Must Read 5 Star Spicy Book Recommendations

5 Star Spicy Book Recommendations - Must Read Spicy Books - Spicy Book Recommendations

If you’ve clicked into this post then you are my people and like to read smut or spicy romance books. Today I’m giving my 5 star spicy book recommendations based on how much I liked them. 

In this list I have everything from contemporary romance all the way to dark romance and even a little fantasy romance thrown in. If you like spicy books these are my high recommended book that you may like as well.

I will try not to spoil any of the books with my short reviews and I will likely give you a few trigger warnings too because some of these books are dark and have triggers you might not like. That being said, where I can I will absolutely give you my full review so you can see full trigger lists and get more information on each book.

Spicy Book Recommendations

So far this year I’ve read 122 books and almost all of them were spicy books. The books I’m recommending today are all books I’ve read this year that I gave 5 stars to. I have a couple of series that I’m recommending and a few standalone in a series. I will give information regarding those series as needed.

Let’s dive in.

Lilac by B.B. Reid

Lilac by B.B. Reid is a rock star why choose romance. Braxton signs a contract to be the new guitarist for Bound and the rock stars aren’t happy about it. A secretive drummer, a man whore bassist, and a perfectionist lead singer are ready to turn her dreams into a nightmare. All she has to do is get through this world tour but they intend on making it difficult for her.

This book sucked me in and I could not put it down. The characters were interesting, the twists were unpredictable, and the spice was extremely hot. There is religious trauma in this book along with mentions of past rape and sexual assault. I gave this book 4 peppers.

Lilac Book cover

Free Fall by Sara Cate

Free Fall is book two in the Wilde Boys Duet by Sara Cate. I highly recommend reading the first book before diving into this one, however, the first book has a taboo subject that some audiences could find offensive. 

Nash Wilde has a past that still haunts him. Now an ex-friend and a family friend are invading his private island and he’ll be forced to deal with his past. Now there is a pull between the three of them and the secrets they all hide won’t stay hidden.

Free Fall is a polyam romance with three amazing characters who struggle with their mental health and learning to heal from their pasts. As far as the triggers go there is some BDSM in this story that you should be aware of. I gave this book 4 peppers.

Free Fall Book cover

Faking with Benefits by Lily Gold

Layla just can’t seem to get to date number two and she hasn’t had a boyfriend since highschool. After one particularly bad date that one of her hot neighbors save her from, they come up with a plan that can help them all out. She’s going to fake date her three hot neighbors in order to learn how to land that second date.

Faking with Benefits is a contemporary why choose romance with a fake dating trope and fantastic characters. Upon first meeting Layla you don’t expect her to turn into a strong woman who is fiercely independent and quick witted. This book was laugh out loud funny, I shed a couple of tears, and the spice was absolutely top notch. I gave this book 4 peppers.

Read my full Faking With Benefits Book Review here.

Faking With Benefits Book Cover

The Words by A. Jade

Lennon helped Phoenix back in highschool and then he went and did the unthinkable. Now that he’s spiraling out of control Lennon may be the only person who can help him. She has her own plans to get back at him for what he did to her. 

The Words was an absolutely fantastic book featuring a curvy female main character, a hot rock god, and a story of betrayal and healing. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with these characters. Addiction, drugs, and alcohol are potential triggers in this book. I gave the book 3 peppers.

Read my full The Words Book Review here.

The Words Book Cover

Salacious Players Club Series by Sara Cate

After four friends lose their jobs at an agency they decide to start a dating app catered towards kinks. Several years later and they are now opening an exclusive sex club where members can explore their kinks safely and without judgement.

I highly recommend this entire series and while the books are standalone it’s helpful to read them in order. Each book touches on slightly taboo subjects and no one does taboo quite like Sara Cate.

Praise is a ex-boyfriends father romance with BDSM and Praise kink. Eyes On Me is a step-sister romance with a voyeurism kink. Give Me More has a wife sharing kink that’s filled with self-discovery. Finally Mercy will be out later this month and it’s an age gap with an older woman.

I am absolutely hooked on this series because all of the characters are bringing something fantastic to the table. We deal with mental health struggles, healing, acceptance, and self discovery in these books that are cathartic and beautiful. The entire series as a whole would get 4 peppers.

Praise book cover
Eyes On Me book cover
Give Me More book cover
Mercy Book Cover

Dead Men Walking Duet by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

What happens when one slightly psychotic female and three male homicidal maniacs join forces to stop a human trafficking ring? A hilarious read filled with spice and maybe questioning your own mental health. At least that’s what I got from this duet.

Brooklyn was scooped up from the streets, won a last man standing battle, and then was bought by a psychotic Irishman who kills for a living. Niall, Mateo, and AJ have vowed to help Brooklyn seek her revenge and in the process she might fall for them too.

Dead Men Walking is a why choose dark romance with interesting characters, loads of laughs, and even a few tears. Once I picked this series up I could not put it down. I absolutely loved the humor and the spice was fantastic. This series got 5 peppers.

You can read my full Dead Men Walking Duet Review here.

The Death Club Book Cover
Society of Psychos Book Cover

The Soldiers of Anarchy Series by Nikki J Summers

The Soldiers are vigilantes who protect their city from scum. Sometimes that means they get their hands bloody. It’ll take a special kind of person to handle their brand of insanity. Each book shares the story of one of the Soldiers.

Right now there are two books in this series, The Psycho and The Reaper. The Joker will be out on October 27th, 2022. I love a good anti-hero and that is what the soldiers are. These books are the reason why every single Nikki J Summers book is now on my TBR. I gave this series 3 peppers so far.

You can read my full The Soldiers of Anarchy Series Review here.

The Psycho book cover
The Reaper book cover

The Takeover by T.L. Swan

Claire and her husband started a company and 5 years after his death Tristan wanted to buy it from her. This company is her husband’s legacy and is meant for her three sons so Tristan Miles can kick rocks with his offer. That is until she sees him on a retreat. Now they are back home and Claire isn’t so sure about continuing what was started while on vacation.

I absolutely loved The Takeover. Claire is a widowed mom in her 30s who is trying to keep her company afloat while a billionaire tries to convince her she should be with him. This book had me dying laughing, crying, and I absolutely loved the chemistry between Claire and Tristan. I gave this book 3 peppers.

You can read my full The Miles High Club Series Review here.

The Takeover Book Cover

The Ritual by Shantel Tessier

Blake’s boyfriend is a part of a secret society but after she catches him cheating it’s his ex best friends arms she falls into. He wants her for his chosen one but there is more hiding with the Lords and the threat to her is real. 

The Ritual is an either you love it or you hate it. I personally enjoyed this book a lot, there were twists, the spice was immaculate, and it left you guessing. There are a lot of triggers in this book so I highly recommend checking the trigger warnings from the authors before reading. I gave this book 5 peppers.

The Ritual Book Cover

Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

The Vipers run this city but when Roxy’s father sells her to them since he can’t pay his debt, I’m surrounded by four homicidal maniacs living in their penthouse. They might own her but she’s determined to tear them apart.

Den of Vipers is a why choose romance with knife play, gun play, blood play, BDSM, Dub-Con, and other kinks plus past child abuse, drugs, violence, and a lot of sex scenes. I personally enjoyed reading this book and really enjoyed the four male characters. If you want a book that will make you say, “what the fuck did I just read?” Then this is the book for you. I gave this book 5 peppers.

You can read my full Den of Vipers Book Review here.

Den of Vipers book cover

Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

When Elise’s brother dies she has to figure out who killed him and all she knows is that one of the Kings of Aurora Academy did it. Now she’s in the path of four hot males and they all have their sights set on her, but one of them killed her brother and she’s out for revenge.

The Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac is a why choose romance that I highly recommend. Of course there are going to be loads of triggers though because it’s written by the Twisted Sisters. Make sure you check out my full Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac Series Review here for that full list of triggers. I gave this series 5 peppers.

You can read my full The Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac Series Review here.

Dark Fae
Savage Fae
Vicious Fae
Broken Fae
Warrior Fae

Forget Me Not Bombshell by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

When Anya, the daughter of the Russian Mafia Boss, is sent to marry Danny, the boss of the Firm in London, she wants to ruin his life. Except she didn’t marry Danny, she married his brother who was framed for a murder he didn’t commit. She’s trying to survive, he’s trying to clear his name, and his friends are trying not to fall for his wife.

Forget Me Not Bombshell is a why choose romance and once again is loaded with triggers thanks to the Twisted Sisters. This is one of my favorite books by the Twisted Sisters and once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this for new to Dark Romance and new to Why Choose Romance readers. I gave this book 5 peppers.

You can read my full Forget Me Not Bombshell Book Review here.

Forget Me Not Bombshell Book Cover

Four Horsemen Series by Sarah Bailey

10 years ago their best friend had a life changing accident and then was kidnapped with no memory of who she was. Drake, Francis, Preston, and West want Scarlett back but now that she is back her mission is to destroy them. Now they have to find a way to keep her while taking out the person who sent her after them.

The Four Horsemen Series is a dark romance series with several trigger warnings so make sure you check those out before reading. I absolutely loved the story, the character growth, and the writing style in this series. I gave it 5 stars and 5 peppers.

Carnage book cover
Chaos book cover
Corrode book cover
Cataclysm book cover

5 Star Spicy Books

While the spice levels for these books vary, each of them received 5 stars from me. Most of them received those five stars because the story was just that damn good. Some of these books changed me completely, some awakened sides to me I didn’t know existed, and some of these books just left their mark.

I personally love books that make me feel several different emotions while I’m lost in the pages of the story. Regardless of if the characters are relatable I want to feel attached to them and most of these books did that to me in some way shape or form.

Have you read any of these books and which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on TikTok and Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite book boards.

5 Star Spicy Book Recommendations - Must Read Spicy Books - Spicy Book Recommendations

Must Read Spicy Books - Spicy Book Recommendations - 5 Star Spicy Book Recommendations

Spicy Book Recommendations - 5 Star Spicy Book Recommendations - Must Read Spicy Books


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