Why You Need To Learn Content Marketing For Products


When you are selling products online it can be a bit difficult to market them. It’s harder if you’re not comfortable with selling. Learning content marketing for products can help you to better sell and reach all of those goals you want to make this year.

A blog allows you to show how your product is used, your creative process, and build a connection with your customers. Putting your potential customers’ minds at ease that you are indeed selling a superior product while also giving them a peek into your creative process, it let’s them feel close to you.

With that closeness you are building trust that helps you to make more sales. A blog is a great way to do content marketing for products and service based businesses.

What Content Marketing For Products Can Do

A blog can help you to sell more products, get found, and build trust with your audience. A blog can help detail the information about your products, show how they solve a problem, or display how your product can be used. Let’s go over a few scenarios.

Jewelry Business

You create unique pieces of jewelry and are selling on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and on your own website. The website is beautifully designed and each listing gives all the specific specs on each piece of jewelry. You have a bunch of great pictures too.

Now if you use content marketing for products, you can add a blog to your website and with each piece of jewelry you create a couple pieces of content showing the different ways you can style the jewelry. You do a day to night styling, a work styling, and an everyday styling. Now your potential customers have even more ways to view your products to decide to buy.

You then create a couple of Pinterest images for each of these posts and pin them to a few boards. You share the post to Facebook and share some of the example images to Instagram. Now people are coming to read the post. To better see how they can style they jewelry they buy from you.

Readers see the jewelry in action and exactly how to best style the jewelry. People can get real life examples and imagine themselves wearing the jewelry. So they go and purchase it.

Furthermore you are linking from your product page to the individual blog posts as examples if people want to see how to style the jewelry, building trust again from direct to sales page visitors. 

Digital Products

You create printable planners that help people keep track of their daily lives. You sell cleaning planners, daily planners, budget planners, etc. Using content marketing for products can help you to showcase your planners so you can sell more of them.

Your content marketing shows how a planner can help someone in their daily life, you showcase in use pictures of yourself using your planner. You can also showcase the creation process, offer sample pages as incentive to sign up for your email list, and even give tips about how to stick to a planner.

Just like with our jewelry scenario you create Pin images for each of the posts and pin them to relevant boards. You share them to Facebook and example images to Instagram.

You’ll also interlink your content to your product pages and to each other in order to drive more eyeballs to all of your different products. With content marketing for products you are giving real life examples as to why your target audience needs your digital products.

Types Of Content To Write

There are loads of different types of content marketing for products posts that you can write for your blog. Below is a list of these types and consider each of them carefully to brainstorm your content.

About Your Products

Do a post for each of your products where you talk about the different products and their usefulness. You can showcase your products in styling guides.

How to guides are a helpful way to show your products in use or how to use them. These step by step instructions are a great way to inform your customers which helps them to determine that they should purchase your products.

I recently went shopping for a new mop. I knew I wanted a washable pad or mop head and I wanted it to be microfiber. Of course there are loads of products to choose from and I ended up going with a simple mop and bucket where the bucket spins the mop to ring out the water.

I chose this because of all the different options, this one had a video showing how to use the product. Knowing what I’m in for with the product and knowing how to use it put me at ease in making the purchase. A how to guide acts the same way.

About Your Creation Process

If you are an artist you can also showcase your creation process. Do a timelapse video of your work, explain the inspiration behind the piece, talk about why you got into art in the first place.

Explaining your creation process gives people additional reason to feel connected to you and builds trust. If you buy a piece of art from Etsy it’s nice to have more than “I bought it from a shop on Etsy,” when people ask about it.

Give people a reason to have a conversation about your products.

The Problems Your Product Solves

What problems do your products solve? Write posts about those problems and how your products can solve those problems or help solve those problems.

In our jewelry store instance, jewelry helps people to be more stylish, complete outfits, and to spark conversations. In your blog posts you can showcase how your jewelry can be dressed up or dressed down.

Figure out what problems your product solves and sell the problem, the emotional side of the problem, and how they will feel emotionally when their problem is solved by your product.

The problem doesn’t need to be big, it can be a small inconvenience that your potential customers are looking to get rid of.

Marketing Your Content

You will want to share your content marketing for products posts on different social media platforms. The trick in finding which ones boils down to knowing who’s buying or searching for your product. While Pinterest is great for fashion, food, and home decor, Instagram works great for beauty, and Facebook has a place for almost every niche.

Figure out where your audience spends the majority of their time online and be active on that platform. Share your content, products, and exclusive first looks into your new products. Recommend people follow you on that platform too.

Blogging For Your Product Business

The beautiful part about running a blog for your product business is once you create the blog post you can push that content out repeatedly. It helps to free up how much time you spend marketing and gives you more chances to reach people organically.

So if you post once a week until you reach 30 posts you can then post something new once a month. All those 30 posts can be shared again periodically. This makes marketing a lot easier, it also makes sharing more possible.

People are more likely to share blog posts or videos than they are a product page. This brings more eyes to your brand and products. Blogging and content marketing can be a game changer in a product business.

How could a blog help your online product business? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll help you come up with content ideas.

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