17 Bullet Journal Doodles and Resources


What drew you to bullet journaling? Was it the flexibility in creating your own planner? Or the bullet journal doodles you see on Instagram? Maybe even the fancy habit trackers? Whatever your reason for starting a bullet journal everyone needs great resources in order to turn it into exactly what they want.

I’ve been doing bullet journal posts for a few months now as well as bullet journaling. While my bullet journal is not pretty, it is becoming a necessary tool of my day to day life. I use it as a personal journal keeping track of thoughts, or clearing them as needed.

It’s a place to log everything that goes on in my day to day life as a way to get into the habit of using a bullet journal. It’s also a place to practice my doodles and hand lettering.

When you are starting to use a bullet journal and you want those pretty designs, there are a few resources I have that can do wonders for building your skills. Additionally, there are some pretty awesome products that you will want to have too, so add these to your wish list.

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Bullet Journal Products

Essentials Dot Matrix A5 Size

This is a really nice journal. The dotted pages make it easy for drawing and writing in a straight line. Additionally, there is a pocket in the back that easily holds stencils.

Huhuhero Fineliner Pens

I’m really liking these pens. They are perfect for when you are just starting out and have a bit of a minimalist journal. Different colors mean you can still have a colorful design. They are small enough to work well with stencils. Finally they don’t easily bleed to the other side of the page in your journal.

Bullet Journal Stencils

If you are not already a doodler while you are getting into the hang of bullet journaling consider getting these stencils. There are so many design options on each stencil you are sure to find the exact doodle you need for your layouts.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape are those colorful small rolls of masking tape. They are fantastic to add designs to your bullet journal if you aren’t the artistic type. I have used masking tape for this purpose. Also consider how you may be able to use this decorative tape as a sort of scrapbooking tool within your bullet journal.

Dual Brush Pens

If you want that pretty caligraphy that we see in those perfect bullet journal images on Instagram you will need these pens. There are a few brush lettering and hand lettering links a little later in the post.

Watercolor Pens

If you are interested in beautiful watercolor designs in your bullet journal these pens are fantastic. Not only do you avoid the water color mess but with the different brush sizes you can add some beautiful small details.

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Learn How To Make Bullet Journal Doodles

That’s it. You can officially up your bullet journal game. Now check out all of my bullet journal posts for some inspiration. Pick your habit trackers, your spreads, and all of your layouts. Then get to planning, writing, and doodling.

Practice is everything. Keep practicing and you will soon have those beautiful bullet journal spreads we see plastered all over Instagram.

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Do you post your bullet journal spreads to Instagram? Leave your link in the comments below so I can follow you and see all your wonderful creations. Who know, you may end up in one of my bullet journal features.

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