10 Inviting Dining Room Ideas

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Creating an inviting dining room can be a bit difficult. Most dining rooms end up feeling like a formal room that is meant for a dignitary of some sort. Today I’m going to show you how to create an inviting dining room that will make your guests feel right at home.

An inviting dining room makes get togethers with friends and family extremely comforting. To avoid the formal dining room that can make people want to run for the exit once the meal is over there are a few simple things you can do.

I want to help you add a few small touches to your dining room in order to turn it into a more inviting and calming place. If people are comfortable in the environment you create they are more likely to stick around for conversation.

Introverts are often most comfortable in their own homes and can be pretty social people in the right environment. Even as an introvert I absolutely love playing the hostess. I love having friends and family over for dinner.

Inviting Dining Rooms

Here are some of the things you can do to make an inviting dining room.

Use A Round Table

Inviting Dining Room - Use A Round Table

A round table can even the playing field. There is no head of the table and therefore no one person to control and steer the conversation. A round table makes everyone feel a part of the conversation and makes following a conversation easier.

A round table helps to stop to conversation lean. Every person sitting at the table can sit comfortably but still see who is talking clearly in order to read the body language that may be complimenting the tone of voice.

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Get A Large Statement Piece

Inviting Dining Room - Large Statement Piece

Instead of filling your dining room with a lot of smaller items that can make the room feel cluttered and messy – add a large statement piece instead. The large clock mixes extremely well with the soft fabrics and neutral colors.

A hard chair or a modern rug would completely change the entire feel of this room from warm and inviting to cold and formal. So if you have a more modern or industrial dining room decor consider adding a touch of contemporary or traditional styling to soften the feel of the room.

Consider Farmhouse Chic

Inviting Dining Room - Farmhouse Chic

This dining room is absolutely stunning. The farmhouse style table paired with soft blues, peaches, tans, and white just really brightens up this room. I could seriously drink several cups of coffee in this room enjoying great conversation with friends.

The crystal in the chandelier and the lamps pair nicely and add just a touch of formality a classic modern farmhouse style. The light colors, soft seating, and low centerpiece make the room appealing and comfortable.

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Go Dark

Inviting Dining Room - Go Dark

Dark walls will normally make a room feel small and closed in – not in this case. By painting the walls dark and having a light natural oak stained dining table you are drawing all eyes to the point of conversation. The white, silver, grey, and gold pillows add comfort to this dining room.

The three white lamps and gold and white place settings add a richness to this casual dining room without making it too formal. This dining room could induce long conversations.

A Beachy Farmhouse Look

Inviting Dining Room - Beachy Farmhouse Look

Coming back to the light side of things this beachy farmhouse look is so comfortable looking I want to be bff’s with the homeowner just to enjoy conversation in her dining room. I especially love how she paired her centerpiece with her lighting.

Blues are a calming color and are fantastic in dining room decor. With plenty of natural lighting and a beachy farmhouse feel this inviting dining room is one made for long conversations.

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Keep It Simple

Inviting Dining Room - Keep It Simple

Sometimes coastal decor makes more of an impact when it’s simplified and minimalist. This dining room does exactly that. By using the turquoise shades of blue around a simple farmhouse table this dining room it creates a welcoming environment.

The simple bowl filled with beautiful blue hydrangeas keeps conversation flowing while adding a down to earth tone to the room. Finally, by keeping the walls light and only having a few statement pieces this minimalist coastal decor will not distract from the conversation at hand.

Consider your Lighting

Inviting Dining Room - Use Correct Lighting

In this dining room you have the floral element, the soft fabrics, and the farmhouse table that all work well for creating an inviting dining room. However, the one element in this dining room that really makes this dining room stand out as inviting is the light fixture.

The table lamp type shade adds an element of comfort to this dining room. Lighting can make or break the look you are going for in your living room. Adding softer fixtures can drastically change the look and feel of a room.

Add A Gallery Wall

Inviting Dining Room - Add A Gallery Wall

A well laid out gallery wall can soften up a formal or modern dining room. You can use family images or scenic views in your gallery wall to create the exact look you want.

If you have a smaller dining room try adding mirrors to give the appearance of a larger room. Also make sure your room is well lit to make it feel larger too.

Use Different Chairs

Inviting Dining Room - Use Different Chairs

Not only is using different chairs a cheap way to redecorate your dining room but it adds an eclectic flair making your dining room inviting and comforting.

The key to making this work is to stay in complementary or the same color family. So if you are doing a sage green two deep purple chairs would look fantastic in the mix.

Add Some Brightness

Inviting Dining Room - Add Brightness

Using a bright color to accent your dining room can immediately add warmth and brighten up a formal dining room. This golden sunny yellow is the perfect color to brighten up and make this space inviting.

I feel like you can’t be mad in a room this bright and sunny room. You can have great conversations with a lot of laughter and joy.

Inviting Dining Room Ideas

Using soft touches, bright colors, and the right furniture and the right lighting fixtures can make your dining room inviting. It’s all about making the environment feel like home.

You want to create a room that makes everyone feel like they are at home, at their favorite diner, or anywhere they might feel comfortable. If you do centerpieces at the table make sure to keep them low profile so people can easily speak to those across from them.

Which dining room is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite home decor boards.

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  1. Hi there. I have a question I live in a retirement home and as I enter my apartment the first thing you see is my dining room and of course it’s next to my galley kitchen but it’s always dark because I don’t have any windows. So I was thinking of moving my dining room to my living room because I have glass sliding doors and all the light that shines in from the Sun looks so beautiful. I’d rather have the dining room nice and bright then where the dining room is now. I need suggestions or your advice. I like the photos that were posted on here.

    1. While moving your dining room into the area that receives the most light sounds great, does this mean you are moving your living room – where you might spend more time – into a darker area of your home? Are you ok with using more artificial light in your living space? If these things don’t bother you by all means move your dining room into your living room. It’s your apartment and you can have your dining area be wherever it makes you happy. All that matters when decorating your home is to do what makes you happy.

    2. I am wondering if you can get a small table like a drop leaf table that could be used in the living room as a side table, but made larger if you have company for eating?

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