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About 6 months ago I was looking for a preschool curriculum to help me teach my then 4 year old son. While he was doing great with numbers, letters, and colors, he was still working on shapes.

In my research I found ABC Mouse and I was excited to get L started with the program. I felt it was the perfect app that can help him learn even with his ADHD.

ABC Mouse Front Page

Today I want to share with you everything I know about ABC Mouse so you can decide if it’s the right app for your kid.

It’s A Supplement To What Your Kid Is Learning

ABC Mouse is actually not a curriculum, it’s a supplement to help your child learn in a way that is fun and exciting for them.

ABC Mouse is for kids in Preschool through 2nd grade and provides additional learning so your kids can memorize the things they are learning in school.

It’s for kids who struggle or need a little bit of extra practice with the lessons and things they are learning in their grade level. It’s also great for kids who are looking to move forward with their education.

The biggest problem I had with my own ADHD as a child was I got bored easily. Once I learned something I was done with it and wanted to move forward.

In school this meant I tested well but failed to do my homework because I found it boring.

I notice some of these same traits in my own son, he will learn something new, practice it for a period of time, then seek something new to learn. ABC Mouse works perfectly in that type of learning.

How It Works

ABC Mouse has loads of different options depending on what your kid is interested in learning at the time.

I’ll be going through the different features of ABC Mouse and how they work.

How Tickets Work & Will Your Kid Spend Them?

In each educational feature that is watched your kid earns tickets that can be spent inside the app to change clothing on their avatar, decorate their room, or purchase pets.

ABC Mouse Tickets

The educational feature are completing lessons on the learning path, reading books at the library, and watching videos.

The Learning Path

The learning path is a guided lesson plan that uses different types of lessons to teach your kids.

ABC Mouse Learning Path

The types of lessons:

  • Songs
  • Puzzles
  • Matching Games
  • Tracing Exercises
  • Sentence Builders
  • and more.

The learning path is where your kid will probably spend the majority of their time on the app. It’s where they will learn all the skills necessary for their age.

It helps to watch or keep an ear out for what they are learning on the platform so you can replicate the same lessons in your own daily curriculum.

The Classroom

The classroom provides access to different types of topics for additional practice. Different sections in the classroom covers different subjects that your child will be learning.

ABC Mouse Classroom

For instance, if your child is in the Pre-K level and need additional practice the letters on the back wall will direct you to where they can get more practice in.

Your child can also pick lessons based on activities in the classroom. If your kid learns best through art they can do more coloring activities related to the topic they need to learn.

Another fantastic feature of ABC Mouse is you can actually print off loads of worksheets so your kid isn’t spending all of their time on a tablet. The printables can be found in the classroom by clicking on the printer.

The Map

The map allows you to go to the different areas of ABC Mouse easier. There are multiple areas that your child can learn from.

ABC Mouse Map

There is a zoo where you child can learn all about different types of animals, what they eat, where they live, and interesting facts.

There is also a farm area. Here you child will learn about the different animals and activities that go on at a farm.

You’ll also find a library where your kids can find loads of different books and magazines to read and learn about the world around them. My son actually prefers to spend loads of time in the library listening to different books.

There are a couple of other great areas filled with activities for your kid too.

The Pets

The pets in the app encourage responsibility in taking care of them but also leads them to working through lessons on the learning path.

ABC Mouse Pet Park

Doing lessons every day helps to improve the mood of your pet so it’s a great way to encourage your kid to complete the lessons.

There are all sorts of different pets that you can have in the pet park. My son has a cat and a penguin – because penguins are his favorite animal.

As you can see my son needs to spend some time on the learning path in order to get his penguin to a green happy face.


In the library you will find tons of different books and magazines that your kid can read. They have many different categories for the types of books your kid would like to read.

ABC Mouse Library

They have Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic books as well as fairy tails and classics like Curious George.

The categories section makes it easy to search for books that you want your child to read and you can favorite them and add them to their own shelf. This allows your kid to return back to their favorite books repeatedly.


Music videos can be found in the classroom along the top of the menu. There are songs that teach about all sorts of different activities, letters, the world around us, and more.

ABC Mouse Music

My son especially loves the music that’s in the app. He dances around and sings to the different kid songs that are available. Each song is educational in teaching about different areas of life.

Obviously all the songs are kid songs, at least so far that I’ve noticed.

Parents Section

One of the best parts about ABC Mouse is that you as a parent can easily check on your kids progress through the lessons. There are also assessment tests that your kid can take to see what they still need to work on.

In the parents section you can see how long it’s been since your kid has worked on lessons so you can help to motivate them to keep going.

Overall ABC Mouse Review

Overall I’ve been extremely happy with the ABC Mouse experience. My kid is learning new skills, practicing the skills he has, and it’s a fun app for everyone.

ABC Mouse has just so many different types of resources they can all help your kid learn new skills, improve skills, and it doesn’t stop at 2nd grade.

Once your kid is too old for ABC Mouse they can move on to Adventure Academy. Adventure Academy is meant for 8-13 year olds to continue learning, practicing, and improving their skills as they continue to move through schooling.

I really like that ABC Mouse is a complete online learning program that caters to the different needs all of our children have. It makes learning easier, practicing more fun, and it doesn’t cost a large amount of money.

Are you using ABC Mouse? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite kids and parenting boards.

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