Organize Your Bathroom Without A Linen Closet

You never realize how important linen closets are to your daily life until you are suddenly living without one. That tiny little closet offers so much more help than people expect it too. If you are currently living without a linen closet you probably need these bathroom organization hacks.

Organizing your towels, sheets, and extra bathroom products when you don’t have a linen closet can become a bit of a challenge. The goal here though is to put things where they make the most sense.

This also means you will need to declutter your bathroom supplies, sheets, and towels. If you are a towel hoarder like me this can get difficult.

Ultimately, to organize your bathroom when you don’t have a linen closet you need to maximize the amount of space you do have. The right products can help you keep your bathroom organized and not cluttered.

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Bathroom Organization Ideas Without A Linen Closet

This type of toilet paper holder allows you to store extra rolls of toilet paper right where they are easily accessible and you don’t need to worry about stacking them on a shelf or the back of the toilet.

Get jars like this to fill with everyday products. They can go on the back of the toilet, on a shelf next to the sink, or even on the countertop itself.

Behind the toilet cabinets also help with keeping all your supplies hidden and well organized. Consider purchasing one of these to increase your storage capabilities.

Over the cabinet hair care storage units will keep your blow dryer, curling irons and straighteners in one spot and off your counter tops.

Use plastic organizers like these for makeup brushes and plastic drawers like these to store your makeup. These can be placed under the sink or on top of the counter on on shelving next to the sink to keep it out of reach of children.

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Declutter Your Bathroom Supplies

First, go through your sheet sets and keep only two sets for each bed in your house. Donate or toss any old or mismatched sheets. You don’t need them. Fold them and place the sheets inside their matching pillow case.

Next, go through your towels. I know it’s awesome to have a ton of fun beach towels but how often do you actually go to the pool? Keep enough beach towels that there is one towel per person.

Roll the beach towels up tight and place them on a shelf in another closet so they are out of the way. You will need that under the sink space later and they probably won’t match your bathroom decor. Keep things neat by putting them on a shelf in your bedroom closet.

Only keep one bath towel per person with two extras. Unfortunately, this means you will probably end up doing more laundry but it also means you will have far less towels to clutter up your bathroom. You should only need two hand towels but keep all your wash cloths.

Finally, go through all your medicine, first aid supplies, and miscellaneous bathroom supplies. Get rid of anything expired. Throw away anything you no longer need. Create a medicine box or basket with anything remaining.

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Store Towels In Bathroom

Hang up as many towels as your family needs, so four towels for a family of four. The two extras get rolled into tight and placed on a shelf you will install above the toilet.

Keeping a couple extra towels on the shelf for the possibilities of overnight guests staying with you. You may also need them as extras for laundry day itself.

Hang up one hand towel and roll the remainder. Place that one on top of the rolled bath towels. Keep washcloths in a neat stack under the sink.

Put rags under the kitchen sink or in your laundry room. Store any extra kitchen towels in the kitchen as well under a sink or in a drawer if you can spare one.

Only have as many kitchen towels as you need, I would only keep three or four. Donate or get rid of extras as they will most likely just clutter up your valuable cabinet space.

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Bathroom Shelving Over The Door With Baskets

You will want to use fabric baskets to hold medicine and extra supplies. Place a shelf above your doorway. This keeps dangerous to children products in a high up place.

Place additional fabric baskets on more shelving above the toilet to store extra shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, and toothpaste.

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Storage Ideas For Linens

Fold your sheets and place them inside their matching pillow cases. Store then in nightstands in each room. If you do not have nightstands, in the bedroom closet on the shelf or in a dresser drawer is fine too.

You could install shelving above the door in your bedrooms and place a basket that holds the extra sheets. This also gives you another spot to hide extras you may need but don’t have the space in a linen closet.

The key to them not taking up lots of space is keeping the sheets secure in their matching pillow case. It reduces the time you spend searching through your sheet sets to find the matching parts. Storing them in the rooms where they belong also makes it easy to change sheets weekly as you wash the bedding in your house.

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Final Tips

By having the right products, decluttering, and storing your linen closet products correctly you can keep everything organized and in convenient spots. Maximize your wall space by installing usable shelves keeps countertops and under the sink free from clutter.

Use fabric baskets for easy cleaning and to organize your bathroom clean and organized. Remember to store medicines and products you don’t want your children to get ahold of in one of these baskets up high on a shelf.

Folding your sheets and putting them in nightstands and bedroom closets keeps them organized plus easy to find and change bedding. Remember to get rid of any mismatched or ruined sheets, towels, and expired medicines.

What do you do to organize without a linen closet? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas and pin this to your cleaning and organization boards.

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