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Are you a blogger struggling with affiliate marketing? Do you have links up on your posts but still struggle to get the sales and earn that commission? Look no further I have found the answer to your affiliate marketing woes.

I have been blogging for a little over a year at this point. While I’m making enough money to work on my blog full time I’ve been wanting to diversify and increase my income. I knew I wanted to do it through affiliate marketing.

Just like you I had been struggling to make money with affiliate marketing. I knew I was missing something.

That’s when I found out Carly over at Mommy on Purpose was releasing her first course, Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing. BOOM! If anyone could teach me about affiliate marketing I knew Carly could do it.

Buying the Course

I started reading blog posts, started looking for answers, but the moment that I found out Carly was releasing a course on affiliate marketing I immediately put aside money so I could afford it. Even before I knew the price of it, because Carly’s teaching style works well with my learning style.

For those barely reading the price of the course is only $79. I had expected a lot more but in usual Carly fashion she prices her products for affordability.

As soon as I got the email about the course release I immediately scooped it up and went through the entire thing within 24 hours. The next few days were spent updating older posts with new affiliate links and link placements.

Immediately, I saw results. My clicks skyrocketed, my revenue was higher, and it was all starting to make sense. I finally feel like I’m not missing the key ingredient to successful affiliate marketing.

What You Need To Know About This Course

I absolutely love Carly’s teaching style. She has this way of being able to make you understand exactly what she is talking about. I had about 3 “AHA” moments going through this course because I finally understood what I was doing wrong.

Quick aside for my newbie readers. I get over 100,000 monthly pageviews. Carly has helpful tips to increasing your traffic within this course but you need to know that you have to have traffic in order to make affiliate marketing work.

Carly addresses something in this course that I have not seen addressed anywhere else. She talks about earning an income blogging when you don’t blog about blogging.

Additionally, she goes and shows you exactly how that is possible throughout the course. She uses only data from her mom blog, excludes anything from the blogging about blogging income.

Let me tell you, it is entirely possible to make money blogging without blogging about blogging. The majority of my income doesn’t come from this section of my blog. It comes from all the other sections.

How To Pick Your Affiliate Programs

Carly made it so easy to understand how to pick the right affiliates for your posts. No more endless scrolling through program after program.

She shows you the best way to search for affiliates and one amazing way that almost guarantees that you get that click. When she talks about this one thing to look for when becoming an affiliate it absolutely blew my mind.

Without giving too much away Carly specifically tells you how to utilize what she calls “Freebie Links.” These bad boys are affiliate marketing gold.

More Than Just The Programs

As Carly goes over the structure of your content you realize one fatal mistake you are making with your affiliate links. Placement is everything people. She talks about some pretty depressing statistics but in doing so she puts a huge light on the problem you are having with the placement of your links.

The one area that I personally needed help with was my content. As I am updating older content I kept seeing things that I didn’t like in some of my earlier posts. A lot of my early blogging posts are just boring. It’s a lot of me telling you how to solve problems without telling you my own experience. How is anyone going to know that a product will work if I don’t share my personal experience with the product?

The way Carly lays out the structure of content that converts really helps with improving even posts that are not geared towards affiliate marketing. Additionally, because of this information and the changes you will make to your content you will start to see a reduction in your bounce rate and an increase in time on page.

Additionally, you will learn how to do those awesome highlight boxes like this one below.

Get your hands on Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing today for only $79. Finally, you can rock affiliate marketing like the big money bloggers.

Her tips on improving your conversions, link placement, and her case studies really make this entire process easy to understand. You can easily turn around and put actionable steps to this course.

Affiliate Marketing in Emails

If you have done any research at all into affiliate marketing, or if you actually read the legal jargon they make you agree to when you join an affiliate program, you already know that you cannot put amazon affiliate links in emails.

You can put blog posts that contain Amazon affiliate links in emails though.

Not only does she go through the process of deciding what your email marketing philosophy be, she helps you craft emails that people actually look forward to reading.

I personally cannot wait for Carly’s weekly emails because they are always jam packed with all sorts of useful information. She’s also a hugely inspirational blogger.

Enough With The Course Show Me Results

That’s right it’s results time. I started applying the things I learned in this course on March 2nd, 2018. Pictures are everything so I took a bunch of screenshots on just my Amazon affiliate income.

I’m only showing the Amazon affiliate income because this is most likely the first affiliate company you will be working with and testing out these tips with.

The things that I affiliate market for on Amazon are cheaper products like Bullet Journals, pens, stencils, and more. I will not make a bunch of money with Amazon, I accept this. Income on Amazon is dependent on the types of products you promote.

OK, results time.

In this first image you can see I had a huge spike in February, someone bought a bunch of furniture with my affiliate link that day that is not normal. What you are really looking at here is all those grey bars.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers - 1

Do you see how the grey bars skyrocketed on March 2nd? Yea that’s when I started implementing Carly’s teaching on my most popular posts.

These next two pictures show you just how much my click through has gone up. If you know anything about Amazon, you just want to get that click. Amazon is good about selling but getting that click with your affiliate info will get you a commission.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers - 2
Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers - 3

You can see in the top picture for the dates February 15th-28th I got 1,637 clicks. That’s 1,637 cookies.

In the second picture for the dates March 1st-17th I got 5,011 clicks. That’s over 5,000 cookies with my affiliate code just waiting for them to buy.

I want you to understand the products at this point are for my most popular bullet journal posts. These are at most $10 products, that I make a maybe a 5% commission on. Imagine selling products that are at a 30% commission or 40% commission when you are using links from ShareASale.

Those are the products you learn to promote in Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing. Plus, Carly teaches you how to do it, without coming off as spammy.

Final Thoughts

So you’ve seen just how much my click through and income has increased in just 17 days since using the tactics in this course. This is just through Amazon, which doesn’t have great commission rates. I can’t wait to see what I can do with products with higher commission rates like the ones on ShareASale.

What are your struggles with Affiliate Marketing? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on social media and make sure you sign up for my work at home free email newsletter.

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