9 Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpieces

We usually don’t think much of Thanksgiving centerpieces until we are about a week out and counting the chairs in our dining room. With the menu planning, guest list, disposing of leaves and trying to find that perfect recipe for pumpkin pie it can just slip our mind.

Lucky for you I have put together a list of easy to set up centerpieces that won’t block the view across the table and ignite conversation at your holiday party.

The key to a successful Thanksgiving centerpiece is making sure it encourages conversation not blocks it.People should never have to weave and bob in order to see who’s talking on the other side of the table. Not at a Thanksgiving gathering.

Your Thanksgiving centerpiece should be festive. However, if you match it to the decor of your home using similar colors that is fine too. The white pumpkin is extremely popular right now and still extremely festive.

Let’s get into our list of the 10 easiest and festive Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

DIY Pumpkin Vase

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - DIY Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins in a Lantern

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Pumpkins in a Lantern

Printable Pumpkin Leaves

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Printable Pumpkin Leaves

A Floral Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - A Floral Pumpkin

Pumpkins and Antlers

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Pumpkins and Antlers

Pumpkins and Candles

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Pumpkins and Candles

Pinecones and an Autumn Bouquet

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Pinecones and an Autumn Bouquet

Nuts about Candles

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Nuts About Candles

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Centerpieces - Chalk Painted Pumpkins

All of these Thanksgiving centerpieces are easy to do and will delight your guests while not blocking dinner conversation.

Which one are you trying this year? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your fall decor and Thanksgiving boards.

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    9 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

    9 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

    Crystal Lynn

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    6 Responses

    1. I am loving every single one of these! Totally using the last one for our dining room table. Thank you!!

    2. Katie says:

      These are all lovely ideas! I can hardly believe how fast Thanksgiving is approaching! Thanks for the inspiration and happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    3. We did the pumpkin vases for our October wedding 4 years ago. They were stunning! I highly recommend it, I did the carving myself so the florist only had to arrange the flowers, and it really wasn’t that bad to do.

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