Snag this Look: Blush and Grey Bedroom


Blush and Grey seem to be a popular color combination lately. Blush and grey in bedrooms is an awesome way to mix feminine and masculine to create a romantic and relaxing environment. This week’s Snag This Look features a blush and grey bedroom.

Snag this Look features specific looks in home decor and fashion. They are then recreated with items I find that are close to the original or go well with the items picked for the room.

In this week’s Snag this Look I’m featuring a bedroom with a blush and grey modern feel. In recreating the room I mix soft luxurious touches with modern geometric patterns. The goal was to create a romantic yet relaxing environment in your bedroom.

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom

In the original image you see an abstract painting and modern furniture mixed with soft colors in the pillows and rose gold lamps. The addition of flowers on the side table and a fuzzy throw blanket on the bed really softens up the otherwise hard modern style of the room.

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By adding blush pink to grey you are warming the cool tones of grey and brightening the room. If you are painting the walls, it’s best to go with a very light grey or even white. A very pale pink may work as well however it may be too much pink in your bedroom. The goal is to warm up the grey tones not cool down the pink tones.

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Time to recreate this awesome blush and grey bedroom.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Sheets

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Grey Sheets

These sheets are on my must buy list when I finally redecorate my room. Microfiber sheets are soft yet durable. These particular sheets have been bought a lot on Amazon and with over 25,000 reviews they currently have a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The light grey pictured above is a great sheet set to match our bedding and blush grey bedroom.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Duvet Covers

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Grey Duvet Set

I love this bedding set. 5 star rating and the blue grey works great for our recreation. This bedding set could easily be used in many different decors so even if you decide to change up your bedroom decor in a couple of years this set will still look great.

I chose it for the variation of grey in stripes on the pillow duvets and the comforter duvet. The grey mixture allows for an easy to match bedspread to sheet colors and other grey’s as well.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Pillows

Below are several throw pillow options for your bed. I mix solids and different geometric shaped to create the perfect blend of blush and grey on your bedding. It’s important to have pillows that mix these two colors in order to tie in the entire room.

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Blush Pillow

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Scandinavian Pillow

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Geometric Pillow

Blush and Grey Bedroom Throw Blanket

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Blush Throw

It’s important to add soft touches to the bedroom as you will want to create an inviting and romantic space. This throw blanket is an awesome soft touch as well as a bit of added warmth during colder winter months if needed.

The pale pink will blend wonderfully with blush. The softness will have you using it for quiet reading time. The size is perfect for tossing over the corner of a bed or laying it across the bottom.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Side Table

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Bedside Tables

I have featured this wonderful end table before in my post Snag This Look: Earthy Living room. These modern pieces will also look great in our blush and grey bedroom. The grey weathered coloring on the wood blends wonderfully with the metal legs.

Place soft pink ring holders and vases of flowers to soften up the modern look while blending well with the rest of the bedroom.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Lamp

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Rose gold lamps

These rose gold lamps are an awesome replacement to the hanging lamps you see in the original photo. The shades keep the modern feel soft but blend well with the colors of the room. These lamps will work well with the bedside tables adding height to the top of your bed.

Blush and Grey Bedroom Art

Snag This Look - Blush and Grey Bedroom - Grey and Blush Art

This piece is 36×36 and comes with your choice in frame. This piece will look fantastic above your bed and wonderfully blends blush and grey together. Bringing the color up the wall will add height above your bed while also brightening the rest of the room from the cool grey.

I love the blush and grey look as it is a fantastic way to bring color into your bedroom. Leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the recreation choices. Be sure to subscribe to receive posts like this to your inbox. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your favorite home decor boards.


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