It’s just too adorable.

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I miss the onesie days they were so much easier than shirts and pants. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to find later or send it to your expecting friends and give them a good laugh.

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