10 Fun Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Spooky and Fun Halloween Decoration - Trick Or Treat Front Porch Ideas - Front Porch Ideas For Halloween

It’s officially Spooky Season! Ok I know it’s the beginning of August and we are still feeling that summer heat but planning your Halloween decor needs a bit of time. This is when we can get truly creative with our front porch. So I went on the hunt for Halloween front porch ideas that are spooky, cheeky, and truly one of a kind.

Bats, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, and gravestones… oh my. The one thing I can promise you is I’m not a spider person so there is very little about spiders in this post. However, I scoured Pinterest for some unique front porch decor ideas for Halloween. What I found has my head reeling from the possibilities on my own front porch.

The best part about Halloween decor is it’s not typically expensive and easy to do on your own. There are so many great DIY ideas out there for decorating your front porch without spending a dime. I’ll be sure that my next post covers some inexpensive Halloween DIY and I’ll link those here.

Your front porch is how you greet friends, family, and neighbors. Halloween is a great excuse for making it fun. Decorating your front porch also gives you the opportunity to do something fun with the kiddos. They are going to love putting out all the decorations with you, carving pumpkins, and even tackling some DIY projects.

I plan on spending the next month discussing different ideas, searching for supplies, and then get to decorating beginning in September. This way we can enjoy Halloween for two whole months.

Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Below are my top 10 favorite Halloween front porch ideas that I’m using to figure out the Halloween front porch of my dreams.

Simple Witchy Decor

witches hats hanging from a front porch ceiling with pumpkins and harvested corn stalks tied to pillars


I love the simple design of this front porch. Hanging witches hats from the ceiling, legs sticking out from the pot, and a cute sign all tie this theme together. It’s not too crowded and perfect for a simple look.

Black and White Basics

Front porch Halloween Decorations with tombstones, lit up skeletons, and candles


Keeping your color palette simple by using just blacks and whites adds a spooky vibe to your front porch. Especially when you add in all the lighting effects. Between battery operated candles, light up skulls, and even a lighted spider web. This is a beautiful front porch I just want to hand out candy on.

Pumpkins and Candles

pumpkins and candles on a front porch and walk way


Listen, we don’t all want to scare little children who are just looking to get some candy. This front porch and walkway is perfect for that. Plenty of pumpkins and battery operated candles give this front porch the perfect fairy tale vibes.

Pumpkin Mix

A front porch with straw pumpkins, real pumpkins, fake crows, orange leaves, and lanterns with candles


Pumpkins don’t all have to be real. Adding straw pumpkins is a great way to keep with your pumpkin theme without having loads of real pumpkins to go through later. Plus you can use them each year. Adding orange leaves, battery operated candles, and black crows add a bit of spooky vibes to the front porch.

Minimalist Spook

Boo spelled out in straw with paper bats and black and white accents on two chairs


If you have more of a modern look to your home this could be the perfect type of design for your front porch. Keeping it simple with accents of orange and gold make for a beautifully decorated front porch without a lot of fuss.

Trick Or Treat Porch

Front porch with gravestones, pumpkins both orange and white, and a skeleton.


Chalkboard paint is good for more than just your kids’ walls. Use leftover paint for chalkboard tombstones for that perfect matte finish. Adding a broken chain to the handle of your front door gives an extra creepy haunted house look. And using mums in your flower pots adds a bit of brightness to your front porch.

DIY Witches Legs

Fake witches legs with purple tights and black shoes sticking out of a barrel of apples


Pool noodles and cheap stockings make for fantastic DIY projects for your front porch. If you are going with a witchy vibe this year this is a great way to save some money. You can even make a cute sign out of paint stirrers, a hot glue gun, and some left over paint. 

Spooky Bed And Breakfast

A front porch with a reservations sign, a skeleton door man, purple feathers, and chandeliers for a creepy looking bed and breakfast look


If you are looking to go all the way out for your front porch and yard decoration, a spooky bed and breakfast is the way to go. Gothic style decor, purple and white lighting, skeletons, and a few signs make this New Orleans Style spooky Bed and Breakfast perfect. This porch gets a chef’s kiss from me. 

Lit Up Pumpkin Arch

An arch of jack o laterns over a front door.


Can we stop for a second and appreciate the brilliance of this arch? Could you imagine being a kid and walking under this lit up pumpkin patch to trick or treat on Halloween night? This makes my heart light up with excitement. It’s absolutely perfect, and the source link above gives you step by step instructions for pulling it off too.

Just Your Skelly Neighbors

Two skeletons sitting on rocking chairs with arms up like they are waving, three signs, and a few pumpkins


This front porch makes me so happy. Just your skeleton neighbors waving as you drive by, saying a quick hello. It’s cute while still having spooky vibes and gives me serotonin just looking at it. It’s adorable.

Front Porch Halloween Decorations

Be it your going simple or going all out in the spooky decor on your front porch, Halloween allows for your creative side to take over. Let the creative juices flow and have fun this Spooky Season decorating your house.

Which Halloween porch decor was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite Halloween boards.

Spooky and Fun Halloween Decoration - Trick Or Treat Front Porch Ideas - Front Porch Ideas For Halloween


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