11 Beautiful Bohemian Playroom Ideas

11 Beautiful Bohemian Playroom Ideas - Bohemian Playrooms for Kids - Combined Space Bohemian Playroom Ideas

When I was a kid the play room was typically in a basement and not at all decorated. That is no longer the case and I’m here for it. Today I am sharing Bohemian playroom ideas that are beautiful and well organized.

Half the reason why we likely didn’t get nicely decorated playrooms when we were kids was because organization options were pretty minimal. Additionally, the playroom was typically our domain. 

Now as people buy smaller homes and playrooms get put in multi purpose rooms, we need a bit of decor to make it look nice. You want the furniture, rugs, and everything else to look right with the rest of the house.

Truth is, kids aren’t really going to care what their playroom looks like as long as they have a place to play. Decorating a playroom is purely for us. We want to create a fun and relaxed environment we can enjoy while playing with our kids.

13 Bohemian Playroom Ideas

As a big Bohemian decor fan I scoured the internet for some interesting playroom decor ideas. Below are my favorites from what I saw.

Work and Play

Lindsey and The White Buffalo needed a space where she could work and her daughter could play. As a work at home mom myself the idea of combining an office and playroom is a great way to keep eyes on a little one while still getting work done.

Neutral Bohemian Playroom

I love the neutral and relaxing feel of this playroom. The big mural adds a nice focal point while there are several objects for easily organizing toys and books to keep the room cleaner when it’s not in use.

Traditional Bohemian Playroom

The beautiful thing about Bohemian decor is it can blend with all different styles of decor. In this room you have more traditional styles in the fireplace and armoire but both can easily be transformed to bring that eclectic Bohemian look.

Colorful Bohemian Playroom

While I love the neutral Bohemian look, a colorful one works beautifully for a playroom. Using reclaimed furniture, colorful rugs, and pictures this playroom is organized while providing plenty of useful space for kids.

Bohemian Farmhouse Playroom

You can even add Bohemian styling to a farmhouse decor. In this playroom room we see the plush bohemian rug and the bohemian wall decor in the corner just works wonderfully with the few farmhouse pieces like the artwork and the bench.

Plant Friendly Playroom

For a more eclectic bohemian look this playroom has that covered. Lots of bright colors, a space for seating, and bringing in plants and green creates a relaxing area for the parent while the kid has everything they could want in a playroom.

Brighten Up with Orange

In this playroom we have a well organized, bright, and creative space. We have the roll paper that allows for hours upon hours of drawing and those Ikea shelves that offer organization of all other toys. This is a beautiful bohemian playroom that will keep the room cleaner due to organization.

Creative Corner

This is the type of playroom that will grow with your kid. There is a great creative corner as pictured above, but a shelving unit with window seating and a sofa will allow for you a great reading nook or gaming room as your kid turns into a teen.

Combo Bedroom and Playroom

We don’t all have the luxury of being able to have separate bedrooms and playrooms for our kids so when you have to combine them, this is a beautiful bohemian playroom and bedroom option. I especially love the mix of blue and yellow with emerald green, it’s bright and happy for a kids room.

Playroom Living Room Combo

Sometimes you really want your kid to have their bedroom just be a bedroom. Oftentimes this means the playroom gets added to a living space. This combination room is colorful, organized, and perfect for letting your kids play in a space when you want to keep a close eye on them.

Modern Bohemian Playroom

Yes, that beautiful eclectic Bohemian decor we love can even be paired for a more modern look and this playroom does that very well. A few plants, some colorful rugs, and then leaving the rest of the room in black and white is a great way to blend bohemian with modern.

A Bohemian Playroom

I hope one day soon to be decorating our own playroom in our new home and these rooms give us some fantastic ideas. While I will likely go with a more colorful route and add a chalkboard wall I’m sure I will pull organizational ideas from these rooms.

Which bohemian playroom idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite playroom and kids room boards.

11 Beautiful Bohemian Playroom Ideas - Bohemian Playrooms for Kids - Combined Space Bohemian Playroom Ideas

Bohemian Playrooms for Kids - Combined Space Bohemian Playroom Ideas - 11 Beautiful Bohemian Playroom Ideas

Combined Space Bohemian Playroom Ideas - 11 Beautiful Bohemian Playroom Ideas - Bohemian Playrooms for Kids


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