10 Creative 4th of July Activities

4th of July Activities - 10 Creative 4th of July Activities Your Kids Will Love - Celebrate 4th of July with fun activities for kids and adults

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday here in the States. We get together with friends and family, we drink and eat, we play games, and we watch fireworks. No matter where you live in the United States there is always some 4th of July activity everyone will love.

Always thinking on the budget I decided to come up with easy to do at home or near home activities for you and your kids. Neighbors, friends, and other family members will love these ideas too so make sure you invite them too.

Remember to always exercise caution on 4th of July though. With the fun of the holiday we can often lose sight of potential dangers. Between drunk drivers, fireworks, scared dogs, and rambunctious kids not paying attention it’s important to be aware of these dangers so that the fun doesn’t end in tragedy.

It’s helpful to make sure there is always some sober attendees in any 4th of July event. This will not only be good for a safe ride to the hospital if needed but they are also the voice of reason with terrible ideas. Finally, if there is drinking you need someone who is good with any kids who may be involved in the celebrations that day.

Ok enough of the caution let’s get to the fun 4th of July activities.

4th of July Activities

BBQ Party

This is an obvious choice but a worthy mention. Do it up special by smoking some pork roast or grilling up some delicious steaks. If you don’t have a grill ask someone to bring theres. You can get one for cheap here.

The BBQ is a timeless summer tradition that your whole family will love. These 33 Grilling Recipes are amazing.

Throwing a party with all your friends and family is a fantastic way to celebrate the 4th. Make it cheap by making it dish to pass and bring your own cooler. This keeps the expenses low while still providing a good time.

These delicious dishes are great for parties.

Watch the Fireworks

Gather the group together and go watch the fireworks. I live on top of a hill in a new area so I’m hoping this year I can catch some awesome fireworks right from my backyard. If you are one of these lucky few invite friends and their family over to watch the fireworks and turn it into a party.

If not find out where your local firework show is and go park nearby. Most firework shows are free and if you arrive early enough you can usually get a great spot.

Go Hiking

Take the kids for a day in the great outdoors. The pools will all be jam packed but the parks may not be. So grab the kids, pack a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grab some water, and go hit the trails.

Not only will spending the day in the sun and hiking be beneficial to your overall health it will also tire out the kids so that they fall asleep quickly after the fireworks. Make sure you pack up sunscreen and apply it every couple of hours. Also, take lots of candid pictures of your kids.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt with the neighbors for the kids to participate in. Not only is this fun for the adults to set up but the kids will enjoy searching for their clues for an hour or so. Make it 4th of July themed by placing clues that are near 4th of July decorations.

Let the winners get first pick of the dessert table or win gift certificates to a favorite fast food place. Maybe a free ice cream cone.

4th of July Bingo

Set up a 4th of July Bingo Game. Put things that normally happen at a fourth of july event and let people scratch them off their cards. Winners get a special treat. Make sure every card is different and contains a combination of different things to take notice of.

Go To The Parades

If your town has a 4th of July parade go to it. Your kids will love viewing all the different floats and seeing the bands. Additionally it’s a great activity that takes a few hours. Make sure you where sunscreen and arrive early to grab a good spot.

Make these patriotic donuts the night before for a good morning treat.

Tie Dye Shirts

Grab red and blue dye and a package of shirts. Get the rubber gloves and have the kids all tie dye red, white, and blue shirts. It’s a fun activity that the kids will enjoy. Create tie dye scrunchies or hair accessories too.

It’s a fun activity to keep kids busy. See how to tie dye here.

Flag Hunts

Get together with the neighbors on your street and put together a flag hunt. Go to the dollar store and pick up a bunch of flags. Hide them throughout the neighborhood or the street you live on.

The person that comes back with the most flags wins. This could be a game that continues throughout the days activities. Each winner can go through and hide the flags and a new group can go find them.

Sparklers and Fireworks

If you live in a state where fireworks are legal grab some cautious adults and put together your own firework show. I highly recommend you only do this if your nearest neighbors won’t be bothered by it. Also, if there are dogs in the neighborhood please be cautious and inform the dog owners.

Fireworks are scary for dogs and they can cause harm to themselves trying to escape the loud noises. Make sure your neighbors are aware of the situation and have their dogs in a safe spot. Chance’s safe spot was in the lap of me or Rob.

Face Painting

Set up a face painting station at your party and paint american flags, stars, and fireworks on the cheeks of the anyone interested. You can also paint on arms or ankles without issue.

Find some designs that you can do or you know someone else can do and offer those designs. The kids will love it and parents might get a kick out of it too.

There you have it. Plenty of 4th of July activities you can do that don’t cost a lot of money. Pick just a few fun activities and have a fantastic celebration at home.

What is your favorite 4th of July activity? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your holiday boards.

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4th of July Activities - 10 Creative 4th of July Activities Your Kids Will Love - Celebrate 4th of July with fun activities for kids and adults


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