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The hardest part about blogging is coming up with plenty of ideas for content. Brainstorming and becoming good at it can take a bit of work. Lucky for you I’ve spent the last year coming up with over 200 blog post ideas in 9 popular blogging niches.

Filling out a content calendar is one of the tedious tasks of blogging, but a content calendar is necessary to keep you on a posting schedule.

Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and almost every other marketing platform wants new content. Posting new content regularly on your blog is necessary to continued growth.

How Often To Post Content

This really depends on where you are at in your blogging journey. I already have over 200 posts on my blog so I only post once a week to my blog.

However, in the beginning, I was posting like crazy. For the most part I did 3 times a week but there were times where I posted more.

I did 30 posts in 30 day challenges and sometimes I did 10 posts in 10 days challenge. A lot of interesting things happen during these challenges.

First, the traffic boost. Whenever I do a content challenge like this about 2 months later I start seeing a spike in traffic on those posts. If you don’t have a lot of content on your site already the spike will be smaller, but if you already have 50 or 100 posts that spike is going to grow.

Second, the challenges really get your brain moving. You’re constantly on the lookout for content you can write that compliments previous content you’ve already written or are currently working on.

Finally, the 30 day content challenge helps to put you in the habit of writing every single day. This is crucial. Your job as a blogger is to write. Sure there is marketing and technical aspects of blogging but your main job is to produce content. The challenges get you writing every day.

Make Your Content Relatable

Keep your content relatable. You are solving a specific problem for your reader, so make it relatable. You want your content to build trust with your audience. It’s about them and solving their problems, by sharing how you solved your own.

Often people try to say to keep it about your audience, this is true but it’s not all about them. It’s about understanding their problem and relating to the specific needs of your audience by being relatable to them.

Take this post for example, your most likely here because your feeling a creative block on your blog. Looking for blog post ideas is the first step to breaking through that block. I understand that block this block is being written because it’s a post that you and I can come back for inspiration.

By understanding your problem, relating to you and that problem, and having a solution to that problem you feel heard and are likely to trust what I have say. This is because I relate to your specific problem.

Now that you know how often you should post and what makes your content great now we can get into these 200 post ideas.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas:

  1. What’s in your beauty bag?
  2. Go to Everyday Makeup Look
  3. Go to Everyday Hairstyle
  4. Favorite Braids
  5. Favorite Short Haircuts
  6. Favorite Hair Color Trend
  7. Favorite Nail Color
  8. Favorite Hair Products
  9. Let someone else style your hair for a week
  10. Try a popular makeup trends you’ve never tried before
  11. Show your Beauty Regimen
  12. Favorite DIY Face Mask
  13. Favorite DIY Beauty Tips
  14. Favorite DIY hair treatments
  15. Favorite Lotion
  16. Favorite Face Wash
  17. Favorite Face Moisturizer
  18. Favorite Face Mask
  19. Favorite Hair Mask
  20. Try a product for 4 weeks and blog about it
  21. Round up seasons hottest makeup trends
  22. Give make up tutorials
  23. Give hair style tutorials
  24. Round up hair products
  25. How to style hair in a specific style
  26. How to makeup trends

Food Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Favorite Meals
  2. Meals for kids
  3. 10 minute meals
  4. 20 minute meals
  5. 30 minute meals
  6. Ground beef dishes
  7. Chicken dishes
  8. Turkey dishes
  9. Pork dishes
  10. Pasta dishes
  11. Favorite salads
  12. Appetizer Series
  13. Potluck Dishes
  14. How to cook eggs
  15. How to cook rice
  16. How to cook potatoes
  17. How to cook steak
  18. How to cook chicken
  19. How to cook bacon
  20. How to cook pasta
  21. How to cook vegetables
  22. Food safety
  23. Bread recipes
  24. Easy breakfasts
  25. Quick lunches
  26. Round up posts for chicken, beef ect.
  27. Best desserts
  28. Pie recipes
  29. Cake recipes
  30. Ice cream recipes
  31. Muffins
  32. Cupcakes
  33. Instant Pot Meals
  34. Crock Pot Meals
  35. Traditional Holiday Dishes

Fitness Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Current Fitness Routine
  2. Meal plan
  3. Lazy girl fitness
  4. Favorite yoga poses
  5. Review equipment
  6. Review fitness programs
  7. Review a class
  8. Do a running program
  9. Best before and after workout snacks
  10. Best way to warm up
  11. Best way to cool down
  12. Favorite healthy meals
  13. Top ten myths in fitness
  14. Top ten truths in fitness
  15. Test out a fitness trend
  16. Favorite workout gear
  17. Yoga workout Plan
  18. Pilates workout Plan
  19. Favorite stretches
  20. How to warm up
  21. How to cool down
  22. Protecting joints during workouts
  23. Best shoes for running
  24. Best yoga mats
  25. Workouts at desk
  26. Workouts with kids
  27. Workouts outside
  28. Ways to workout without working out
  29. 30 day challenges
  30. How to recover from pulled muscles
  31. Smoothies to drink before and after workouts

Fashion Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Summer Trends
  2. Spring Trends
  3. Fall Trends
  4. Winter Trends
  5. Favorite Shirt
  6. Favorite Yoga Pants
  7. Favorite Brand of Jeans
  8. Best Little Black Dress styles for body type
  9. Create an outfit the transitions from work to date night
  10. How to properly measure yourself for clothing shopping
  11. Pick and accessory and build an outfit around it
  12. Favorite Trends
  13. Review clothing
  14. Round up shirts
  15. Round up pants
  16. Round up jackets
  17. Round up shoes
  18. Round up Handbags
  19. Round up Dresses
  20. Unique to you styles
  21. 3 ways to wear a skirt
  22. Best work outfits
  23. Best casual outfits
  24. How to dress in layers

Blogging Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Traffic Report
  2. Income Report
  3. Describe your marketing plan
  4. Best practices
  5. Unspoken blogging rules
  6. Why you started blogging
  7. Round up Favorite Bloggers
  8. Round up Lifestyle Blogs
  9. Round up Food Blogs
  10. Round up Beauty and Fashion Blogs
  11. Round up Fitness Blogs
  12. Social Network you love and why
  13. Social media marketing tips
  14. Day in the Life of a blogger
  15. List building strategies
  16. Morning Routine of a Blogger
  17. How to Brainstorm
  18. Blog Goals Short Term
  19. Blog Goals Long Term
  20. How to set goals for your blog
  21. How to SEO
  22. How you write posts
  23. Favorite Topic
  24. Valuable Tips
  25. Content Ideas List

Home Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Favorite Home Decor Trends
  2. Living Room ideas
  3. DIY Building decor
  4. DIY Home Decor
  5. Cheap and Easy DIY
  6. Bedroom Decor Ideas
  7. Bathroom Decor
  8. Kitchen Decor
  9. Dining Decor
  10. Outdoor Decor
  11. Office Decor
  12. Modern Decor Trends
  13. Rustic Decor
  14. Fixer Upper
  15. Farmhouse
  16. Scandinavian
  17. Minimalist
  18. Boho
  19. Current Trending Colors in home decor
  20. Decor for Seasons
  21. Holiday Decor

DIY Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Try popular DIY and report
  2. Crochet patterns
  3. Knitting patterns
  4. Sewing patterns
  5. How to DIY posts
  6. Tshirt DIYS
  7. Scrapbooking
  8. Bullet Journaling
  9. Painting
  10. Teach people how to start in your favorite hobby
  11. Best small crafts
  12. Timed crafts (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week)
  13. Create a challenge for readers to do the same craft and report on social media

Parenting Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Funny stories about kids
  2. What parenting trends you wish would stop
  3. Parenting tips for each age group
  4. Kids activity lists
  5. DIY Slime
  6. DIY Playdough
  7. DIY Crafts
  8. Books
  9. Clothing
  10. Toys
  11. Kid approved meals
  12. Strange habits of your kids
  13. Something you fail at in parenting but have come to terms with
  14. Parenting Wins

Frugal Living Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Ways to save money on groceries
  2. Save money on bills
  3. Expenses you can get rid of
  4. How to negotiate for a raise
  5. Ways to make money online
  6. Ways to make money
  7. Great companies to work for
  8. Second jobs that rock
  9. How to save money on purchases
  10. Best places to find coupons
  11. Best times of the year to buy
  12. Best savings plans
  13. Review savings plans
  14. DIY’s to save money
  15. When to fix what’s broken and when to buy new
  16. How to decorate your house for cheap
  17. Grow herbs to save money
  18. Starting a garden to save money
  19. Making your own bread products to save money
  20. How changing little habits can save tons of money (bake own bread, turn off water)
  21. How to mend seams
  22. How to tailor your own clothes without a machine
  23. Little known money saving tips

Remember you can start a blog for less than $5 with SiteGround.

Even if there are popular posts like these already out there there is a reason for it. Put your own spin on already popular posts in your niche and you can also get loads of traffic to your site. Don’t try to rewrite the blogging game, you’ll put yourself through a lot of undo stress.

Marketing Blog Posts

When you are finished writing your blog posts it’s time to dive deep into marketing them. This is where social media comes into play.

If you are in a Pinterest popular niche I highly recommend investing in Tailwind because it will save you loads of time and energy as compared to manual pinning.

For more information on how to market blog posts visit this post here.

These blog post ideas are meant to help ignite a spark of brainstorming loads of new ideas that you can post about. So sit on each one, what spin can you put on it? Can you niche it down a little further?

Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and be sure to pin this to your blogging boards.

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