10 Home Library Ideas For Bookworms

10 Home Library Ideas For Bookworms - Small Home Library Ideas - Functional Home Library Ideas

As a bookworm I sometimes search for home library ideas in order to plan out the eventual library I would like to have in my home. I typically don’t buy a lot of physical books because as a renter I know I’ll have to move them eventually.

While I would love to have that Beauty and Beast library, chances are pretty high I will never live in a castle. This is extremely sad, so I’ll need to settle for a home library that I can build in a normal home.

Since we intend to purchase a home soon I started looking into different types of home libraries that might work for us. These are the 10 of the designs I have found that appealed to me. The end design depends on what house we buy.

10 Home Library Ideas

My collection of books is a bit minimal right now and I honestly don’t know how big it will grow. I typically only purchase books that I’ve rated at 5 stars. It is also not often that I love a book or series so much that I give it 5 stars. For the purpose of filling shelves I might have to allow for 4 star books with beautiful covers too.

Library Staircase

I know I’d have to have a pretty wide staircase to pull this off but I also know that it would be a bit difficult to get books off the top shelf. However, this is a unique and beautiful way to display books. It’s also a great way to stay organized without taking up valuable living space.

Bohemian Sun Room

I would never put my books outside like this, however, in a lockable and weather controlled sun room I would. Having a beautiful outdoorsy area to comfortably read in would be a nice way to spend a day, or two, or a week.

Home Library with a Bed

I have often thought about combining a guest bedroom with a library. I could use the bed to read, still have a private space, but also have space for any friends or family coming into town. 

Under the Stairs Bookshelf

A small under the stair bookshelf area would help me stick to my only purchasing 5 star only books. It also gives some useful space saving ideas. However, I am pretty tall so I fear for my head when I inevitably hit it on the bottom of the staircase.

Living Room Bookshelf Wall

This style has been a favorite option for me personally. Gone are the days of entertainment centers now you use built in bookshelves to frame a TV on a wall. This would also be useful for me to put things like our soundbar and the Nintendo Switch near the TV.

Hidden Reading Nook Behind Bookshelves

Ok, so I don’t think I’ll necessarily have the room to do this but a hidden reading nook would be ideal for me. It provides me the privacy I want for reading while also being out of sight when I’m not. I could put the Sci Fi both my husband and I read on the outside and the inside would have endless shelves for my Fantasy reads.

Hallway Bookshelves

If I’m not lucky enough to have a separate reading space I could just line some hallways with built-in shelves. It allows me to decorate the hall in a way that is useful instead of just a random table, painting, or mirror.

Closet Book Nook

While I don’t know if this is going to be big enough it is an interesting way to give yourself a reading nook. Built into a small walk-in closet I’d probably add some curtains or bookcase door that opens into this reading nook.

Open Bookshelf Reading Nook

These open bookshelves that lead into a small reading nook is the perfect way to display special edition books with sprayed or pretty painted edges. It’s also a great way to offer some privacy for quiet reading time.

Attic Library

We’ve looked at a lot of cape cod type homes that have the finished attic space. Building some built-in shelves could turn an area of that space into a private library. This is one of my favorite ideas if we end up purchasing a house that would allow this to work.

The Perfect Home Library

Figuring out your perfect home library really depends on what type of space you have. While I’m sure most of us bookworms want the dream library with books galore, we just don’t have the space for it.

If you don’t really have the space for a dedicated home library, using spaces like hallways, under the stairs, and blank walls around a TV or bed will save some space. Think about where you typically like to read and set your library up there.

If you would like to see the types of books I read and review check out my book reviews here.

What does your dream library look like? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite home decor and home library boards.

10 Home Library Ideas For Bookworms - Small Home Library Ideas - Functional Home Library Ideas

Functional Home Library Ideas - 10 Home Library Ideas For Bookworms - Small Home Library Ideas

Small Home Library Ideas - Functional Home Library Ideas - 10 Home Library Ideas For Bookworms


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