15 Creative Art Projects For Kids

Art and Craft Projects For Kids - Preschooler Art Projects For Summer - Creative Art Projects For Children

Children are the ultimate creators. Their imaginations are some of the most powerful in the world. It’s important to nourish that creativity and those artistic attributes. I’ve picked some of the best creative art projects for kids and put them all in one spot.

These activities can be done year round and will provide hours of entertainment for your children. The goal is to not just let their imagination run rampant for a few hours but to encourage them to improve on their artistic skills.

Creating art helps children with critical problem solving skills that will help them later in life. These skills will help them to do well in school, as well as provide an outlet for learning how to be more creative in their everyday life.

Each of these crafts also bring out the scientist in them as they create different tools or use different tools to create art. This allows them to explore all the different options. The art can then be placed proudly on your fridge or you can take snapshots and create a photo album for safe keeping.

Spend a few hours each week creating art with your kids and explore the imaginative world within their brains. They will have a blast and will love spending this time with you.

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15 DIY Art Activities For Kids

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

15 DIY Art - DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

Get your kids outside and drawing with this foam paint. Easy to make and your kids will have a blast painting instead of drawing with chalk.

Blow Painting With Straws

15 DIY Art - Blow Painting

This is great for any age kid. Not only does it teach them about air movement on liquids but they can create something unique to them.

Creative Rock Painting Ideas

15 DIY Art - Rock Painting

If you aren’t apart of your local rock painting and hiding group you really should be. If you don’t have a local one started you should try it. Find rocks, paint them, and hide them in plain site all over your city. Either apply a small piece of paper to the bottom of the rock using some sort of clear drying sealer that has a hashtag.

When people find the rock they snap a picture post it with the hashtag and then rehide it somewhere else. Northeast Ohio Rocks is just one of many rock chapters and there are more located all over the United States. Your kids will be so excited to find rocks that others have painted and hidden too.

DIY Puffy Paint For Kids

15 DIY Art - Puffy Paint For Kids

The DIY puffy paint makes a great summer art project that your kids will love. The paint dries puffy and your kids will love their little art projects. This puffy paint is easy to make and keeps your kids busy for hours.

Bubble Painting

15 DIY Art - Bubble Painting

My child absolutely loves bubbles so I am really looking forward to doing bubble painting with him in the near future. Not only is this a unique way to paint it’s a lot of fun for you and your kids.

Heart Art

15 DIY Art - Heart Art

Your kids will love creating their own masterpieces. Your kids will love painting with watercolors plus it’s a fun quiet activity which is extremely appealing when you need to get some chores done.

Monet Inspired Art for Kids

15 DIY Art - Monet Inspired Water Lilies

Speaking of masterpieces this is a fun activity your child will love. Water lilies is one of my favorite Monet paintings. Your kids will love recreating this into their very own work of art.

Straw Fireworks

15 DIY Art - Straw Fireworks

We’ve all seen the toilet paper roll firework painting activity. If you are like me and can’t stand holding on to garbage for DIY activities these straw fireworks work just as well. Plus you can let your kids decide how many streaks they actually want.

Marble Painting

15 DIY Art - Marble Painting

Marble painting is a fantastic experiment for kids and it will keep them occupied for hours as they create, recreate, and create again. Kids love activities like this and will love using different colors and different amounts of marbles.

Pineapple Thumbprint Art

15 DIY Art - Pineapple Thumbprint Art

Finger painting is always a fun activity and even real artists often use their fingers when painting. It isn’t painting unless you get some paint on your fingers. Your kids will love creating a pineapple, don’t stop there though there are tons different fruits and vegetables you can create with fingers.

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Jellyfish Salt Painting

15 DIY Art - Jellyfish Salt Painting

It doesn’t need to be a jellyfish but salt painting is a fun activity for the kiddos. They will enjoy the texture and using different colors. It’s super easy to do though I recommend doing this on a porch or patio to minimize the salt mess.

Tile Art for Kids

15 DIY Art - Tile Art

This tile art project is a great coaster idea for family members who are looking to display some unique artwork. Additionally they will look fantastic in most bohemian or eclectic decors. You could use them as backsplashes when you redo your kids bathroom too.

Watercolor Art for Kids

15 DIY Art - Watercolor Art

This is a fantastic quiet and minimal supervision needed activity for your kids. They can paint away and you can get in some much needed time to accomplish work or household chores.

Cosmic Suncatchers

15 DIY Art - Cosmic Suncatchers

These are awesome and so much fun to create. Once the glue dries you can hang them in your kids window and they will catch the sun.

Canvas Art for Kids

15 DIY Art - Canvas Art for Kids

This easy art project is a great easy one for your kids and you to do together. Create modern masterpieces to hang in your home and your kids will be proud of their artwork. Who knows once they start painting on canvas this could become their favorite hobby.

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When To Incorporate Art Time

You can do it daily or weekly depending on your schedule. Make it a fun indoor activity for rainy days or take the art outdoors so your kids can get as messy as they want.

Great art doesn’t need talent, it takes a lot of practice. Let your child practice often and explore that wonderful imagination they have. Let them create on their own terms so that they can develop those critical thinking skills.

Which art activities are you most excited to try. Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your Kids Activities board.

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Art and Craft Projects For Kids - Preschooler Art Projects For Summer - Creative Art Projects For Children


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