Beach Cottage Decor For Every Room In Your Home

I love the latest looks from beach decor. Beach cottage is a beautiful blend of farmhouse using aqua, white, and sand colors while keeping trinkets and accessories to a minimum for a clean look.

Farmhouse decor blends so perfectly with beach decor that your room will be immediately transformed into your very own relaxing beach cottage. If you are looking to add even more charm try your hand at one of these farmhouse DIYs.

DIY furniture can add a unique charm to your home because no two pieces are exactly the same. Each piece will have it’s own unique features, stains, or paints. That uniqueness is a fantastic quality to add into your beach cottage room.

Beach Cottage Decor Shopping Guides

I love creating shopping guides with great products I find. I will update this section periodically with new shopping guides related to beach cottage and coastal farmhouse decor.

Table Of Contents

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10 Tips To Achieving Beach Cottage Decor

To get a simple beach cottage look in your home it’s all about using the right types of accents and displaying them so they stand out in the room. Below are my personal 10 tips to getting the look of beach cottage decor down.

  1. Use sea glass to add small touches of color to your room.
  2. Use rope balls to add a more coastal vibe.
  3. Don’t go overboard on small knick knacks, statement pieces work better.
  4. Add a few gold tones for some richness.
  5. Add a shiplap accent wall.
  6. Use weathered wood to add some farmhouse charm.
  7. Use shiplap to cover an old textured ceiling.
  8. Add wicker furniture as accent pieces.
  9. Keep larger pieces of furniture white or a light neutral tone.
  10. Add brightness to dark wood floors with a light sand colored rug.

The examples below utilize most in not all of these tips.

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Beach Cottage Decor

Remember beach cottage decor is more minimalist than traditional coastal or beach decor, it also often has a bit of farmhouse charm to it.

Perfect Beach Cottage Shelf

Nancy from created a perfectly decorated shelf with a subtle beach cottage feel.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Notice how she groups the items on her shelves. Seashells paired perfectly with picture frames. Mock sea glass adds the perfect pops of color throughout. I especially love how the rope ball gives a coastal feel without making the shelf feel cluttered.

Nancy did a fantastic job styling this shelf. She created a beach feel without clutter.

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Minimalist Beach Cottage Kitchen

The kitchen below is the perfect look for beach cottage decor.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms


Kim from Sand & Sisal remodeled her kitchen and living room after a flood forced them to rip out absolutely everything and start from scratch. The end results are breathtaking.

The back splash has a gorgeous mixture of coastal blue, sand, grey, and white. The gold accents in the sink and light fixtures compliment the coastal colors perfectly. White upper cabinets with pops of blue displayed in the glass really finish off the feel of the room. Kim’s kitchen is bright and beautiful making it the perfect kitchen for gathering and cooking.

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Accent Wall In Beach Cottage Decor

Next we have this wonderful living room.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Rachel takes beach cottage decor to a whole new level with plenty of DIY projects. Slip covers over thrift store furniture is an inexpensive way to take it from old and drab to new and beautiful.

Looking at the bookshelves she styled them with groupings of seashells, books, and sea glass. The pallet wall on the back wall makes for a great accent wall between the two shelves. It gives the room a rustic feel.

Adding plenty of greenery, DIY seaglass vases, and subtle additions of rope finish the look keeping it clean and fresh.

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Perfect Beach Cottage Bathroom

If you’re looking to update a bathroom look no further than Ben and Amanda’s guest bath remodel.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

It’s hard to believe it’s the same bathroom from before. Gone are the pink tiles and sink and hello to this beach cottage beauty!

The painted wood wall planks make it for me in this bathroom. Paired beautifully with white subway tile in the shower and marble floors and sink, this bathroom makes for a perfect area to start your day.

Accented with flowers, bamboo shades, small groupings of seashells, and a towel ladder finishes the beach cottage look.

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Beach Cottage Sun Room

Let’s take a look at another fantastic living room.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Becki used light neutral colors with pops of turquoise. She achieved a classic coastal feel in this living room. Bamboo chairs and dark floors make this beach home’s living room a wonderful place to relax or gather with friends or family.

The addition of fresh flowers and green completes the beach look by giving it an airy outdoor feel. The simplistic design and natural light helps to make the room feel large and open instead of cluttered and crowded.

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Beach Cottage Chic Dining Room

Next up we have a this turquoise and white dining room.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Featured on this dining room mixes a simple country esque table and chairs with an eclectic seaglass chandelier. The pops of turquoise throughout and plenty of natural light really brings together the beach cottage look.

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Farmhouse Twist On A Beach Cottage Sofa Table

Learn how to style a sofa table without needing electric and lamps below.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

When styling a sofa table not using lamps remember the wave effect. Tall, low, and tall. A large lantern, a small flower case, and a large vase gives the wave effect. Turquoise colors pop against the weathered look of the table.

A basket and a ball of rope underneath the table finish off the rustic beach cottage decor of the table. This table is a beautiful focal point to the room.

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Minimal In A Beach Cottage Living Room

Seaglass in this open living room ties in the beach feel while continuing to keep a clean and uncluttered environment.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Sea glass light fixtures and vases add pops of color to this clean living room. Finishing off the color pops with turquoise pillows and light blue throw draped over the white slip covered furniture really ties together this living space.

Bamboo shades allow for plenty of natural light to flow into the room. Matching a sand colored area rug brings light to the dark flooring. If you’re looking to have a super casual but well decorated living space this is the perfect inspiration for that.

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Adding A Sand Color To Your Kitchen

Next we will look at another coastal kitchen.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

In coastal decor you see a lot of white and turquoise. I love how this kitchen mixed in a happy gold tone in the walls.

White cabinets contrast perfectly against the dark hardwood floor and match perfectly with the turquoise and white back splash. By adding small elements like the sea glass vases on the window sill, the shell display plate, and the starfish towel hanging on the farmhouse sink completes the look.

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Thrift Store Beach Cottage Finds

Finding unique pieces to add to your living room decor can really tie together a beach cottage look.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Jenna Sue put a lot of work into her Florida home. While I’d love to feature the entire house my favorite room in the house was the living room.

The trunk was re-purposed and made for a fantastic storage space and coffee table. By keeping neutral grays, whites, and sands throughout most of the room. The addition of blues and turquoise complete the beach cottage feel of the living space.

I especially love how welcoming she made the living room. Timeless decor and cozy fabrics turn this well decorated space into a cozy place to relax at the end of the day.

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Traditional Spin On This Beach Cottage Entryway

Looking to make a splash with your entryway look no further than this beach inspired California home.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

The blue grass cloth wallpaper mixed with white wainscoting creates the perfect color palette for this entryway. Small pops of blue and green tie it all together. A long console table with a wicker chair give off the perfect beach cottage feel.

The groupings on the console table give a homey feel while complementing a simple coastal painting hung above. The bright greenery on the bottom shelf brings a sense of the outdoors in.

Coastal decor in this entryway really gives way to the feel for the remainder of the house. Entryways should be homey and inviting, they nailed it with this one.

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Simple And Cozy Beach Cottage Family Room

Brightness is key to any successful beach cottage look.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Featured in Coastal Living this living room features bright white furniture and plenty of natural light. Looking at the smaller accents and sand and pebble lamp paired with a large glass vase filled with seashells makes a perfect combination on the side table.

The large rustic shutter next to the window is perfect for this room. Somehow even with it’s bright color in the white room it blends in, without this piece the room wouldn’t be complete.

The bright green and blue on the ottoman is the correct amount of bright color for this room and becomes a wonderful focal point. Splashes of blue on the stark white sofas turns the room into an inviting environment.

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Small And Large Accessories For Beach Cottage Decor

Keeping with the white furniture this next room brings a lot of brightness with white wood paneled walls and ceiling.

13 Beach Cottage Rooms

Also featured on Coastal Living this living room is the perfect gathering spot for friends and family. White sofas, a wicker coffee table, a light sofa table and light blue side table makes for an eclectic beachy look.

This living room features sand and blue with pops of green. Faux seaglass and large and small accents create for the perfect coastal blend in an inviting and homey living space.

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Final Thoughts

Beach cottage decor is pretty easy to pull off, especially if you want your home to feel like a dream beach getaway.

If you need more functionality in your home remember to use old refinished trunks, wicker baskets, and creative shelving options. These can hide away kids toys and books, your tv remotes, and other regularly used items while still giving you that beach cottage feel.

I hope you loved looking through all these amazing casual coastal decor living spaces as much as I did. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your favorite Home Decor boards.

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  1. Stephen Hursley says:

    We have a small house here in Greenville, SC that we’ve been dying to decorate as a beach house to get it some hits on AirBNB. We just did a cabinet refacing to shake up the look of the kitchen and now we can’t wait to get to work following your tips to get the right decor. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Crystal says:

      If you absolutely want to paint it make sure you sand and prime it first. Then I would stick with white. Depending on the space you can make the wall behind it an accent wall that’s painted a really pretty turquoise and paint the other walls a very light sand color. This will make the room seem longer or wider depending on the location of the wall. It will also make the white cabinet stand out and become a focal point of the room. Painting the cabinet white also means it’s likely to continue to work well even if you change us your decor again in a few years.

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