14 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Budget Farmhouse Bathroom DIY - Easy Fixer Upper Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas - Farmhouse Decor with Bathroom DIY

We all want to save money when remodeling a home. One of the most expensive rooms to remodel is the bathroom. If you are a handy person you might be interested in bathroom DIY. These DIY bathroom ideas on a budget will help you to upgrade your bathroom without spending loads of money doing it.

Rob and I have gone back and forth over buying a cheaper home and remodeling it to our liking; or buying a home that’s already decorated the way we want it. The real thing buying a home boils down to is purchase price.

With some of the DIY’s I have been finding lately the idea of buying a house we can decorate and remodel to our liking is the better choice. Save some money and get what we really want instead of getting close and still having to remodel.

I’ve got a list of 14 awesome bathroom ideas from some of the blogging worlds best DIYers. Everything from storage options to tiling your bathroom and building a new vanity. Honestly, I’m barely handy at all. If I can tile a bathroom, so can you.

DIY Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

It’s no surprise that people like to remodel their bathroom, the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most used rooms in a home. Naturally we want these parts of our home to look well put together, well organized, and look clean.

An old tub, tub surround, or vanity can make a bathroom look dated and dirty. A simple and quick DIY could completely change the feel and look of your bathroom while not breaking your budget.

DIY ideas can also help you to find the style you want to use in your bathroom and home. It’s a great place to try out a style you are interested in to see if you will like it long term.

Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Add Stone Around your Bathtub

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Install stone on your tub

This simple DIY is a great way to spruce up your bathroom without spending loads of money on a new tub. If you have one of those plain builder tubs consider adding stone to the front of your tub. This simple trick will save you loads of time while also being budget friendly.

Build Reclaimed Wood Shelves

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Build Reclaimed Wood Shelves

If you’d like to add a touch of farmhouse to your bathroom try this budget bathroom idea. These simple to DIY reclaimed box shelves create extra space on your walls without costing you an arm and a leg. Use them for extra towel storage or add cute little decorations to them.

Hide Unsightly Bathroom Supplies with this Shelf

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Hide Unsightly Bathroom Supplies


Hide away your plunger, toilet bowl cleaner, and store extra toilet paper in this easy to build shelf. Add small doors and these products can be hidden away with ease. Leave it open and add a toilet paper roll holder to the inside. This shelf is perfect for apartments or small downstairs bathrooms that need a little bit of extra storage space.

Turn a Box into a Toilet Paper Holder

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Turn a box into a Basket

This simple DIY gives you extra storage and is stylish on the cheap. Store extra towels, toilet paper, or toiletries in this with ease. Use many boxes and place on shelves or just set it on the back of your toilet, either way you have quick, easy, cheap decor.

Create a Mason Jar Organizer

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Create a Mason Jar Organizer


If you’re looking for that famous Joanna Gaines farmhouse style this mason jar organizer has it. A simple piece of reclaimed wood used to secure mason jars creates a unique makeup brush, tooth brush, and other toiletry holders. It gets things off your counters while adding a touch of farmhouse flair on a budget.

Stain your Vanity with Gel Stain For a Whole New Look

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Stain your Vanity

If you want a whole new look but don’t want to replace your builder grade bathroom cabinets, use gel stain instead. This simple stain will give you a whole new drastic look without killing your wallet.

Paint your Bathtub


If you have an old stained bathtub that you can’t seem to get clean – try painting it instead. This process takes some work and a bit of time to get right so make sure you have another bathroom you can use for your morning shower. This is still a cheap way to spruce up your bathroom on a tight budget.

Frame your Bathroom Mirror

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Frame your Bathroom Mirror

Probably the best way to change the look of your bathroom is by adding a frame to that large bathroom mirror. A simple and budget friendly idea for renters and people who don’t want to remodel their bathroom just yet.

Build a Toilet Paper Holder with a Shelf for your Phone

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf


I feel like this is a must have in most homes now. A shelf on a toilet paper holder can come in handy for those who like to browse social media while in the bathroom. You can also use it for an extra roll of toilet paper too.

Build a Pallet Shelf for Bathroom Essentials

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Build a Pallet Shelf

A simple pallet shelf is a great way to store hair supplies and keep them off your counter top. No more wires hanging or little hands touching hot curling irons. This simple to create shelf keeps your hair styling products in one easy to access place.

Build an Over the Door Shelf to Create More Storage

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Build an over the door Shelf

One of the best ways to create more space in a bathroom is to install and use wall space. Adding an over the door shelf gives you an extra place to store products you don’t always need. It’s a great use of space that previously was forgotten about.

Tile your Shower

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Tile your Shower

Ditch that old shower and tub surround and opt for a simple tile instead. You can get subway tile or plain white tile for fairly cheap at your local home improvement store. This simple DIY will give your bathroom a whole new look by just changing one simple thing.

Turn a Garage Sale Dresser into an Awesome Vanity

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Turn a Dresser into a Vanity

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your bathroom look no further than the garage sales. This bathroom idea on a budget utilizes an old dresser and turns it into a new vanity. It’s a unique touch and can change the entire look of your bathroom.

Or Create your Own Industrial Bathroom Vanity

14 Awesome Bathroom DIYs - Build an Indrustrial Vanity


Of if you don’t want to upcycle try building your own bathroom vanity with this tutorial. This budget friendly bathroom idea will give your bathroom that beautiful farmhouse industrial look without breaking your budget in the slightest.

With all of these awesome bathroom DIY options you are sure to find a way to decorate your bathroom without breaking your budget.

Which one are you excited to try? Leave a comment below with your favorite bathroom DIY. Follow me on Pinterest and pin this to your bathroom and home decor boards.

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  1. Love this post! These are the simple and easy way to change the whole look of the bathroom on a budget. I am inspired by your work and got some great ideas. Thanks and keep sharing.

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  3. I like the idea of turning an old dresser into a sink. I feel like that would be a good way to use one that you are no longer needing. It would probably be cheaper than having a new cabinet installed there as well.

  4. This bathroom is beautiful. I love it. Such a lovely renovations. I’m planning on redoing my bathrooms, but it will have to be done on a budget so we’ll be keeping the vanity and shower too. Thank you so much for sharing your essential post.

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