10 Fun Spring Activities For Toddlers

Activities for Kids, Toddlers, and Preschoolers - Spring Activities For Children - Bonding Activities To Do With Your Toddler This Spring

As spring gets closer we start thinking about a fun yet educational spring activities for toddlers that take us outdoors to bond. Of course this means some of us will need to stock up on Claritin and other allergy products as that fresh air is filled with too many smells. Allergies be damned, spring activities with toddlers are a must.

The fresh air does something wonderful to toddlers. Spending time outdoors means your toddler will spend more time sleeping through the night and be better behaved throughout the evening hours.

In an effort to get outdoors more for some exercise I’ve put together a fun list of spring activities for toddlers. To remain frugal these activities don’t cost a lot of money and some are completely free. All of these spring activities are fantastic for bonding and fun for you and your toddler.

Spring Activities for Toddlers

Make Cookies

Pull out the mixing bowl and teach your kids to make cookies. Not only are your kids being involved by allowing them to mimic you in the kitchen doing “adult” things.

Toddlers love to make springtime cookies mainly because they know a treat is coming when they are finished. They also love to get creative decorating the cookies. Have your toddler use their special knives, they won’t cut and are great for cookie decoration.

You will want to check out this awesome toddler ladder that allows your toddler to be at counter height. A chair will work just as well just make sure they can safely climb it and get down from it too.

So get in that kitchen and bake up some cookies, whip up some frosting, and spend a few hours bonding with your toddler.

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Go get some washable paint and set up a painting station outdoors. Wear a smock and paint away with your kid. Let them be creative in their painting using as many colors as they want.

You can teach them about mixing primary colors and what colors you get from them. Help them determine what colors are best for what objects.

This is a fantastic activity to do outdoors. You avoid any accidental paint messes inside while still getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine to help boost moods.

The Melissa & Doug Easel is a fantastic easel for toddlers.

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Pull Out All The Outdoor Toys

If you don’t have any order some. Get a small plastic house, a slide, and even a picnic table. Your child will enjoy running around playing in all of them.

Join them in play, I know getting into those tiny plastic houses is a pain but they will love to bring you a cup of pretend tea or coffee. Toddlers really enjoy it when their parents get down to their level and play.

If you are super handy why not build them their own little house in the backyard. There are loads of backyard house DIY’s on Pinterest. Check out my DIY Ideas and Crafts Board for awesome DIY Kids Toys.

Splash in Puddles After a Spring Rain

Oh I’m sure I’ll get heat for this, but honestly put on those rain boots and take your kid to go splash in puddles. I loved doing this as a kid.

Obviously you don’t want to stay wet and possibly muddy so only spend about 20-30 minutes doing it. Try to do this when it’s a little warmer. You will want to make sure you have dry clothes ready to change into afterwards.

This activity is loads of fun for kids. I don’t always understand why, but if the kid likes it sometimes it’s best to just let them do it and have some fun. So plan to splash in puddles and get a little dirty.

Go To The Playground

Get out and climb, swing, slide, and run around in a playground. This is a great way to help build communication skills in your toddler as you teach them to communicate with other children on the playground.

Do it all with them too. Don’t just sit and watch as they do it, get on that swing set yourself and play with your kid.

Make sure you have a first aid kit handy. You never know when an accident will happen and you could score massive brownie points with local moms if you are prepared with an awesome first aid kit.

Spend an hour or more at the playground running around and I guarantee your kid will sleep like a log that night. This is a one of the must do spring activities to get your kid nice and tired for a good night’s sleep.

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Go For A Walk

More than just walking around your neighborhood, go for an actual hike. Most parks offer easy paths which are great for young toddlers.

Do more than just walk the path though. Stop and identify items in nature. Make sure you understand what poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy looks like though. Here is a great guide to identifying the different and most common types of poisonous plants.

Identify and point out animals, animal homes, or even footprints. If you are near a lake that has ducks show them to your toddler. I do not recommend feeding the ducks, however, if you really want to feed the ducks with your toddler try feeding them bird seed, cracked corn, or lettuce torn into smaller pieces. It’s a lot healthier for them than bread.

Have a Water Fight

If it’s a warmer spring day fill up those water balloons or water guns and go have a water fight in the backyard. Your toddler is guaranteed to love this activity.

If using water balloons play a catch game in which you teach your toddler how to gently toss water balloons so they don’t pop. This game is great for reinforcing gentle play.

If you are using water guns or cannons wear protective eye gear and make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting wet.

Remember to only play these games when it’s above 75℉. This will help ensure that your little on stays warm while playing with water.


Take your kid to the store and pick out flowers for your garden together. Pick out vegetables if you are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden.

Get dirty by playing in the dirt and planting all your flowers and vegetables together. Your kid will love the free reign to play in dirt and you will get your gardening done.

It will take longer than if you did it on your own, however, it’s one of the great spring activities for toddlers that do double duty and is educational.

Go To A Petting Zoo

Take your kid to a petting zoo. This is a great activity for learning about different animals and the sounds they make. They will get a kick out of feeding the animals and getting to touch them too.

Make it an all day event by visiting a local zoo that has a petting zoo attached. Pack some sandwiches and drinks into a rolling cooler and enjoy a wonderful day outdoors teaching your toddler about all the different animals.

Have A Picnic

Get an old blanket, pack a lunch filled with fresh berries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and some chips. Go out into your backyard or to a park set up the blanket sit and eat lunch together.

Run around playing with bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, or any other number of small fun activities and take a couple of hours to enjoy this time.

Final Thoughts

Use these spring activities as a way to bond with your toddler and teach them. These new experiences can teach your toddler some pretty awesome life skills. Show them what to do and help them to mimic your actions.

Toddlers learn best by doing so take advantage of these activities and the beautiful weather to show your kid all the awesome things that they can do and learn.

What are your favorite spring activities to do with your toddler? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your parenting and kids boards.

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Activities for Kids, Toddlers, and Preschoolers - Spring Activities For Children - Bonding Activities To Do With Your Toddler This Spring


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